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  1. Selling Misc..

    would you take 10.4k for all this? ingame name: jrritter 17K for this. Pm me in game ill pm you all ingame to sell and sorry the serp stones are gone for a better offer
  2. Selling Misc..

    329 Black Powders Brown Tunic Black Tunic Blue/Black pants Skull scarf Black Scarf 240 leopard furs 160 tiger furs 50 white chant exracts 2 Book of Tit Short Sword of Ice 35 iron helms 5 Tit short swords 2 steel axes added some stuff, sold some stuff n updated not 100% on prices for stuff but best offers welcomed, trying to clear out most of my junk if your interested post here
  3. Auction 20,000 air essences

  4. ELG harving for your needs

    can i order 10k sunflowers :~) and thanks a bunch for the fast delivery
  5. The new MANS Guild!

    ill take 10k sunflowers and if you can make it 2 orders if not thats cool pm me ingame or forums
  6. ELG harving for your needs

    10k silver 2 orders if u can handle it if not just 1 is good pm me ingame/forums
  7. buying ingreds

    got the tit ore, still looking for coal and fe's if anyone is interested got the coal now too anyone go fe's?
  8. buying ingreds

    Fire ess : 10500 3.5 for the fe's (gc each) pm me ingame or on forums
  9. Selling Misc..

    nmt sold yay for gold
  10. Selling Misc..

    well all the ess/ashes are gone, so yea most likely the nmt is going to hares lol
  11. Selling Misc..

    ummmm updated
  12. Selling Misc..

    NMT cape 500 puma ummm thats it i guess send me a message on the forums cause i only ingame at the weirdest times and i'll get you what you want
  13. Security

  14. Help me name my cat!

  15. YAY! Summoning 100

    very impressive congrats, and hmm only 32 levels behind you... maybe ill come back! n race you to 150