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Gobal warming? Storm?

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I'm sure everyone's heard of the freak lightling and hail storm in Austrailia

The cold front of England and Spain

and maybe a new one arise in the US if not already


What is everyone's opinion on this?


Surely not Gobal Warming but all opinions are welcomed

And if someone says something you think is 'stupid' Overlook it :whistle:

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Theres a huge base of scientists who dont believe in Athropogenic Global Warming, but you wouldnt know that from watching the mainstream media.........skeptics have literally been branded in the same light as holocaust deniers, which is a bit extreme if you ask me, but then again if your stance is so fucking shaky that you have to make everyone who disagrees with you seem like a complete fruitcake, then you will resort to any tactics necessary to do so.


I think yes the earth is going through changes, like it allways has done in the past, do I think it will be the end of the world? No


Do i think the way to solve the problem is through taxing people even more ? Carbon Tax ? Not at all


Look at it this way : The World is Coming to an End, because of Carbon Emissions, so before you all die , we are going to tax the shit out of you for using Carbon ...........


Sound right to you ? If the world is going to end, what are they going to do with all the tax money ? Build a new one ?


Nah , if THEY were all as seriously worried as they sound about this, then we would see massive increase in renewable energy sources NOW , not in 5-10 year proggrammes but RIGHT NOW they would be building solar panels on every damn roof on the planet, they would be building massive hydro electric plants where ever they could, massive wind farms where its best to build them , they would immediately stop producing carbon emitting vehicles, and simply keep the ones we already have and fix them/make them more carbon friendly/speed develop hydro fuel cell cars and so on........but are they ?


No, they're not, they are making war , giving money to banks , funding ridiculous experiements such as turning mosquitos into flying vaccination needles ( look it up Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation just funded this ), spewing out more and more increasing numbers of carbon emitting cars ...........


No , they will solve it through taxation and reducing carbon emissions slowly , over time, while they can still make a profit from selling crude oil , and if you believe taxation will save the planet then goodnight, god bless & sweet dreams :whistle:

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