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  1. Guild Star

    STAR Well, we are pretty much always recruiting, but the time came to make a post about it. Just to get the word out to anyone that doesn’t know about guild star. If any of you have happened to type #guild_info star before, you may have seen a brief description of our guild. Soon, hopefully that info will be a little better (we are still discussing exactly what it will say). Basically Star is a guild of healers, and helpers. We are peaceful, and non-pk. We have NO enemies and lots of friends and allies. We return all death bags, all the time, no matter who dropped them, no matter where, no matter how they died. We don’t beg, we don’t spam, we don’t scam. Since star is mostly focused on healing, the skills magic and alchemy (for essences obviously) get a lot of attention. But we’re open to other skills as well, and just because we don’t PK doesn’t mean you can’t train attack and defense. As for guild government, Star happily operates under the tyranny of our very own guild monkey (GM) kailomonkey. He’s guild master, macnathan is rank 19, and the rest of us just get to be part of the guild. But it doesn’t really matter; we may not have official ranks that let us type special commands, but everyone’s opinion is considered equally for any guild matters. And, as far as joining, you’ll need the basic game requirements, and the magic abilites to heal others, preferably alchemy abilities to make your own essences as well. That’s about all I can say for guild Star, you can check out the website http://www.freewebs.com/starguild you can also go to http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=35271 to check out a story about the beginnings of guild star (the story is on the guild website as well). A sequel to that is planned and well on the way, to explain more about the guild and its members. Who knows, if you join we might even be able to squeeze you into it. If you check out the guild site, you can find some comics by moonskimmer. They are just little glimpses into what we call the 'guild room'. The comics were made for the guild though, and some might not seem that funny to you because they're inside jokes. They're nicely drawn though If the website doesn’t give you enough information you can contact kailomonkey or macnathan, or even myself (Enly in game ). If you want to join however, you will need to contact kailomonkey or macnathan. Star isn't a new guild, we've been around for a little over a year now I believe, but we (we being I ) just thought it was time to make a post and let everyone know about us. Just let us know if you are interested in joining, and if you're not, well you're sure to notice us healing you sometime
  2. Adopt a newbie program started

    Unfortunately nothing has really come of this, and these prizes are beginning to become a burden on my sto slots. Unless a new prize bearer wants to step forth I would request that everyone who donated contact me ingame so I might return the items. Thanks.
  3. Spooky goings on

    And sometimes you have to write what comes to you, scrap that idea, try again, scrap that idea, that one was mediocre but there's little you can do to make it better, go ahead and post it, try again, have a mocha (or coffee, or whatever floats your boat), try again, stay up till 4 in the morning... holy crap that one was brilliant! its a winner.
  4. Unolas' Crown

    4 hours? Yikes... probably would have been shorter if I hadn't wasted all that time finding mystic That was a great contest, thanks so much to all the hosters, I really had fun And I'm hardly a genius that figured it all out by myself btw, had a long discussion with a buddy before figuring out the letter/coordinates/map thingy, and had help looking for mystic. Teamwork ftw ^^ A sample of attempts to figure out decoding the coordinates of the screenies (name taken out because I haven't had a chance to ask permission to share...)
  5. The masters disease!

    I think someone is scheming to plan all these events for when I'm gone :'( Have fun everyone thats around
  6. New quest

    I'm sure I'll be killing puma for the next year trying to get the right one still so I can finish the quest too That's a great fun quest though radu, thanks so much for the work you put into coding, and making a contest as well Awesome awesome fun! And go TEAM RIVA!
  7. evtr - red witch story

    you do have a point there, and i changed the part you mentioned I would appreciate it if you could comment less harsh though - LMFAO and ROFL aren't very encouraging really Stories have every right to be poetic, its a perfectly fine line and a stylistic choice, not a right or wrong. (still haven't finished this whole story but love what I have read Aranka )
  8. The Monuments Contest, #2

    Thanks usl and wolfwitch and anyone else who helped out! This contest was a huge amount of fun. I also want to make sure that everyone understands that just because I found the bag, it does not mean that xena did not do as much, if not more, work than me We were working as a team and found the bag together
  9. Your favorite addition or change in EL...

