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  1. Poetry Corner

    Very optimistic lyrics, cool stuff. GL to your bro.
  2. pookies

    Thats how I get motivation to train a/d most of the time.
  3. if your in college

    Audio Engineering.
  4. A new Stance for HIM

    The best solution for the pk problem a guild could come up to. GL ppl
  5. ChaooGie's Farewell Summoning Festival

    Chaoo will never leave EL rofl. He is still nab.
  6. o.0 A sério? ROFL, boa sorte e diz "bye bye PVP". Os =hc= tao em guerra com todos ;>
  7. HIM :: Accepting Applications.

    Why you think you made it into HIM?
  8. HIM :: Accepting Applications.

    Holy crap, Not him! His breath is worst than chaoo!!11~one Seriously, good to see you posting here Heart.
  9. Why are fluffys so agressive?

    So stupid that I love it.
  10. Anthropologist

    Proof? Proof of what? That he is on your buddy list?
  11. Anthropologist

    Hahahaha! This is entertaining!
  12. What should REALLY be the American Pastime?

    Football (so called soccer). Americans are gaining the taste of it.
  13. Beware of Rend

    If he pk's you, he deserves the bag you drop.
  14. Why are fluffys so agressive?

    BTW, which number are you? ;p