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  1. Adopt a newbie program started

    Unfortunately nothing has really come of this, and these prizes are beginning to become a burden on my sto slots. Unless a new prize bearer wants to step forth I would request that everyone who donated contact me ingame so I might return the items. Thanks.
  2. Spooky goings on

    And sometimes you have to write what comes to you, scrap that idea, try again, scrap that idea, that one was mediocre but there's little you can do to make it better, go ahead and post it, try again, have a mocha (or coffee, or whatever floats your boat), try again, stay up till 4 in the morning... holy crap that one was brilliant! its a winner.
  3. Unolas' Crown

    4 hours? Yikes... probably would have been shorter if I hadn't wasted all that time finding mystic That was a great contest, thanks so much to all the hosters, I really had fun And I'm hardly a genius that figured it all out by myself btw, had a long discussion with a buddy before figuring out the letter/coordinates/map thingy, and had help looking for mystic. Teamwork ftw ^^ A sample of attempts to figure out decoding the coordinates of the screenies (name taken out because I haven't had a chance to ask permission to share...)
  4. The masters disease!

    I think someone is scheming to plan all these events for when I'm gone :'( Have fun everyone thats around
  5. New quest

    I'm sure I'll be killing puma for the next year trying to get the right one still so I can finish the quest too That's a great fun quest though radu, thanks so much for the work you put into coding, and making a contest as well Awesome awesome fun! And go TEAM RIVA!
  6. evtr - red witch story

    you do have a point there, and i changed the part you mentioned I would appreciate it if you could comment less harsh though - LMFAO and ROFL aren't very encouraging really Stories have every right to be poetic, its a perfectly fine line and a stylistic choice, not a right or wrong. (still haven't finished this whole story but love what I have read Aranka )
  7. The Monuments Contest, #2

    Thanks usl and wolfwitch and anyone else who helped out! This contest was a huge amount of fun. I also want to make sure that everyone understands that just because I found the bag, it does not mean that xena did not do as much, if not more, work than me We were working as a team and found the bag together
  8. Your favorite addition or change in EL...

    Mini Events ftw. But thats not my *favorite* ... NPCs \o/
  9. Improvement to quest info

    I was just thinking today a way to see what quests you've completed would be reeaaallly nice. And the quest log could certainly use some work, it often stores useless information, and leaves out some of the details that would help, while it also isn't wonderfully userfriendly. Not to mention that non-NPC quest related info isn't stored in quest log, only chat logs, and its annoying to have to check 2 places for info. Despite the fact these things have been suggested before I do think they should be reconsidered in light of the addition of some new quests.
  10. Xena's 2 Year EL anniversary

    you know I was looking xena
  11. Adopt a newbie program started

    My own newbies have been very innactive, and though I don't see this as a reason to stop helping, I'm not sure if personally its worth it to go through explaining the adopt a newbie program and continuously signing them up. I'll hold onto the prizes if this contest continues, or if radu wants them used for something else. Just let me know I guess...
  12. Crafting

    It would seem that manufacturing has proven that powerful versions of things that are not meant to be mass produced can cause problems. Currently, manuers might 'mass' produce armors and such in the hopes of the 'enriched' version, causing the price of the normal to drop, as there are too many around. Would it do the crafters much good to subject them to the same thing? Yet for things like alchemy, enriched essences do not ruin their normal counterpart, as the normal essences are mass produced regardless. Rather than more overpowered items and the potential for excess CoLs/MoLs/etc in the game from seeking 'enriched' versions of those. I would think that special rings (*points to Acelon's post*) or enriched polished gems (these could be used in weapons and armors, similar to enriched essences, or ingredients for many other things) would be better. Crafting could certainly use some rare makes, but more rare advanced items don't seem to be needed at the moment. Enriched versions of rings and gems could still allow a break in the mundane of mixing, and a bit of extra profit, with less potential for causing problems. -edit- typos.
  13. Adopt a newbie program started

    I would like to inquire if this project is still active? It's been a couple months now, and I think all those prizes people lovingly donated are starting to rot
  14. The RPing in MMORPGs

    I 'm sure the NPC writers can't wait to triple their workload and write 3 scripts for each of the next 150 NPCs instead of one. That shouldnt be a problem, will just take longer time. You're talking to a couple NPC writers... that would not be enjoyable The NPC writing team is small and I think the first priority would be putting NPCs everywhere, not making them talk differently to everyone. Thanks for putting all those NPCs into the update Radu, they're beautiful and enjoyable
  15. Xena's 2 Year EL anniversary

    You are in White Stone - Orvale Mountains [9,358] now we know where to find xena when she's reading thanks for the ash, and the 5k dung it seems