    Mini Events ftw. But thats not my *favorite* ... NPCs \o/
  10. Improvement to quest info

    I was just thinking today a way to see what quests you've completed would be reeaaallly nice. And the quest log could certainly use some work, it often stores useless information, and leaves out some of the details that would help, while it also isn't wonderfully userfriendly. Not to mention that non-NPC quest related info isn't stored in quest log, only chat logs, and its annoying to have to check 2 places for info. Despite the fact these things have been suggested before I do think they should be reconsidered in light of the addition of some new quests.
  11. Xena's 2 Year EL anniversary

    you know I was looking xena
  12. Adopt a newbie program started

    My own newbies have been very innactive, and though I don't see this as a reason to stop helping, I'm not sure if personally its worth it to go through explaining the adopt a newbie program and continuously signing them up. I'll hold onto the prizes if this contest continues, or if radu wants them used for something else. Just let me know I guess...
  13. Crafting

    It would seem that manufacturing has proven that powerful versions of things that are not meant to be mass produced can cause problems. Currently, manuers might 'mass' produce armors and such in the hopes of the 'enriched' version, causing the price of the normal to drop, as there are too many around. Would it do the crafters much good to subject them to the same thing? Yet for things like alchemy, enriched essences do not ruin their normal counterpart, as the normal essences are mass produced regardless. Rather than more overpowered items and the potential for excess CoLs/MoLs/etc in the game from seeking 'enriched' versions of those. I would think that special rings (*points to Acelon's post*) or enriched polished gems (these could be used in weapons and armors, similar to enriched essences, or ingredients for many other things) would be better. Crafting could certainly use some rare makes, but more rare advanced items don't seem to be needed at the moment. Enriched versions of rings and gems could still allow a break in the mundane of mixing, and a bit of extra profit, with less potential for causing problems. -edit- typos.
  14. Adopt a newbie program started

    I would like to inquire if this project is still active? It's been a couple months now, and I think all those prizes people lovingly donated are starting to rot
  15. The RPing in MMORPGs

    I 'm sure the NPC writers can't wait to triple their workload and write 3 scripts for each of the next 150 NPCs instead of one. That shouldnt be a problem, will just take longer time. You're talking to a couple NPC writers... that would not be enjoyable The NPC writing team is small and I think the first priority would be putting NPCs everywhere, not making them talk differently to everyone. Thanks for putting all those NPCs into the update Radu, they're beautiful and enjoyable
  16. Xena's 2 Year EL anniversary

    You are in White Stone - Orvale Mountains [9,358] now we know where to find xena when she's reading thanks for the ash, and the 5k dung it seems
  17. storage cleaning

    I'd take 10k cinnabar off your hands for 45k (thats above market price)
  18. Brilliant Nova... simply brilliant! Don't know why it took me so long to read it, but I love it amusing, intriguing, educational... I do hope to see more As for ideas, its your story to develop, but I would definitely say the key to the story is the interaction between Severus and Brie. He is definitely showing more friendliness towards her than is ever really demonstrated towards anyone in the harry potter books, what exactly is going on there between them? You could investigate that bond further. One thing Brie's character hasn't yet shown -- is she jealous of Severus's ability to preform magic? Does she wish she could? Personally I'd be a bit envious, daydreaming that I could cast spells as well if I were living with a wizard. You could try to develop that a bit more in Brie, how does she feel about magic? As for where to take the story is hard to say, I think only you can figure that out Can't wait to see more, its quite amazing Nova, great work!
  19. Depletable Resources Poll

    Voted yes, provided its implemented similar to what you first described in your original thread. And is addressed with care and caution and possibly adjusted if needed since it is such a large change to the game. (Side note: Could we get a clarification that your original idea is still what you're planning? I know other suggestions on how to implement depletables were presented, will you be using those at all? Could possibly affect my vote, I think the idea you presented could work, while some of the others would be a bit worse.)
  20. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    I think depletable resources sounds like an awesome idea. I think Multiplaying is still a bad one. One thing I'd like to say to those posting/reading... I've heard soooo many people already say "Anything to get rid of mini-events" please don't look at it in that context. Look at it as something separate, you shouldn't make your decision on whether or not you like the idea based on the simple fact it would rid you of the dreaded mini harv events. That said... I think multiplaying would still produce benefits for harvesting alts even with depletable resources. I've seen this in other games, and the system is great if made correctly, and resources aren't all taken up too fast (generally) however people would still be able to camp alts at far off places, grab quick from close places while they can, and generally still be able to harvest on a lot of alts and pull in a lot of resources. Besides that, harvesting is not the only benefit of multiplaying: Multiple perks would need to be re-evaluated in context with being able to have an alt. Though EL is technically "classless" we are still limited by Pick Points and what skills we want to focus on the most. With alts people can not only harvest resources, they can mix those resources, they can dedicate alts to skills they never had the PP to spare to invest in nexus for. High level items would doubtless still only be provided by main hard leveled characters, for the most part. But low level resources could be mass produced by alts, HEs, SRs, training leathers, etc. I believe selling resources to NPCs would also need to be reevaluated if multpiplaying was allowed. Overall, I think depletable resources sounds like a fun and awesome idea, that could be a great addition the game provided its implemented with care and adjusted as possible concerns arise. Regardless of multiplaying decisions I think depletable resources should be implemented. But I believe multiplaying is an issue that demands separation... depletable resources might hinder, but certainly would not stop, harvest alts. In fact, I think they'd do less damage to a harvest alt than mini events do. Walking across the map requires no attention whatsoever, just takes a little more time. But any sort of profit will always be > none. Not to mention the multiplaying benefits limiting resources does NOT address, some of which I mentioned above, and I'm quite certain others exist. Yes to depletable resources No to multiplaying
  21. Adopt a newbie program started

