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Found 10 results

  1. Clicking Alt-LeftMouseButton on an item in the inventory is supposed to put all of that item to storage. This doesn't work on my system with the standard Alt key to the left of the keyboard. Instead I have to click the AltGr button, which is to the right of the spacebar on my German keyboard. Strangely Alt works for other commands, such as Alt-s sit/stand. I had a look at the key.ini file, but can't find any likely settings that might affect this. System information I am running on Debian with the package version The setxkbmap command gives the following: setxkbmap -query rules: evdev model: pc105 layout: de variant: nodeadkeys I have not altered my key.ini settings.
  2. I recently posted about a new cross-disto Linux package to install the game client and data based on Snap Packages. I've now created and published a Flatpak version. See https://flatpak.org/ for details about this package format. The new EL package has been accepted into the main flatpak store Flathub, the EL package page can be found here https://flathub.org/apps/details/org.pjbroad.EternallandsClient. The package includes the game data, sound and music files and is currently built to the 1.9.5p2 release. Once installed you will have a new desktop icon to start the client. If you right-click the icon you can select the test or the pk server rather than the default, main. User configuration files are stored in the standard place and are not effect if you uninstall the package. The launcher creates a new config directory if one does not exist. For existing installs, the launcher will modify the #data_dir setting to use the package data and the browser setting to use xdg-open; which just opens your default browser. The EL package page includes links to instructions to setup Flatpak and the Flathub app store. It also includes the command line needed to install the package if you do not want to install from the store UI. If you have Flatpak and Flathub already integrated into your distro, then you can just search for Eternal Lands. The package works just fine given my testing but let me know what you think. Maintaining both Snap and Flatpak formats should be pretty simple so I intent to keep both.
  3. The current method to create a cross-Linux install package for the desktop client is getting rather old. Meanwhile, there are new package formats that make multi-distro packages very easy and come with an application store. Snap packages are one of these new formats and so I've created a snap package for the Linux Client. Updates are automatic and there are four channels to use which enable stable and beta versions etc. I would very much like people to give it a try and let me know what you think and if you have any problems. The store is https://snapcraft.io/store where you can search and find the new package, or go straight to it here https://snapcraft.io/eternallands. You can also find the package in the Ubuntu store. Once installed you will have a new desktop launcher icon labelled "Eternal Lands (snap)". The launcher defaults to the main server but you can choose test or pk by right-clicking the icon. You can also run from the command line using "eternallands.client" and specify any configuration you wish as a parameter. The package includes the data, sound and music files. Things to note: One known issue is that opening URLs does not currently work, (this silently fails) but I'm investigating this and will update when its fixed. The personal configuration files do not get stored in the normal place $HOME/.elc but in $HOME/snap/eternallands/current/.elc (actually a link to $HOME/snap/eternallands/common/config) . There does not appear to be a way to use the normal location this so you will have a clean configuration. You could copy existing files over as the data directory is automatically fixed at run-time. On the up side, this will not interfere with any existing install. If you remove the snap package, all user files for the package are also removed so keep this in mind and back-up if you need to keep them. There does not appear to be a way to prevent this. The snap developers are currently working on a snapshot facility that will avoid this and, in addition, enable you to make backup copies of you configuration files too. The other, competing cross-distro format is https://flatpak.org so I intend to look at that too I have created one of those too.
  4. EL on the raspberry pi

    I am trying to get Eternal Lands to run on my Raspberry Pi as per the instructions here. Every time I try to run it i get the error... Fatal Error: servers.lst missing Can anyone help me fix this?
  5. If you are using the Linux installer from the official downloads page with sound or music enabled, you will experience a client crash when you open a web page using F2 or the URL window. This DOES NOT EFFECT the windows and mac clients, it DOES NOT EFFECT the Linux packages Burn produces for SUSE or the packages I produce for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint, it DOES NOT EFFECT builds you might do from source. I have now done a new client build that has a work-around for the problem. AFAIK, it is not a client bug, but rather an incomparability between the version of pulse audio used for build and the version of pulse audio on most distros. The work around turns off sound before opening the web page, turning it back on immediately afterwards. This will obviously cause playing sounds to stop, but they will start again almost immediately. Music will stop but restart from the beginning of the track. Hopefully, this will not be too inconvenient. The new installer can be downloaded here. You can just unpack it over the last version. These are links to download just the client for 32-bit and 64-bit. If you download just the client then make sure you copy it into the install directory and make the file executable using "chmod +x <file>".
  6. It does not seem to matter what I put in the box for the sound device or if I leave it blank. I get one of these two messages. [23:00:49, sound.c:4280] Error: alcOpenDevice(): Error initializing sound: ALC_NO_ERROR [23:01:01, sound.c:4258] Warning: ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT not found. Retrieving list of sound devices may fail. Name : openal-soft Arch : x86_64 Version : 1.16.0 Release : 4.fc21 I have alsa, pulseaudio and gstreamer installed. There is no "alsa" command (it has something after "alsa") and there is no /dev/snd/dsp or /dev/snd/*/dsp. Anyone else having problems or know how I could get this working?
  7. Need help with EL.bin file on Ubuntu

