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Found 9 results

  1. Are you up for a challenge????? To participate you will need to start a new character from scratch and include your team name in the naming of the character. (Example New_Wizard, or Sia_Fighter) You character can only trade with the members of your team. You are not allowed to trade with your alts, or main, you are not allowed to trade with bots, (including bag trades) However, you can trade with NPCs found in eternal lands. The player owned NPCs are also not allowed to be used. (I will ask Radu to monitor this. (Mod team will be checking logs and cheating will result in punishment to your whole team, so don't cheat!!) Edit: PK killing another player for their drops will be considered bag trading for this event. So you cant just pk your buddies alt for his stuff..........oki Shop Sales are permitted only for the following items 1) Vanity Clothing 2) P2P races 3) Rostogols, Bindings and Enriched Essences 4) Horse Whistles This is a team event and the rules (are not so simple) You will have to form teams of 5 people. Each team requires to have 1 person with each title 1) Fighter 2) Mage 3) Ranger 4) Summoner 5) Engineer It is also highly recommended that characters specialise in a skill as well, as there may be challenges of then just fighting such as 1) Manufacturing 2) Crafting 3) Potioning 4) etc Edit: Question from player "Can we pickup bags that spawn in maps, such as Merc in NCA" Yes you can. Question from player "Can we log in on each other characters" Yes, you can use each other characters to prepare for event if you choose. Question from player " Can we use an existing guild we own for the event" Yes you can Question from player " So for the halloween event, its allowed to help with your main for novac?" Yes, you can ask a friend to help you with Novac, or use your main. Question from player " Can we pick up death bags we find?" No, too easy to cheat, only your team mates death bags. RULE UPDATE!! An Outline of the event will be posted on Halloween Night! (October 31) Participant characters will be locked just before this happens and will stay locked until it is time for your team to do the event. This is to ensure Everyone is on the same footing and there will be no big advantage from going first or last in regards to your storage and preparation. You have until Halloween weekend to build your 5 person team, and your characters, and your storage's and we will have an invasion event where each team will have to complete a series of UNKNOWN challenges There will be prizes, glory and FAME for the wining team! (If you would like to donate items and gc's to the prize pool, contact me in game) Please post below your team name and names of those on your team. Thanks
  2. The Portals of the dark lord

    The Portals of the Dark Lord. "the Dark lord Abraximus sat on his throne in the his prison plane cursing the fate Mortos sealed for him for his failure to lead the War gods minions in conquest of Draia. Fearfully the imp Ifix approached the brooding dark lords throne excited and eager with his important news and failing to bow as required to his Liege he squealed out "master master the the warlocks have made a discovery and want to you too go see them in the halls of vision right now yes right..." a snap of a mighty gauntlet covered hand and Ifix was held eye too eye with his dark lords burning eyes before even finishing "they DEMAND of ME!" wriggling and stammering Ifix choking for breath not even having time to contemplate his poor life choices "they... mean i... mean " struggling to take a breath "they humbly request sire" with a disgruntled angry word seething with rage the dark lord merged into the shadows the small imps legs still wriggling and squirming. As they both reappeared in the halls of vision the warlocks busily working some ancient divination Darrus the eldest of the three looked up and saw the ire in his Lords face and the struggles of Ifix and just smiled "Sire Good News we have found a weakening in the magical barrier that we believe we can break through with your armies and invade those disgusting warm lands of Draia look see for your self" with a gnarled and withered arm Darrus waved over the seeing pool as the vision grew Abraximus stared with a sly smile smile. Darrus cleared his ancient throat "They will all be over run My lord and you will rule unchallenged even Mortos will have to bow down to you" all three warlocks laughed at the thought of the armies swarming over the pathetic humans and elves even Ifix still struggling to breathe let out a compressed laugh at the thought. Abraximus's arm twitched in anticipation and there was a snap as Ifix's neck snapped the warlocks fell silent fearful of their lords anger but the loud chuckle of the dark one caused all three to laugh evilly. "They will all snap and break as easily as an imps neck" with that the dark lord threw the poor imps body into the seething rippling vision pool and as Ifiz's body sinks beneath the surface the Warlord turned "get the armies ready We march on Monday! Invasion on Monday the 3rd of september. More info too follow
  3. The monsters of Draia felt a sudden urge to kill all the peaceful harversters stealing gold, diamonds, silver, rubies and hydrogenium ore. They thought it easy gain to simply kill the roaming harvesting ants. Rules: 1. Invasion will come in waves, every 30 minutes. 2. The following wave (does not include the first one) can be stopped if all monsters from previous waves are killed. 3. First wave will include a random selection of gold ore deposites. Second will affect diamonds. Third silver ore. Fourth Rubies. Fifth... hydrogenium ore as well as a random selection of all kind of mines. It won't be pretty. 4. If you stop the invading army before 5th wave you will get bosses. Otherwise, you will have a lot of random monsters in random places to clear. Some of them might be bosses. 5. Invasion is uncapped. 6. Should you get to the bosses, some of them will be capped at 115, some at 145 and the rest will be uncapped. Cheers.
