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  1. Login Server Down?

    Well after resetting router back to factory because the ISP said it wasn't them that it was the router.. That still did not fix it. So after a bit more research I am convinced that the guy at the ISP was not a nice human... So I will just log on with Hotspot for now till Tomorrow when we can talk with someone with a little more kind and educated. So I will talk to you on the main server Radu about my pk server character. LOL I wish this was just an easy going weekend and not all this other Hubub. Goodness! I do appreciate everyone taking the time to help us out. It has not gone unnoticed. We are blessed by you all truly! Hugs!
  2. Login Server Down?

    Yes, that must be the issue! because I am connected to my hotspot and am not getting that issue with logging in. Do you think this means I need to contact my ISP and have them reset the Server. I forget if that is how I fix this issue. I think it happened a long time ago too. Or is it something I can fix at from here? Thank you so much for helping us. Appreciate it very much!
  3. Login Server Down?

    Thank you Aislinn I appreciate it very much. Thank you.
  4. Login Server Down?

    I suppose its possible. but. I have 2 laptops and my hubby has a desktop. None of them can log on.. We reset the router, restarted comps, we can play on the main server. I am wondering if its maybe the server gate from ISP. I am thinking its needing restarted as well. Makes me crazy! Thanks for Checking Aislinn, we appreciate it. Just paid to get my Password reset on my character... and now I can't even log on to talk to Radu later... gah!! Goodness. I need to walk away for a bit before it drives me nuts-er. lol
  5. Login Server Down?

    Did you Logout and Log back in? because when I go to try and log in. I can't even get to the sign in part. it Just says in red Letters Server Disconnected.. Grue.. those words are what pops up. We can log on the Main server just fine. We can't connect to the PK Server at all.
  6. Login Server Down?

    My Hubby and I are unable to log into the PK server. Is it being restarted? We just woke up to mine, and are unable to log on. Thanks
  7. Attribute Removal Stones

    Fancy this is absolutely rediculous.. and I heard you bought woodeh's character? what happend to senzon's character? why buy stones? who is there to pk anymore? I haven't logged on there in forever......
  8. Your favorite addition or change in EL...

    Mine is definately c2, Sky client, Graphics updates, Naralik storage, ONE perk(hehehe).
  9. EdNovel and PrincssTitanium to Marry

    Very Exciting Look forward to being there
  10. a little Sale :)

    Offer please
  11. a little Sale :)

    3 Gold Bar 314 Steel Bar 1 Wolfram Bar 957 Iron Bar 211 Titanium Bar 13376 Valerian 2433 Tulips 3910 Poppies 3953 Cactus 4436 White Chanterelle 2950 Blue Berries 657 Poison Ivy 1393 Yellow Rose 1491 Lilacs 21445 Mullein 17891 Rue 695 Henbane 2979 Daffodils 40 Red Currents 905 Ogre Toes 884 Cotton 952 Black Rose 343 Mugwort 83872 Tree Mushroom 6356 Nightshade 7175 Wheat 17282 Impatiens 6344 Wormwood 778 Yarrow 5297 Dandelion 2 Poison Ivy - Henbane - Poppies Extract 17 Wheat - Daffodils - Feran Horn Extract 4 Red Currents - Blue Berries - Rue Extract 4 Potion of Potion 197 Potion of Manufacturing 1 Yarrow - Wormwood - Tulips Extract 24 Nightshade - Mullein - Dandelion Extract 29 White Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom Extract Jewelry: 44 Gold Medallion 1 Polished Sapphire 116 Polished Ruby
  12. New Positive Perk!

    why not just use a potion?
  13. Poison!

    I have 1k poison antidotes for sale pm me in game Kit_gw ~
  14. News from R/L

    HURRY!!!!!! We miss you terribly but we can wait till you get back but hurry.. no time for dillydallyin! hugs!!!!