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  1. Day of Magic prposal

    thank you for the heads up, and i hope you and the rest of el get good use out of the stone!
  2. Donating Magic Day Stone for Tombolarul Lottery!

    Message from the EL Lottery: The lucky winner is icevodka. S/he won 3411000 gold coins. If you want to participate, seek Tombolarul in Ghram's Village! edit: see me to get magic day stone buddy!
  3. Donating Magic Day Stone for Tombolarul Lottery!

    The lottery prize is now at 144k gc! Actually the prize is now up to 324k gcs! Now at 689k gcs! Now at 1.1mil gcs! Now at 1.43mil gcs! Over 2mil gcs!
  4. So I decided to donate my Magic Day Stone for next weeks Tombolarul lottery drawing! The drawing should be around 2pm to 2:30pm EST (GMT -5) Wednesday the 1st of October. Tombolarul is located in White Stone at (153,151). Tickets are 5k gc each. The only way you can win the Magic Day Stone is to buy tickets, so go buy buy buy! Good luck everyone! Enjoy! <3, Aislar
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hey! I'd like to order 10k quartz - 20kgc 10 rose quartz - 20kgc 10 blue quartz- 20kgc total: 60kgc Thank you very much! Aislar
  6. Make New Day

    way to go violet. both ideas are really great, and i think the second one radu would even consider oranges are needed for big belly and globals but there just aren't enough. nice going! <3
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    hey! i'd like to order 50k blue berries at 1.5gc per in batches of 10k. thank you so much, i appreciate it!
  8. Vacation and sales

    that's really nice of you to do, radu
  9. Buddy List Scroll

    i agree, it always bothers me when i try to scroll down the buddy list and i can't. thanks for posting the idea, chr0n
  10. one reason it's nice to have the printout in console is that some ppl take screenies or copy/paste something high-level they mixed (or found)
  11. OpenGL 2.0 test client

    i tried out the new client and it worked well for about 3/4 of a day and then it started randomly crashing. eventually i couldn't use el at all; once i typed my login info into welcome screen and hit enter it would crash. i posted logs on pastebin, here is the link: http://pastebin.com/PruvTiSc hope this'll help fix any problems guys, and thank you because this new client is awesomely faster, i loved it! aislar
  12. Haidir passes

    i went with "If I get crappy or not very good exp mission". just to add to that,if there's a daily i've had a lot recently, i'll use a haidir pass just because i'm tired of doing that daily because i've done it so much in recent time. o/
  13. yea, i brought up the bolded part in my original post. unless the day was for mixing/harving only, i think it'd be up to the devs to see if there was a way to control what items people have equipped at the end of the #day.
  14. it's true that for certain special days people will save parts of certain skills to use/mix on those days. (eg, nexus removals on reconstruction day, hells yes) however, considering the huge consumption of items (essences, potions, etc) needed to play this game, very, very few players would be able to save all of the items they wish to mix for no nexus day. as for it "not" promoting a varied and diverse trading environment, i entirely disagree. not only will the end mixed items be around, the main trading will be of the ingredients for the end item(s). this would create more varied trading, not less. also, i have a feeling that for a good number of players, no nexus day would be used more to try out making something, and not for mass producing an item. regarding sales and usage of nexus transfer stones, i think most of the el community is 100% behind supporting radu and roja in their endeavors with el. with that being said, nexus transfer stones are 1) new, and 2) not the main source of income for radu. even if the creation of no nexus day did stunt the sales of nexus transfer stones for the short term, in the long run, this could help the playerbase grow by making the game more FUN i think one thing we all need to remember, at least some of the time, is that el is a *game* and we're meant to have fun playing it. if so many people hadn't brought this up before in channels in el, and if the players on ch 6 last night didn't seem so excited about the idea, it'd be a different story. just because some of us have a ridiculous number of nexus' doesn't mean there can't be a day where others can 'try out' different skills in this classless game. (and yes, i'm one of the players who has a ridiculous number of nexus') <3, Aislar edit: also, please remember most of the playerbase does not have the gold coinage available for transfer stones that some of the people against this #day have. mean that in a nice way