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Found 1 result

  1. Linux distro for Senior

    In my free time i teach the basics of computer science / Internet in a Swiss organization called Pro Senectute The organization is working closely with Microsoft. But since last year, they are looking for alternate solutions that are cheaper than M$. As a KISS (Life philosphy: Keep It Simple and Stupid) adept, I had many discussions with the management team of Pro Senectute about using Linux. They were all skeptic about Linux. But today i got the official News that they want to make an alpha test in my town. If it works well (cheaper, better stability, less maintenance, recycling 5 years old computer....) they would test it on other spots of Switzerland and, in the best case, try to make a migration project from Windows to Linux for the whole Country. I know there are distros (also) for Seniors like "Eldy Seniors" "Mageia" "Mint" but i have no experience with them... It's why I'm asking here if anybody has ideas about distro names I could test. Here are some additional information about the "needs" of such a distro These are the minimal requirements For other things like bigger font, text to speech etc it is not planed because these courses are only for persons who don't have any handycap. There are other courses for persons with body difficulties. Thanks in advance for your help Lillaka Edit: Typo