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Found 1 result

  1. The Portals of the dark lord

    The Portals of the Dark Lord. "the Dark lord Abraximus sat on his throne in the his prison plane cursing the fate Mortos sealed for him for his failure to lead the War gods minions in conquest of Draia. Fearfully the imp Ifix approached the brooding dark lords throne excited and eager with his important news and failing to bow as required to his Liege he squealed out "master master the the warlocks have made a discovery and want to you too go see them in the halls of vision right now yes right..." a snap of a mighty gauntlet covered hand and Ifix was held eye too eye with his dark lords burning eyes before even finishing "they DEMAND of ME!" wriggling and stammering Ifix choking for breath not even having time to contemplate his poor life choices "they... mean i... mean " struggling to take a breath "they humbly request sire" with a disgruntled angry word seething with rage the dark lord merged into the shadows the small imps legs still wriggling and squirming. As they both reappeared in the halls of vision the warlocks busily working some ancient divination Darrus the eldest of the three looked up and saw the ire in his Lords face and the struggles of Ifix and just smiled "Sire Good News we have found a weakening in the magical barrier that we believe we can break through with your armies and invade those disgusting warm lands of Draia look see for your self" with a gnarled and withered arm Darrus waved over the seeing pool as the vision grew Abraximus stared with a sly smile smile. Darrus cleared his ancient throat "They will all be over run My lord and you will rule unchallenged even Mortos will have to bow down to you" all three warlocks laughed at the thought of the armies swarming over the pathetic humans and elves even Ifix still struggling to breathe let out a compressed laugh at the thought. Abraximus's arm twitched in anticipation and there was a snap as Ifix's neck snapped the warlocks fell silent fearful of their lords anger but the loud chuckle of the dark one caused all three to laugh evilly. "They will all snap and break as easily as an imps neck" with that the dark lord threw the poor imps body into the seething rippling vision pool and as Ifiz's body sinks beneath the surface the Warlord turned "get the armies ready We march on Monday! Invasion on Monday the 3rd of september. More info too follow