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  1. New and updated trade bot list

    Mega : DP, CC's, Tokie/Taini
  2. Expiring bots

    Have to switch from Bank to Credit Union, will pay for CHIMOTHY Trade Bot as soon as financial institutions are switched and funds transferred. With all due respect, Tom Cross / Tokie in game.
  3. I am not in charge.

    Due to medical issues I, (Tokie) have stepped down from the Poundin' You Guild's Council of Elders. The Elders of the ( #nU ) C.o.E. are as follows : Evie, Fyrefox, Taini, The_Grud, LyeDanRoth, SullA and Loir respectively, and in no particular order. I am only an Advisor to Council, ( A.t.C. ) from this day onward, by both choice and design, since the dream of a Utopian like Honor Guild where everyone is free to do whatever they want, by themselves or in groups without pressure of any kind, has now come to fruition. At this time please allow me to thank the members of this fine Guild for their diligence and cooperation in making this all happen. It was just a dream and you, the Guild's C.o.E. have done a very fine job indeed, and I appreciate your efforts in this endeavour, your time and energy in keeping the peace with those currently not on the green-tag / mutual allied list, and your devotion in the game itself. It's true...we are all addicted to Eternal Lands. So, a special shout-out to the mighty Radu. "Radu, may you reign forever my friend" ! With all due humble respect to you all, Mr. Thomas Carl Cross / aka: Tokie Kingsport, Tennessee U.S.A. ( the 423 in the 37660 )
  4. Guild Alliance(s)

    Poundin' You ( #nU ) Guild is now accepting New Mutual Ally Guilds and new Members.Hit the link and get to know us better. ---> http://poundin-u.enjin.com/ * With all due respect * Tokie
  5. PK contest

    If I am to go lose Rosto, I have to hit the shop and get another bag of them, I hope this won't happen for a couple more weeks, but yeah, I'm in, if there are indeed "Bracket's for different A/D levels". I'm just a peaceful harvester with a death-wish...so yeah, sounds good to me ! ~ Tokie ~ of the Poundin' You ( #nU ) Guild.
  6. I'll miss you all ...

    They took my right leg below the knee in April after a long battle with blood-clots that started in Feb. this spring past. Now the Doctor just took about 9 feet of my guts out, seems as though a clot had formed in the small intesting, killing it. I just don't know if I still have it in me, to play the game right now. I have never been this weak in my whole life. I'm never giving up on life and trying to live it as best that I can...but for now, errr. The Guild will go on through it's Members, it will always be "our Guild", it never was just mine. Radu has been notified that if anything happens, Who has what, et cetera. The Council of Elders ( C.o.E. ) will always be an odd tie breaking # of Members, Map's and their rules will always apply. *** To the Members of Poundin' You ( #nU ) Guild, I hope to return soon someday, and if not, Gladiator, ReyA and BillyBBigger are holding my seat for me, and I will be sure to pass-on everyones fondest wishes for us all. To all of our Green-Tagged Mutual Allied Guilds. Thank you for your trust. I hope we've shown it throughout the years. Well, time to go. But remember, I will stop in from time to time, even just to sport the tag in support of the Guild if nothing else. With all due respect to the ENTIRE Eternal Lands Community, ~ Tokie ~
  7. Can't sign in to play

    My Doctor has said it is now alright for me to sit upright and "play my little game on the computer" for 1 hour at a time, but I'm on the Hospital's Wireless Internet, and when I try to sigh in, everything locks down and nothing happens. Can someone assist me in getting back to game ? I thank you, each and every one, for your time concerning this matter. Respectfully, Mr. Thomas Carl Cross aka : Tokie
  8. Hey, if you are looking for a No-Pressure Guild where it's Members are encouraged to go at their own pace, and to just have fun, then we have a few places open at out table. Get with one of us in a PM, and let us tell you more about why we've been here 7 years, and why we are going to continue to be here because of who we are and how we are. Respectfully, ~ Tokie ~
  9. don't trust "to whom it may concern"

    Ladies, may I have your attention please ? Thank you... This is what we have to deal with because you refuse to believe that YOUR Little "Eric Cartman" would do no evil, and that you refuse to bust His little @$$ for being such a meanie to Kyle and His other friends. Hey JerrySein, name change to Eric_Cartman and let your true colors shine ! ~ Tokie ~ P.S. Here's one for you, Jerry. https://youtu.be/Hqj3tSVsWO4
  10. don't trust "to whom it may concern"

    No matter what is being said about any given situation,( including here in Eternal Lands ) actions always speak louder than words, and are proof of intent. ~ 12-Block Tokie ~‚Äč
  11. don't trust "to whom it may concern"

    Has anyone any solid proof as to who this is and or was ?
  12. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    Blame not the poor who steal to eat, for they know nothing else but basic survival instincts in their simple lives. ~Tokie~ 03-09-2015
  13. I don't exist ... ?