  4. Seridia Invasion, 6/01/2017

    The rules of the invasion. 1. Starting in Magic School in Tarsengaard at 0:45 game time. 2. Uncapped. 3. There will be 2000 monsters spawned inside the School (that includes gardens). 4A. If the monsters are cut down to less than 300 in 45 minutes, I will spawn bosses. 4B. If not, Tarsengaard will be invided to fill-in to 3000 monsters. 5. If after another 45 minutes the monsters will get cut down to 600 or less, there will be a bosses wave. 6. Otherwise, the monsters will start invading all neighbouring maps (WS, VotD and PL in first order). I will fill the maps to maintain 3000 monsters. 7. Go back to point 5. 8. If the target is not met before I manage to populate all Seridia (excluding Isla Prima). There will be no bosses at all.
  5. Duel/Tournament of AFG

    Lucky Punch Arena would like to invites You all to a night of AFG (Animal Fights Game) fights. Time and place: Planned at saturday 20th august 20.00 (8pm) UTC+01:00 time, at Lucky Punch Arena in White Stone City. Due to circumstances time and place can change, notice will be posted here and on chan 6 in game. Small change: Due to technical dificulties at Arena, contest will be held by Theatre in White Stone City instead. What is needed to watch: Nothing:), just show up. What is needed to take part in fights: PM me ingame or leave mercator msg, that you want to participate, i will get back to you. For each duel: 1 set of summon rabbit ings, 2 spider summoning stones, 2 Bear summoning stones, 1 Tiger summoning stones will be needed. Not nessesary, but helpfull items: extra rabbit summon ings, some diss rings and ttr essences in case of some problems. Arena is PK so don't take any vaulable stuff, Lucky Punch Arena doesn't take responsibility of your death and loosing items. Will there be reward: Of course. Winner of fights will get at least 25,000 gold coins. If more people will like to participate, extra rewards might be set. How many fights will be there: That depends on how many people will like to participate. At least one. How long event will take: Each duel should last 10-15mins. AFG rules: AFG is a simple game of summoned animal fights. There are 5 type of animals ant (to small to see ), rabbit, spider, bear, tiger. Every player have set of 7 cards: 1 ant, 1 rabbit, 2 spiders, 2 bears, 1 Tiger. Each card can be placed only once on arena. There are 7 rounds on each duel and every round has 2 phases. Phase 1 preparation: Every player chooses 2 cards, and both shown them to oponent at same time. Phase 2 fight: Every player chose 1 from his previously shown cards and place it on table. Cards summon animals and animals start fight. Player whose animal win, that means is last animal standing, will get 1 point. After 7 rounds player who got most points is the winner. Only summoned animals are allowed to fight, and no other help like spells/mines etc is alowed. Charm atribute, summoning skill level in this case in consider a "luck factor". Stronger animal should always win with weaker one, but luck and unpredictability is also a part of game. This should be obvious but to be sure: no one else can influence fight in any way, hopefully there will be moderator to ensure that, and there will be consequences for those who not obey.