    Enly/Garoth signing up
  22. Adopt a newbie program started

    Hmm, well I tried several times to talk to newbies on IP, and they ignored me :'( Anyway, thats not the point . At this point I have been able to adopt Mathios, as he posted here he was looking for a mentor As of yet, I've done nothing but give him some items and gc to help him out, and advice whenever the opportunity arrises or he inquires about something. I've done nothing to say "Oh, work on getting to level 50" or "this is the best way to get exp so you can get level 50" or anything to do with level 50 at all! I believe the point is encourage them and help them where they want/need it, not teach them to level grind, or force them to do anything. The question is whether we can all manage this, and remember we're trying to help the newbie, not ourselves I suppose my only concern for the continuation of this idea is that all the players who mentor (I'm not pointing fingers, or even saying anyone has done something wrong, I don't know) keep their focus on helping the newbie in a kind manner, and not just trying to help themselves. Currently, I'm considering approaching another newbie, as I've had a lot of fun so far, and Mathios hasn't been a burden in any vague form (thanks ). My plan of attack, so to speak, is to simply talk to them, offer to help, get to know them, help them, then suggest the potential for the adopt a newbie program, and that there's no pressure, and I won't pressure them. Frankly, when looking for a newbie, I had completely forgotten the level 50 goal. To me, that doesn't matter. If I start helping them and advising them... I'm never really going to stop. Not going to say "sorry, you're level 50, I'll be ignoring you now". Personally, I think this is the best way to go about things. The problem is whether or not we can all manage that We should all be in this just for the sake of helping the newbies, encouraging them to stay, and helping the game. -edit- To put it another way. The idea and program is flawless, we as the players are the potential problem
  23. Mini Harv Events

    How can you not harvest and surf the web at the same time? I'm doing it right now. I do that with the forums a lot (and other websites, or other things), and I'm harvesting right now ingame as I post. I can still harvest, I can still post. I can't go AFK for several minutes and harvest, but I can still do a slight bit of multitasking (surfing the web, playing less awesome games to fill the empty space, chatting, whatever) and harvest. I think a lot of this is an exaggerated overreaction. All I see it limiting is the ability to actually go completely AFK, and still harvest, which I used to do from time to time, and it never did make sense. Yes, we do all have things to do in real life. But maybe it's time we made a realization that it is in-fact OK to leave EL and do nothing ingame for a short while. It doesn't stop you every few seconds either... I've gotten a lot of harvests in before being stopped. Other times its more frequent, it definitely varies a lot. It doesn't make harvesting any harder, as long as you're paying a certain amount of attention to the game. Personally, I'm much happier to know its now harder for some AFK alts to be harvesting resources to sell for gold coins. That there is less likely to be 10 AFK players on a map that I could be interacting and chatting with. That those people who actively play and pay attention completely are now getting more credit for their focus. That there is now a chance for harvesting to be a more elite and somewhat limited skill. And finally, that I'm getting free gold coins, and most of all, harvesting exp. (When can we expect counters for that? ) My suggestions to my fellow harvesters: Give it a chance, harvest a lot. Don't just give it 10 min or even a half hour and form your opinion, the rate of events varies a lot. I've heard a lot of people ingame mentioning its now so hard to tell when you've stopped harvesting. If you use sound, enable a notification for "You stopped harvesting" that allows you to easily tell the moment you've stopped harvesting. There's always the option to buy those things from harvest/mixers who don't mind the change Thank you Radu, I enjoy this change to the game
  24. Mini Harv Events

    oh snap, though, everyone does talk about how they miss the "good old days" Well, I like the new harv events. They make harvesting more of a challenge (especially for AFKish alts), and they're fun and I love the fact they're positive. Nothing wrong with paying attention to the screen for a bit of harvesting, or just giving up for a few minutes when real life calls. Now harvesting can be a more elite skill.
  25. Adopt a newbie program started

    bah, sorry about that... typos ftl. Fixed it, it is only 100 EMP (Tyvvm for noticing)