    I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS With 32-bit OS. I am having trouble playing El on Ubuntu.I belive it installed okay. I go to my games folder but the .bin file isn't executable. I have been trying for several days now, have read multiple forums and tried many things suggested. None of them work for me.I am really anxious to get back into playing EL. I've been away waaayyy to long, lol.I did this to install EL: How to install Eternal Lands Ubuntu Packages Open a command line terminal then enter the following commands: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pjbroad/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install eternallands This will install the client and data packages, and normally, the sound package too. If the sound package is not included but you want it, use: sudo apt-get install eternallands-sound Additionally, if you want the music use: sudo apt-get install eternallands-music That part seemed to work. First I was receiving error that el.x86.linux.bin was an Unknown file type. I then moved file to another folder so I could mark it as executable file and I was getting same error messages. I did some upgrades and got this message When i double click on el.x86.linux.bin i get this error: Invalid url: '/home/owner/Documents/el.x86.linux.bin' given, exiting No ':' in the uri I have tried chmod commands in terminal but it always says : This file does not exist or can't find el.x86.linux.bin etc. owner@owner-OptiPlex-745:~$ sudo apt-get install eternallands [sudo] password for owner: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done eternallands is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. owner@owner-OptiPlex-745:~$ I even tried this: chmod +x file-name.run Now you can execute the file in the terminal. ./file-name.run If an error message including a problem such as 'permission denied' appears, use sudo to run it as root (admin). Be careful, sudo allows you to make critical changes to your system. Many software installs will require sudo. sudo ./file-name.run owner@owner-OptiPlex-745:~$ chmod +x el.x86.linux.bin chmod: cannot access ‘el.x86.linux.bin’: No such file or directory owner@owner-OptiPlex-745:~$ ./el.x86.linux.bin bash: ./el.x86.linux.bin: No such file or directory owner@owner-OptiPlex-745:~$
  8. sometimes for a while, on EL only , the CPU on my machine goes to 100% and the sound gets very distorted. After a while, it goes away. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Linux distro for Senior

    In my free time i teach the basics of computer science / Internet in a Swiss organization called Pro Senectute The organization is working closely with Microsoft. But since last year, they are looking for alternate solutions that are cheaper than M$. As a KISS (Life philosphy: Keep It Simple and Stupid) adept, I had many discussions with the management team of Pro Senectute about using Linux. They were all skeptic about Linux. But today i got the official News that they want to make an alpha test in my town. If it works well (cheaper, better stability, less maintenance, recycling 5 years old computer....) they would test it on other spots of Switzerland and, in the best case, try to make a migration project from Windows to Linux for the whole Country. I know there are distros (also) for Seniors like "Eldy Seniors" "Mageia" "Mint" but i have no experience with them... It's why I'm asking here if anybody has ideas about distro names I could test. Here are some additional information about the "needs" of such a distro These are the minimal requirements For other things like bigger font, text to speech etc it is not planed because these courses are only for persons who don't have any handycap. There are other courses for persons with body difficulties. Thanks in advance for your help Lillaka Edit: Typo
  10. Hey, i cant get into the game anymore because of a segmentation fault ... and i have no idea what to do and where is came from so out of the blue. In my terminal it looks like this: thats it ... Speicherzugriffsfehler is german and means segmentation fault. Firstly it opens the launcher but after the login it crashes and displays the segmantation fault in the terminal. What can i do to fix this? Please, help me!