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    PKing :)
  1. Guess the player name!

    I miss mufo :>
  2. ekzman

    lol @ this. <3 Ekzman
  3. gogo.. England could do well this year, but I'm still expecting Spain to be the team to beat.
  4. Stuck in Europe

    They're rats, no?
  5. XBL

    I've got xbl, usually play Fifa10, MW2, or Forza, depends.
  6. Golden Star Mace

    Wasn't the first in-game, TooMass had one ~2 years ago. gg
  7. Best Male PKer

    Ant_Queen is Learner's PKer alt.
  8. Best Male PKer

    Infamous knows how to quote, we're all doomed. ;(
  9. Kilaran Fields

    My old character got turned into a tree hugger
  10. PK Goddess of EL

    This poll was always going to be bullshit when it's posted by TigerClaw and has Tyrannis in it, just some excuse to be egotistical before they leave trying to prove a point or whatever. When is the male version coming with Infamous in it, Tiger? I'm waiting. Not voted, and not planning on. With the way PK has been before I quit, you can't honestly say a good PK'er, it's based down to luck of armor/swords.. If you go back to when it was more about skill than luck, then it was desdamona, sweetthang always liked to PK also. Thread is epic btw.
  11. PK Goddess of EL

    korsakoff, and scarr.. both sexy women characters, do they win? :< When PK involves something other than 0.5-2.5% chance luck to win, then make a poll.
  12. PK Goddess of EL

    I want to vote SenZon why can't I!? He is a girl
  13. Best levl Guide lvl 5-130

    I wish this kinda useful information was out when I played. :'(
  14. Screenshot Thread

    Hehe, fun times at the black dragon
  15. Guild Tournament.

    prkl = win contest lol.