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  1. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    is Eva still broken?
  2. Exp Bonuses

    Well the suggestion by radu last night is really only intended to give lower levels a boost. 100-level% means that if your skill is over 100 then you gain no bonus for it whatsoever. Meaning it wouldn't directly effect anyone way up there while at the same time giving the lower level player a feel that they are moving up the ladder faster. It's more than anything a false hope or whatever, but in it's own can do a lot of good for a player. A player who feels they are catching up and feels they have the ability due to the exp bonus might in end grind even more and work even harder to achieve whatever goals they have set in mind. None of this was meant for any type of personal goal or whatever was so disputed upon last night in 6. I've given up the game for seperate reasons and this is an idea me and a friend spontaneously thought up whilst reminiscing about some El stuff. As any game's goal should be, it should be to grow and expand. The goal isn't to keep your tops happy or your already ingame players happy (although that's nice too). It's also to be pleasing to the eye so that new players can join feel accepted or motivated or whatever to keep them playing so that they can get their friends playing and etc. The idea is to grow EL's player base even if only marginally and I see little down sides to anything. Character buying is just something being brought up out of the clear blue (although i expected it). It has absolutely nothing to do with this. Most people who play EL now have gotten used to the way things are and just wouldn't be happy with a little change. Fact is, somethings need to change even if just a little in order to bring in a larger crowd. I do like some of Korrode's points though. Ty for giving some more insight onto possible fixes.
  3. Exp Bonuses

    Ok, people who have utter hatred for people who spend $ on EL to gain stuff prepare to have that hatred all over again for this suggestion. Having spoken with another friend who currently plays he and I have thought of something that might be beneficial to almost anyone. Including Radu. As we all know this game is free. As with many games it is pretty much reliant on donations and "shop items" for the game developer to make revenue to further incorporate and expand the game as a whole. As is, almost anything shop related can be found ingame for the right amount of GC and that therefore kinda makes most players not want to buy said item off the shop because well it's ingame for XX GC and they can make XX GC simply by harvesting or various means. We do have a good bit of shop only things, we have special swords, and for a week some of you guys can get your hands on those special Orange Spammy items that we all love and enjoy. But honestly there is still very few things in the shop that are SHOP ONLY, and are something that any person in the game would like to have. Thermals, which a lot of people use and love are expensive and a lot of those die hard penny pinching people just don't wanna fork over the $ for that item since the warranty is only 3 weeks and they don't want it to snap into pieces and have wasted 90$. Ok lets continue. The suggestion at hand is for there to be an Exp bonus type of thing. I've done it in the new free game I'm playing and I have to say I think if the idea is incorporated into EL it could quite possibly expand EL's growth a great bit. Lets take a look at the top list of chars in the game. We have chars in the top 20's and 50's that have been sitting there for a LONG time with little to no hope for other chars to catch up or even be able to be in a competable stance. 120's will have to train for hours and hours to be strong enough to fight against those 140's+. As such quite a number of chars who reach their 100's and realize that they have little to no hope just quit. We've all had debates on the large exp growth and how long it takes to reach a level, which is fair I mean hell hitting a high level should not be EASY, it should take effort and work and diligence. But in most games that I've noticed and in most cases there is always a sort of 'cheat' or rather easier way to do it. But it comes with the right price in terms of $$. So I was thinking, not to make it too unfair, these boosts that could be sold would be of fair price and only last a certain amount of time. Here an example. 1 Week A/D exp bonus (50% bonus exp) 20$. <-- I'd buy that. I'd probably buy that once a week if I could afford it. To make things better make that exp bonus stack with those special days of Tzu or Scholars or whatever. Make them specific I'd say. A/D week exp bonus. Harv week exp bonus. Alchemy week exp bonus. Etc. Etc. Etc. I talking to a friend can't really see any down side to this. A little bit of money put in and it allows you to put those nasty levels that can take you ages a little easier. New coming players who can visit the shop page and see this can say "hey i can boost up a bit faster with this". Older players who are trying to reach harder to obtain levels can use it to their advantage to make leveling that specified skill a little easier. Also another off note. Those of you who hate character buying to it's core. This could quite possibly diminish some of that !. Why buy that char in the 100$'s when you can put a bit of $ in and get it yourself. You get that same satisfaction as you wanted, by havign done it yourself and it was just a bit easier. I'd say this quite possibly could be a huge thing for EL's player base and a good way to make some $ for Radu. As these bonuses that can be bought for $ would be accessible to Anyone And also considering it shouldn't be able to buy more than 1 a week, there shouldn't be any one boo hoo'ing at how it makes $ players all that superior or whatever. Just my 2 Cents and opinion and random idea. Thanks. -Inferno
  4. Infinity trying to Lure in zirak