    Can someone please tell me why I've been banned ? Thank you, Tokie Okay...I exist. Som do I make a post about this in Problems / errors,et.cetra ? Because this must be some kind of rare "glitch" or something. This has never happened to me before. Has this happend to anyone else ?
  14. Interesting...and how does that make you two feel ?
  15. Accident on the keyboard

    Well, I don't know what happened, but I know how it happened. I dropped a small note pad with a pen on one end on the keyboard and when I looked up, it said : "Video will change on next restart" in a light bluish color...and when I signed off I re-started it, and I got a Black Screen with a white rectangular box floating around with some gibberish about being out of range or something stupid... Does anyone know what the Hell happened ? Respectfully, Tokie
  16. Accident on the keyboard

    EXCELLENT responses and replies, ALL had something to offer...and it worked. Don't ask me how, but you did it, I thank you *tokie bows in respect to all three of you* and I want to thank you again and again for the help. Time for me to repay in kind, so, should you all need me to dig stuff for you or....with you....for any event, just send me a message. Respectfully, Mr. T.C. Cross / Tokie
  17. Varus MADr Scammers

    I'm one who believes that something should be given as a reward to have anything in my DB worth having, returned to me...yeah, I'd pay 2 Rostogol Stones to get a bag that big back. Who wouldn't ? What happened that the stones weren't accepted and the DB's contents returned I'm wondering...or was it just a carrot being dangled ? Inquiring minds would like to know...you know, for future reference and all.
  18. WTB

    I'll give 25,000 gc for 50K DandyLion and another 25,000 gc for 50K Rue . Any takers ? 1st come 1st served,....aaaaaaaaaand GO !
  19. WTB

    Got 'em. Sure cost a lot more than I'd figured. Thanks for all the information too, I needed it. ...aaaaaaaaaand I just bought the last of what I needed. Thanx all 0/
  20. WTB

    I had no clue the price of flowers has risen this much in the last 8-ish years. I'm doing DandeLions and checking around for other prices and I'm surprised at what I'm seeing.
  21. WTB

  22. Retro Eternal Lands IP Party and Contest!

    Watch your back now PaulB. I'm not saying you're going to get it...no...I'm saying your're going to get it "with no grease or the common courtesy of a reach around". Every law or rule laid down is another liberty or freedom lost, and just when you think the Bill is clear, it goes through as a "rider bill" on the back of another obscure law already on the books. Just because you survived round # 1 don't mean Mike Tyson ain't gonna' bite chunks off in the next round. Duck, stay low and be very-very quiet about winning round one. Yeah go ahead and smile...just not in front of the Camera. "They're Watching"...always watching, and listening...
  23. Retro Eternal Lands IP Party and Contest!

    PaulB, you said : "...and I invited some people to join in with us on channel 6. I gave them the location of the map and how to enter it." So if you tell someone of a Guild Map Location, you're breaking a rule.....interesting that this never came up when our C-1 Map was compromised . Bummer about you having too much fun...many people seemed to enjoy it. Guess some don't like their sunshine stolen,huh ?
  24. #nu Guild

    "Today Tokie said alot of rude comments to me so I asked for my steel bar ings+ food from Taini that I had gave her to mix for me about 1.5-2 months ago." *** The PM was about RL issues, and had / has nothing to do with the Game, Mutuals, Guild, or Allies...or the mixing Taini was doing for you. You took it from what I said to you out of RL situation in a PM, to taking it out on Taini and Poundin' You Guild in-game, and used RL issues to make your move in Eternal Lands against me. You are using your Guild for your own RL problems, not me. Therefor you are guilty of taking RL issues into the game...not me. So apologize for your own dastardly deeds as you like. I've done nothing wrong in Eternal Lands Forums.
  25. #nu Guild

    *** You brought RL into the Game, not me. You tagged us because you are not Man enough to pay your RL debts. What you and I discussed had no bearing on our Mutual, and had no business being brought to Eternal Lands Official Forums.Come across me in Un-Official Forums...I dare you, and I'll front you off so-bad that you'll get a name change out of sheer embarrassment. Punk@$$beioztch... come on, GET you some ! Shes doing my laundry...I'll have Her return your crap as soon as I feel like telling Her to check forums. Tiny little man, you need to learn your place in the scope of things. I'm not trading you $HIT Hommie...I don't touch Her character, so don't even imply it.