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  1. Current CVS errors

    OK, well, I got a real bug then...: after a long session (with lots of MDing, i.e. long chat history) I get three lines of chat history repeat in console mode. Example: Current chat Current chat Current chat (latest) Stuff from 6 hours ago Stuff from 5:59 ago Stuff from 5:58 ago ... Font size for chat is .83, using "Type 1" chat font. This is cvs build from 5:46 hours ago (yes, the numbers above are just examples ).
  2. v1.9.0

    Flying rock in the map border at [94,207]
  3. Current CVS errors

    *bump* (who uses 686 nowadays ...)
  4. I think having the client go fullscreen on one screen of a multiple monitor setup is not possible with libsdl 1.2 (actually, I know it's on the todo list for libsdl 1.3).
  5. awesome Germans !

    Na, ihr Nasen, wie sieht's aus? Jever schmeckt heute wieder lecker, mannomann. Prost.
  6. [patch] Exp Per Minute

    Again I am missing the option to turn this off in el.ini... if people want to feel good about their performance they should just get a hooker to lie to them about it
  7. New screenshots needed

    All screen shots are in "less than ideal" resolution. Some crafting, showing manufacture list feature, mini map, storage and inventory window. http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f103/jan...elscreen006.png Map markers, mini map, NPC and Black Bear http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f103/jan...elscreen005.png Reading in the rain http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f103/jan...elscreen004.png Emotes: "I can take your name", NPC dialog http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f103/jan...elscreen002.png The next three show some of the context menus, feel free to ignore them. http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f103/jan...skills-menu.png http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f103/jan...idebar-menu.png http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f103/jan...idebar-menu.png
  8. Water Shader Quality control

    Would also be nice if that process would include commenting the options in el.ini (the oldest ones still come with a description, the "new" ones don't).
  9. Testing maps for 1.90 update

    Morcraven Marsh Cave at the boat(s): the water and surrounding rock area to the east is majorly messed up (water not extending all the way, rocks floating around everywhere) (the fact that the water just stops a few steps to the west isn't exactly pleasing to the eye either but I suppose that requires a bit more work).
  10. Wraith and pickpoint bug

    It's not a feature. As described above: it's a bug. It's as if Toyota would say: we've built in this great feature where you don't have to do anything to accelerate as the car will do that on its own.
  11. Testing maps for 1.90 update

    Hidden Mines of Mynadar: 281,120: hole/triangle in ground (only visible w/ low camera angle looking south west)
  12. Patch for the test client

    Check VotD at the boat to DP, just north of the gangway: below the planks is a white patch and the water goes under the walk way in a large area. One also sees the gangway going through the walkway planks. Edit: votd: starting at 113,110 at least going north to the bridge: there's a "gap" at the top of the bank edit2: the same is true going south and on the other side of the river at least in the area of 85,101 (the wall opposite to that spot also has a gap to the ground, it seems), just a quick note: there's also a number of errors with the banks. edit3: at 119,17: sharp edged green triangle between rock and sandy ground edit4: "ancient temple, votd": 166, 79: wall does not meet floor, same around 147, 88 and 140, 78
  13. Patch for the test client

    You might want to check the middle of the bridge in Unolas temple (from Vermor Castle, compass says White Stone [119,262]: different height of the stones and on one side there's a full thingy (looks like the top of a box with an white circle on it) whereas the other side's has a side missing. There's also a (larger than usual) gap between the 2nd and 3rd stone coming from "outside". Edit: the walls on the side of the "altar space" aren't correct: edges don't meet the front wall pieces. Edit2: at the foot of the stairs (118,228 and 123, 228) there's no back wall/there's a large gap between lava and floor. Edit3: 148, 233: gap in wall Edit4: 147, 239: overlapping wall pieces: flickering Edit5: 91, 251: gap and misaligned wall pieces, also there: gaps between floor, "moat wall" and wall. Edit6: the "moat" wall ond the floor on the outside side, don't meet all along the "moat". ok, new map: edit7: Nordcarn 129,122: You can't enter the tavern from this side ("You are too far away from the door"), exiting through that door works.
  14. Patch for the test client

    In Vermor Castle, standing at 147, 32 (at the door to downstairs), looking north east you see other rooms (well, 2 areas with gray vertical bars). EDIT: Vermor Castle, Castle Insides [56,67]: gap between wall and floor, the side of that area with the crates is also buggy. EDIT2: VC, Castle Insides [112,115] the wall is moved a few pixels to one side, resulting in a gap on one side and a slight overlap on the other. Similar wall/floor problems in the corner with the cage (which you can't enter) just a few steps down the hall from previous error, as well as at [100,108], [100,102] and the whole of the opposing wall EDIT3: 131,78--71, same as above EDIT4: 147,113 and 155,125 same
  15. Patch for the test client

    You also can't change WS -> TG, WS -> MM, WS -> PL, WS-> SK, WS -> Tirnym, nor can you enter the defense goddess temple or the "underground". The "C2-House" didn't work, same for blacksmith in Lakeside and some houses I checked in Tirnwood, some houses in Grahm's village did work (such as the tavern). Boats to/from WS work.