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I received a letter from a longtime friend of mine. It seems he found an ancient scroll containing some kind of mysterious story. In his letter I read:

... it's strange, though. It says there is this hidden treasure somewhere in Draia but it contains no clues on it's whereabouts. I did some research on this matter, alas, I found nothing, literally, nothing. It is more and more confusing.

Searching for even the least piece of information in Whitestone City library I found some legend that might be related to the treasure. There, probably, are some monuments hidden somewhere in Lands (I found some hints on their locations. Just few pictures, I will copy them below for you). Each of them contains some pieces of magic map. Supposingly, the more of them you find the more clear the map will be.

I wonder if there's a grain of truth in this legend. Unfortunately, I have no time to check it myself. Could you investigate this matter for me...

I kept looking at the pictures mentioned by my friend and I realised they remind me something, just wasn't sure what exactly...




Event details:

Date: Sunday, January, the 4th

Time: 12.00 PM, GMT (2PM CET)



1. The contest will last till the treasure is found.

2. Channel 7 will be official contest channel.

3. You're allowed to share information in channels. However, this way you will make the game easier for others.

4. You're allowed to chat in channel 7 as long as it doesn't cause any excessive spam.

5. You are obligated to announce your win in channel 7.



To be revealed when the contest starts.




Post below.

Edited by Iori

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The contest is over. Jaclaw was the winner. The treasure consisted of:

  • 50k gc
    dragon scales of all colours
    a golden tiara
    a brown bandana
    a jagged saber
    an adventurers cap
    a rostogol stone


Monuments have been hidden in:

Monument 	Place
1		WS 180,60
2		DP 198,363
3		TRN 130,130
4		VotD 15,120
5		GP 40,220
6		SKF 28,176
7		TG 350,330
8		IDA 210,540
9		SRM 50,50
10		GLC 179,23
11		IRS 350,355


The final hint was:


(Nobody got that far, though)

Arius 279,29


The final ranking will be posted by Usl a bit later.


I'd like to express my gratitude for Usl's help with this event. Without his skills and hosting bots the event wouldn't have a chance to work out. Thank you Usl.

Thanks to all of you who participated :medieval:



PS. Post your comments and suggestions below. They are a great help

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Another well done contest/event. Thanks for all the hard work! Hope we didn't beat up your laptop too much, Usl!

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And here is the final Leaderboard for the event. No one got all 11 hints, but many were close enough!




For the curious among you, here is the lists of monuments, with players who found them. Cruella was the only one to find the last remaining monument (congrats!), but did not find two "easier" ones. The most popular monument was found by 28 people, and most others were found by a sizeable population as well.




Thanks Iori for the contest, and to all participants for the fun! Jaclaw, you owe me a good hour of Feros training - I would not risk a single step with you guys hitting 11 bots and a web server on my pesky laptop! :medieval:


Edit: typos.

Edited by Usl

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I cant believe i missed another one lol...

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not really but i try to join these events

I've missed nearly all of them x_x'


GCSE year

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