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  1. New perk ideas

    I threw some in that give pp here, because if you are all maxed out, pp is one thing you cannot get without perks... Rostogol Thief: When you kill someone with a rosto, there is a chance it will be transferred to your inventory. The rosto functions normally for the person who died. The perk is inactive while you have a rosto in inventory Costs 10 pp The pacifist (a new version since other propose it): You may not attack, but you may be attacked Gives 5 pp Heat mizer: You are immune to heat damage. Cold damage is doubled Costs 2 pp Cold mizer: You are immune to cold damage. Heat damage is doubled Costs 2 pp Toxic avenger: You cause +5 radioactive damage when unarmed Costs 5 pp Iron fist: You can harvest without any tool, but you take 1 damage per harvest. Costs 4 pp Goldeneye: You have a chance to instant kill any player, but if you get hit in combat you die. Cost 7pp, must have 48 in at least 3 attributes Fumble Thumbs: 10% chance you will drop your weapon during combat (moves to inventory) Gives 3 pp Conan: You are unable to use any skill except magic, attack, defense and ranging. No harvesting, alchemy, potioning, summoning, manufacturing, crafting, engineering or tailoring. Gives 2 pp Alcoholic: You can consume mead, ale and wine for 25 food with a 10 second cooldown. (Or maybe as health or spirit potions???) Costs 4 pp Master of blue lupines: You harvest blue lupines at triple the rate, stacks with harvester cape Costs 5 pp plus your dignity Knight of Ni: You gain +1 a/d. Perk is inactive unless you are carrying 6 antlers Gives 1 pp (or costs one? would you give up 6 inv slots for 1 a/d?) Presto: You spells cost double the mana and have an increase chance of failure Gives 3 pp Turd burglar: Harvesting dung gives you extra experience (1.5 times normal?) Costs 4 pp and 10 pair of leather gloves Invisible man: When you are naked and still, you gain 30 camouflage Costs 5 pp
  2. Colored fabrics auction

    Should embed a counter counting down to end.
  3. For that matter, why is the conjurer cloak in Magic?
  4. WTB

    GenX harvesting makes quite a bit more for those flowers. Not sure you'll get any takers at such a low price.
  5. Muppet Cheeks! :-D Seriously, just take the life EL gives you and make the best of it.
  6. Another hyperbag hunt!

    My Position: [21,70] (an IP inside)
  7. Raise attribute caps to 52. Vote now!

    being that i am maxed out in all levels, skills and attributes, it is currently the only way that i will be able to further advance in eternal lands. i have the malaise that comes of reaching the pinnacle with nothing left to do.
  8. Yetis drop them like crazy (compared to feroses and fl00ffies, still not amazingly high rate). Of course other possibility would be lower the drop rate from yetis, but I don't think it would make fighters happy. I'd rather see the drop rate increased a bit and have some new use to NMT's. I'm still at the point that yeti will take me about 47 restores to kill, along with many srs and disses, so... they won't be dropping them to me anytime soon. Fluffs and Feros are on my list of things to beat senseless on a regular basis, but as far as I can tell, Feros drop gc and Fluffs drop 2 kinds of potions. I did pull one rosto out of a week's work on Fluffs once... Maybe my day is just yet to come.
  9. If you read my post, it is asking for it to have a neutral light mod, not a negative one I'd like a negative light mod, but it has no rationale, that's all I meant to say.
  10. My EL Character Will Soon be 10 Years Old

    The title of the paper was sufficient.
  11. New bot blessing

    If this is just about gypsum, then mix at bot.
  12. Haidir Monster Finder

    the way the finders work now, you'd only guess at a direction to go, and by the time you got there, the mob could have moved. I think it's better to just hunt patiently.
  13. Buy Slots

    If it can be done technically, I think more slots should just be added to recognize all the new items that are in game, and that some people prefer to develop all skills not just one or two.
  14. New Buffer Spells

    What about spells that can ONLY be cast at lower levels, giving newer players a way to do something incredibly useful early in? I guess this might just increase the rate of alt creation though?
  15. New Death Messages

    XXX takes time for a dirtnap