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  1. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    I think if we increase NPC's prices it is going to increase the price of everything they are used for. Times for the majority of players are already tight and lean. Having to pay more for the things they need will just destabilise an already struggling market. I find part of the issue is the cost in food to mix bones/toads are leaping up higher and higher, with mixers willing to pay inflated prices for them thus the cost of sales is increased. It's all about margins Keep costs down and essence production reaps a higher profit. even .5gc will make a massive saving. Or do like the old days i mix your essences for your ings & food and a small ammount of some other reward...gc? that rare drop you was after etc.
  2. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Or what if it was only a specific break item... for example only a golden star mace or sunbreaker of destruction that could break it but broke the weapon in the process? Not sure if that is doable tho?
  3. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    I think acid rain or brod would be very much cheating at the quest. And make it far too easy Ever lasting items i wouldn't want to say yay or no on that i don't personally train enough to feel qualified to make a decision on that. The main idea was just to give people a way to get past a stuck point in the quest. at a cost so they can carry on trying to complete it.
  4. The Portals of the dark lord

    All invasions done just a few left overs to kill. I would like to thank a few people for this event. Everyone that offered donations... you saved a poor Thyralax from complete bankruptcy (i wont mention names for privacy sake but as long as you know i appreciate it) Radu for his AWESOME prizes Everyone that was helping out in pm or in person Plus ALL of you for Participating! Rest assured the dark lord will make a return on Halloween Week. Good luck till next time and remember. Watch the forums for more events.
  5. The Portals of the dark lord

    In preparation the arch mages have invited robin tell to come train our archers.
  6. The Portals of the dark lord

    Gathering the troops Invasion. Today the Archmages of Palon Vertas attempted to gather all heroes to practise against the hordes that are sure to come on Monday. We have a few observations. You did a fantastic job and many acts of valour were seen. You were not as organised as you could have been. The mages have stated we will keep trying until we get it perfect However the Mages have learnt a few tricks from observing. They have mastered a mass invisibility spell that will be useful too get every one into place on one of the invasions on monday! Good job guys. However they will probably need some help gathering the ingredients for the spell. Keep tuned for more info.
  7. Portals of the dark Lord forum contest

    Well contest closed now. Thanks for entering Winners too be announced.
  8. The Portals of the dark lord

    First contest http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?/topic/61098-portals-of-the-dark-lord-forum-contest/
  9. Portals of the dark Lord forum contest

    Okay Vanyel, you are still as messed up as ever however.... Great three choices!
  10. Okay first forum contest for the portal of the dark lord event. Pick and post your top three music tracks for an invasion. Winner will be Chosen by a guest and secret judge. All picks must be posted by this Saturday 10pm gmt One selection each. Prize: pick one invasion cap to suit your favouite fighters level. + 1 horse whistle to get you into the action in style. To get us started my top three are. Manowar: Heart of steel whilst preparing to invade. Dark angel darkness descends whilst invading. The Disturbed indestructible whilst walking around the field of battle watching you all slay my pets. Good luck and I will enjoy listening too your choices.
  11. The Portals of the dark lord

    Our diviners have isolated the times that the barrier to the dark lords prison will be weak enough for him to punch through into our world. 11am GMT WS and WS Castle, Kusamura, Bethel, willowvine, Melinis 3pm GMT (Invisibility Invasion.) 6pm GMT 9pm GMT Midnight GMT 2am GMT Invasions lasted longer than expected so time line was corrupted sorry. Our magicians are still working on a way of stopping him but it is a race against time. The diviners will be trying to determine his most obvious entry points. Be ready and keep you eyes open for any signs. We will keep you informed as soon as we know more. Swords up shields ready and spells prepped.
  12. The Portals of the dark lord

    I have set the Palon Magic guild into researching a way too counter this intrusion or too do anything we can too help. OOC: There will be a whole day of events Invasions Hide and seeks And a trivia contest as we brain storm How to combat this new threat. A new treasure Keep checking as more information will be posted every day.
  13. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    Problem is the cost of said quest for truly newbie characters is rather extensive and expensive. And if you harvest yourself the components for a new character would take forever. A bridge gap heal spell at say level 10 magic would solve the issue also. maybe one that restores 20 mp's or heals at the same rate poison harms call it regeneration. Id also like to see a transfer mana spell at around that level give players a small amount of mana dependant on magic level not the same amount as a srs tho say restores 15 ep's but costs 25. more options in game is always good.
  14. Newbies & Magic & Haidir

    Yeah or make the lower level healing slightly more effective works for me too 5 mp's is nothing now days and remote heal is just as bad. A few new spells or some adjustments to the ones we already have wouldn't be a bad thing With system as it currently is i am thinking to just get them over the initial hump of magic training. Not suggesting they will leave due to a lack of dailies for every skill just that one skill needs to some what follow the a/d curve till 21.
  15. The Portals of the dark lord

    Thanks too the heroic efforts of a few players the imp Ifix who some how as soon as he sank into the portal appeared on Draia and due to the eternal make of the land was resurrected like we all are! After tasting the evil of his master he has switched allegiances and has warned us that the Dark Lord is planning on invading our fair lands in 5 days time! This gives us very little time to get ready. Be prepared and get your essences made swords sharpened and pots on your belt.