  6. Primary that idea was brought at chan 6, but some people asked me to start it on forum too, so here it is: Like title sais this is idea of invasion events that are with objective that team need to met in this invasion. Very similar thing Vanyel tryed to do in his topic http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60298. If team complete task there will be reward, if not invasion will be cleared and shame on you blue message brought. Reward: I think most people go to invasion to have some profit, to have a chance to get an invasion drop items, gc, some extra exp, and even if not a story require to some sort of reward for fulfilling the objective. Reward should be a gc amount based on invasion range with amount that matters for people in that range and maybe a rare invasion items in amount 1 per team member like Item giver, exp giver or invasion token. Idea is to make people want go to that kind a event. Team leader: In this invasion there has to be leader, a one person that will lead others, plan actions, split tasks etc. Team leader has to be appointed by other members before invasion starts, and after invasion he will get all reward to redistribute it among his team members. Monsters: Exac monsters of course depend on invasion range but in general the amount will set greater challange then a strenght of monsters. In classical invasion most profit usually come from killing boss, but in this idea there is a reward that has to cover that, so bosses aren't nessesary, they can be there to give extra chalange to avoid them while protecting VIP or to kill it fast while healing VIP at same time. I will focus on 2 diferent kind of objective based on defend the VIP 1. Guarding a caravan. In this invasion team has to guide a VIP through invaded map (or maps). Monsters are all over the place so team leader (who is also guide of o VIP) has to chose a path to bring VIP from one place to another, other team members job is to defend both guide and VIP by killing monsters near them, heal when they are wounded, scouts area around etc. There is ofcourse a time limit to perform that task. What is needed: A VIP character, a AI controled bot with at least following instruction: - Appoint a leader (Mod only) Before invasion starts mod appoint 1 person to be VIP guide and leader of team. That person and only that person can give VIP instructions - Follow me - VIP is trying to be as close to guide as is posible, whenever guide move, VIP will move as well - Stop - VIP stops and won't move untill given Follow me command again 2. Defend the fort In this invasion VIP stands still in middle of some defended area (like fort, mountain pass, other side of bridge etc). Monsters are attacking team trying to get to VIP. If VIP is dead, team lose and all remaining monsters are cleared and shame on you blue msg posted. If Team kill all monsters before VIP dies there is a reward, same as in first example. As in first example team has to appoint a leader before invasion starts. He will plan defence, chose place for his warriors, decide when to go to kill marauders etc, and after invasion he will redistribute reward among his team members. Monster in this invasion are spawned far from fort, in and are ordered to go to designated palce. Monsters are spawned with smaller waves with delay in few locations so they can go by different path. That's create a siege event when team really defend fort agains assaults. What is needed: A AI controled character that will stay in chosen place, no commands needed. A different monsters behavior, instead moving random monsters have to go to place where a VIP is and try attack him. Asorted thoughts: Above i posted some tools (changes in game code) that are needed, I don't think that those changes are hard to implement. Many similar working code is arleady in game. Invasion with that changes will work and looks beter, but both of examples can be started even today with additional work from people in game. VIP there is just a general term in can be whatever fits for story, so it can be caravan with resources to city, it can be merchant that need guards, or Ambassador of a foreign country posibilities are endless. Thank you for reading, I know it was long. If you have any comments feel free to post them, especially if it is desire to participate n that kind of event. And if there are not clear things or more details needed, ask here or PM me in game.
