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ChaooGie's Farewell Summoning Festival

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Well Tomorrow, May 4th, thursday at 2pm-3pm(-8 gmt)[west coast time...case i got the gmt wrong]


Well, I shall be holding my last summoning Session. I hope many come to check it out. If you want to kill the summons that is fine but least wait a lil bit to kill em so i can scare newbs that just wander by :P


Place will be announced on the day...tomorrow. quick list


50 cycs

70 armed male/fem orcs

10 of each other new monster

100 polar and black bears

100 pumas

misc small animals.


not sure if ill do any chims/flufs since i dont have anymore ele's :\ did like 50 in kf when i was bored lol sorry


hope everyone (-1) comes and checks it out. :D

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I'll come purley to kill the summons, no other reason.

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