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Hoarding poll

How much gold do you have?  

422 members have voted

  1. 1. How much gold do you have?

    • Under 10K
    • 10-50K
    • 51-100K
    • 101-200K
    • Over 200K
  2. 2. How many rare items do you have (rare stones)

    • Under 2
    • 2-5
    • 6-10
    • 11-20
    • 21-30
    • Over 30
  3. 3. If you are hoarding, what is your intent?

    • 1. Not hoarding
    • 2. Wait for prices to get higher, then sell.
    • 3. Saving for later use (armor, weapons, etc.)
    • 4. Collecting them
    • 5. Other (please describe)

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I like to have some disposible GC, but it is rarely over about 100K. For stones, etc, I only counted stones when I voted and said 6-10 (its 10), but when I add enrich ess its 23.


I like too keep assets, whether it be stones, gc, ess, armor, etc on hand, then I have what I need, and if I am in a pinch I can sell for more gc. I like the freedom gc offers :D


Oh this is all on CCG... no idea what KM has at the moment, dick all for gc, but I do have some other stuff stashed away :whistle:

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In my case it is just long-term planning, call it hoarding if you wish.


It is not possible to reach serious goals without serious stock of supplies.


i agree . I only use my supplies when i find something that is worth! making something. I dont care about Upper High stuff that is useless to me. so that is an indirect way of saying that only the pr0 ppl benefit from the recent new stuff.

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I'm saving up for some special armor and a weapon. Current goal, 480Kgc. (That may increase, if I find something else I want.) Once I purchase those, I'll start risking Rostos again. :P

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2-5 stones, sold teh rest coz well, i like gc better, 3.2 million gc atm so... we can say i'm hoarding gc maybe ^^ but i prolly will get rid of that :P;) ;)

omg he r one of "them"!!!11


where's mi pitchfork!

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I general can't hoard worth anything. I tend to start spending as soon as I see something interesting on the market. I bought night visors and camo cape and used it only a couple times. The harvester medallion broke with no benefits so far yet. But I'll still keep buying it probably in hopes of getting something good.

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