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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.9.5p6 of the EL client is ready for release. The data remains the same as p4 so you can just down the new executable. Place these into your existing game data folder after backing up the original executable file (and DLL files for Windows). I've included full install packages too. The major change is that the client now uses version 2 of the Simple Direct Media layer - SDL2 Main window resizeable and full-screen available without restarting. Bottom HUD status bar auto hide/show depending on space available. New lower load idle state when main window minimised. Added use of SDL pop-up message box to report fatal errors. There are also a few bug fixes, the full list can be read on the release page. Thanks to Sir_Odie who did the initial work on the SDL2 port and everyone who helped test the new version. Windows options Windows 7-10 32-Bit installer Windows 7-10 64-Bit installer Windows 7-10 32-Bit executable and DLL files Windows 7-10 64-Bit executable and DLL files Linux options: Flatpak Package (recommended) Snap Package Debian and Ubuntu Packages Linux full installer Linux 32-bit executable Linux 64 bit executable If you are using the Flatpak, Snap or Deb packages already, you will get the new version next time you update as normal. A Mac version will hopefully be available soon.
  2. I've pushed new client builds for windows and Linux for version 1.9.5p4. New feature include: Issue #59: Added password manager at login screen. Issue #60: alt-j toggles ether bars, alt-k toggles ether number over character. Issue #63: Lock hud button for skill bars. Added Click Lock option to bar context menu. Issue #67: Added used item counter. Enabled using Options->Controls setting. Issue #68: Add option to log NPC dialogue text. Enabled on dialogue context menu for NPC name. Added standard locations for the user menu window. For the full package versions, the latest encyclopaedia updates are included Added lowering far_plane to poor_man setting. Restore initial values if turning poor_man off. Fixes include: Fixed lots of compiler warnings from new compilers, some for uninitialised variable usage. Forum#61212: Fix hud indicators so they only show when enabled. Fixed possible crash loading options window due to NULL/0 mismatch. Fixed possible crash with eye candy due to invalid free. Fixes for counter loading that could cause issues when new counters added. Fixes for poorman not setting values on restart and properly handle shader limit. Fix use after free spotted by gcc -fsanitize=address flag that could have caused a crash. Use consistent path to load and save map marks. Was spotted in OL. Issue #66: Fix minimap title bar ending offscreen after resize or scale change. Trap using invalid map for #ckdata command. Remove changing directory to datadir during start up on non-windows. Issue #57: Fix negative session hours If disconnected when about to try login, connect to the server first. Forum 61178: Catch invalid paste items and other paste errors on windows. Fix button labels for chat colour window; thanks to dawigit spotted while working on the OL client. To get this update: Windows options: Windows 7-10 32-Bit installer Windows 7-10 64-Bit installer Windows XP installer (not recommended if you can use the other versions) Linux options: Flatpak Package (recommended) Snap Package Debian and Ubuntu Packages Linux general installer Linux 32-bit executable Linux 64 bit executable Data Files: Source code Data Files Sound Files Music Files