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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, So i've been talking to a certain someone (Won't name unless they'd like) and we've come up with an idea. Option 1: Max overall with 2 skills over 150 Players who have 150+ a/d generally are really close to maxing overall~ Option 2: 5 Skills over 100 (Cannot be A/D or overall) Is it easier to get 179 overall or 5 skills over 100? This will just give an advanage to lower levels to become better players later on. Basically if you qualify for either one, you are eligable to get a stone, say form Wraith at Isla Prima, or from shop (Up to players & Radu). That stone works like a pickpoint/overall level. The Stone will have x amount of exp, say 50m-100m~ exp. You must also have the stone in inventory, it cannot be traded, soulbound (So players can't profit on alts). You need to get 50-100m exp to "poof" the stone, once you do that and the stone poofs you get 1 pickpoint, rinse and repeat. Also.. if it's not already obvious, can only get one stone at a time, once it's turned into a pickpoint, can get another. Pros: - Excellent for players who are financially poor - Great for players with max overall - Good incentive to go and train instead of afking (Skarak can't hold all spawns ) - Excellent for people who mix alot, and not so much fighting - Reduces the amount of gc sold ingame - Another way of getting pickpoints instead of 1.75m~ - All lower level players will be better geared later on in the game Cons: - Won't be as quick as paying 1.75m for a pickpoint, acutally have to do work - All players who are maxed overall will be upset this wasn't ingame earlier - When you #reset, it works like a normal pickpint, it's gone. - Does not work with Invance, but it works with Dalies. Thanks, discuss down below, or just vote