    WB Kat, long time no see. Nice to see you've had your initial run in with DuBro and what not already.
  5. Kaos Bag jump warning

    1) IG messages are visible for every Guildie. 2) If you are not online, you should have a way to be informed (Guild Forum/mercator message etc). (the meaning is that you are a part of a guild and therefor you have to be informed about the acting of the guild) 2a) In an efficient guild, informations like bj/red tag/bans etc should be shared. 3) If you didn't identify your char to the behavior of the guild, maybe leave the guild ? 3a) If you are GM and didn't want to assume such acting, kick the bjmpers. And after that, "how i'm supposed to control that" is not an argument. Or explain why you can't control that. Finally: This is a game I hate bj Hudge kisses to Elssar My little dog needs to go out haunting cats Wow I love points 1 and 2. You're basically saying she has to set her alarm to wake up every 10 minutes to check for possible happenings whilst sound asleep. lolol.
  6. Hercules - AkA Merlin_

    Hercules was wearing a TKN tag when scammed Monkez, so TKN takes full responsibility for the incident. Our first concern is to make sure the victim gets fully compensated. Hercules is still in TKN for the moment, whilst we give him time to reconsider his actions. As to whether he remains in TKN in the long term, he has a choice to make. *** Update - Monkez now compensated in full, plus an extra amount for goodwill. My respect for you has risen a good bit.
  7. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    Did anyone possibly have TTR set and ready to go for this? I mean.. honestly, 5 people ready with TTR just waiting, heightens your chances a smidge.
  8. guard bot

    Summon bears - keeps bot still + burns mana Once about 5-15 (depending on mana/com/skirt etc) mana burns from bears mana drain bot Start harming it, low on mana summon a bear drain it harm some more. If you have a decent harm (i did around 60~ or so violater did 100~) you can knock down 1k HP in like 3 minutes flat. We actually used WAY more than enough summons for IRON's bot.
  9. guard bot

    It'd have to be no summon stones area. And btw, we profited highly off your bots \o/. The summons weren't the only way we killed them
  10. Magic Day Stone Usage

    I put it for Sunday not because i work saturdays, but simply because most people told me they can't do it on saturdays because of issues. Most people said sunday's were best. And also most people should be on around the time I gave. Even the aussies for a little bit (which is where I had a huge issue was getting it in for their time). I have no intention of being selfish or anything with it and it doesn't matter. I'm simply doing my best. I asked around a little and came up with this time and date (giving people time to prepare themselves some ings or w/e for the mana drain / shield / life drain spam ). The non-stop is posted for saturday (in which I have to work) I'll ahve time to use it and walk out the door to get to work. I'm not a major harvester so it doesn't bother me too bad. Also, due to the fact that it's a harvest day and requires no pre-planning/gathering for it, I didn't see a reason to wait until 2 weeks or so from now to use it.
  11. Nenoracit \o/

    Not a new creature - just a deer with more HPs and can not be attacked like Unicorn. Could art not be updated and have it be an elk with huge rack? Art Work additions can only be added with a client update which could be months from now. Which means simply that we wouldn't have a nenorocit except for in a long while.
  12. Magic Day Stone Usage

    The date posted is a Sunday. @Nova The core reason he's had me mad at him over the day stone usage is after lots of effort for the first sun tzu stone, he waited nearly 30 minutes into the day to use the stone so that he could finish his Lion daily cash them in and get a spawn rather than just using it at the first opportune second of the day. This is what makes me claim him to be selfish over the timing. The point in time that I chose for the magic stone use is 2 weeks and some days ahead of now. On a sunday so that a lot of people (most people) should be able to use it. In a time zone that suits everyones log on / log off times. It'll be mid afternoon for most americans or late morning, mid day for euros. The only problem I'm running into is as to what time for the aussies. I *think* the time usage of this would at least give them SOME use of it. But all in all this should be a pretty good time for the use. If you have an issue, speak to me about it and perhaps we can work on a absolute more suitable time. and Raistlin I'll be using your formula when there are a few days to go to determine exact time that the #day SHOULD occur (as per reading your calculation of 24 hrs + 16 mins. We shall see.
  13. Magic Day Stone Usage

    Ok so we got another Neno today and we got a Magic Day Stone as a result \o/ Will be used March 13th, 2011 Here's the time (thank you korrode ) http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?month=3&day=13&year=2011&hour=13&min=0&sec=0&p1=207 The closest day to that time zone. I figured 2 weeks or so would give you all ample time to hoard AE's and other things needed for a spree of magic training. Enjoy \o/
  14. Nenoracit \o/

    Radu we have a problem . After killing it again it once again dropped no stone. Do you want me to pick another random number?
  15. Non-Stop Day Stone Usage

    Thanks Korrode will do that next time if it occurs.