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Hi there,

welcome to "Alchemic Supplies", your nice alchemy delivery service!

feel free to PM me in-game, if you have any questions.



usuall delivery time is currently : 2 weeks +


Rules (16th Nimlos 0018)

  • you may either order essences or bars
  • you may order up to 1k bars
  • special max of seridium is 5
  • you may order up to 2k essences
  • special max of conglomerate is 25
  • no guarantee on delivery times is given
  • orders order may slightly vary




ready for delivery

  • Marnick : 2k Fire
  • stoopid : 1k Iron bars
  • MagpieLee : 2k Energy

in progress

  • Vrumfondel : 2k Water
  • Darkdrizzt : 1k Steel
  • in-game : 1k Steel

still waiting

  1. Lucky_Paladin : 2k Health
  2. machevort : 2k Water
  3. Ermabwed : 2k Energy
  4. caecus : 1k Steel
  5. Kornholio : 1k Steel
  6. AttilaTheHun : 2k Matter
  7. Silvatica : 1k Steel
  8. Riky : 5 Seridium
  9. Dilly : 2k Water
  10. FeaRM : 1k Steel
  11. Stannard : 2k Energy
  12. extrapolation : 2k Energy
  13. zeni : 2k Energy
  14. törni : 1k Life & 1k Water
  15. Boedha : 2k Air
  16. Holar : 2k Energy

finished orders

Lidda, Wizzy, MagpieLee, machevort, dmi,

extrapolation, Ermabwed, AttilaTheHun, Holar,

Vrumfondel, Dushan, molime, Kornholio, Aislar,

littlestar, Ermabwed, caecus, extrapolation, Qiu,

Boedha, Holar, Sywren

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1k Steel bars
2k energy essences
2k Energy Essence
1K Steel Bars and 3K WEs
1k silver bars

this is all done :devlish:


there are two new in-game orders...

max order on AEy
1k Steel bars
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still waiting

  1. Holar : Max amount of EarthEss
  2. Vrumfondel : 2k Matter
  3. Dushan : 2k Matter
  4. molime : 2k Energy
  5. Kornholio : 1k Steel, 2k Fire
  6. littlestar : 2k Energy
  7. in-game : max order of Air
  8. in-game : 1k Steel

  9. Hiya : 2k Fire



My ingame name is not hiya, but Marnick :devlish:

Edited by Marnick

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2k energy
2k energy
2K Energy
Max amount of EarthEss
2k Matter
2k matter
max order on AEs

this is all done :icon13:


there are again two new in-game orders...

1k Steel
2k Energy

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If I provide you the Ingredients would you trade me the Essences? :)

sry, but no!

for two reasons :

1.) as long as there are paying customers i think it would be unfair to let them wait while mixing for ings

2.) ings dont cover my needs (toads, HEs, Antidotes, ...)


but you are not the only one who is looking for that kind of service...

as "mixing ings" is a lot faster than "harving and mixing" i will possibly add a second order list with a seperate pricetab for it...

i also thought about seperating "bar orders" from "essence orders" to have a more flexible progress and eventually faster delivery times...


btw :

2k more energy ess
1k Steel bars and 2k FEs
1k Steel bars
2k Energy Ess
2k fes

this is all done :)


and - as an example :

2k water essences

this is also done :o even if 11 people who ordered before are still waiting... :)

This is because there was an "Increased rare manufacturing #day" and i had the ings ready.

I am still trying to find the best way to be both : fast and fair :)

Edited by Swifta

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