  7. PK Tournament of Eternal Glory!

    Multi Guild Pk Tournament of Glory!!! Rules of admittance 1. As the event's winner will be determined in tiers, each tier must be paid for with an appropriate ante. The antes will be determined by the formula as follows// 10 times the players in tier one, followed by 2 times the previous tiers ante// Exmpl. 30 players attend the opening tournament. So the ante for tier one is 300gc each. Whoever wins will be rewarded the full pot. If they wish to continue to the next round, they must pay 600gc then 1200gc and so on, until the final victor wins by default, or in combat. 2. All participants must verbally agree to a waiver acknowledging your acceptance of your responsibility for your own actions and property, before the Judicial Council of Guilds. This does not apply should gear or tools be lost to cheating as described below. 3. All participants must also agree to uphold the rulings of the council in matters of fairness. And to be fair to other players involved in the tournament, and to be true in your dealing, not to falsely accuse a participant of cheating. 4. And participants must agree that they are aware that any cheating will not be tolerated. The punishment of cheating is banishment from the tournament, and all later tournaments, as well as the forfeit of any winnings to the wronged as compensation. Rules of Conduct 1. It is deemed illegal to use weapons that are designed to destroy the gear or tools of the opponent, but any other means of combat are permitted. Any weapon a participant wishes to use must be trade to the referee to asses its nature. Any weapon unchecked by the referee is deemed cheating in the name of prevention. 2. Healing potions of any kind are restricted to one per battle. Magical healing is prohibited. Any healing past Once per battle that is not caused by worn equipment, is cheating. Before the first match, make the referee and the council aware of any healing gear you wish to fight in, to prevent unnecessary delimas to the event's proceedings. 3. Magic that is offensive is permitted with the understanding that "Life Drain" counts as a healing spell, and any spell resulting in the leaving of the ring, also results in the leaving of the competition and counts as a forfeit. The Judicial council of Guilds shall be an arrangement of any GMs, and one adviser per, to assist in the governance of the event, and to preserve the spirit of good sportsmanship of its participants. The Guild masters taking spots on the council will have original jurisdiction over any member of their guild. Meaning that said Guild masters will be solely responsible for any punishment out side of the set inflictions already presented. Any additional information or questions can be posted on this page or PMd to Sorarum and/or Dominus_mortis if they are in-game. Times for the first and subsequent tournaments will be determined by the council, and posted as soon as decided upon. Changes to the rules will be considered fairly in respect to the GMs wishing to join the Council. The winner of the Tournament will be called Champion of Eternity and be awarded an additional prize greater than all previous winnings. The Grande Prize will be worth 15k gc per council judge, and the full amount of the individualist tax described below. It is my hope that at least three GM's will participate on the council. One of these spots belong to SITH for hosting and proposing this event. There is no limit to the number of judges, except for the number of existing guilds. The first two tiers will take place in the lvl 40 cap DP Arena, then to the lvl 60 cap DP Arena for the remainder of the event. This is to both allow weaker players take part in the event, and remove them from it by force. > Individual Participants are welcome, but they follow all of the same rules and must pay an additional tax of 5000gc. This is for the Final prize. Participants of a guild without a council representative are considered Individual Participants, but as a group will only be obliged to pay up to 15,000gc total. All players willing to pay their dues and risk said coins and gear in combat, in exchange for Glory, may sign their name in the comments, for administrative purposes. Payment will be unnecessary until the day of the event as posted in the Calendar section. CALENDAR: Undetermined EDIT: any edits or additions/changes will be posted here. -Dominus_Mortis -Sorarum
  8. Hide and seek with a twist

    Hi, I recently hit OA 100 so to celebrate with a mini event. Below is a crossword. Solve it and you will get 12 letters, unscramble the letters and you will have the password. First person to find me with the correct password will get 50Kgc and a Mirror Cloak. I'll hide again and the next person to find me with the password will get 50Kgc and a BP Cloak. Good luck! SAWolf https://photos-2.dropbox.com/t/0/AAAbRCMLKl7ads93HTCw9uG_XPn0lle_I12bk9BOmPEvag/12/159136203/jpeg/1024x768/3/1395428400/0/2/Xword2.jpg/iwuhs5K2eA-pDFjYSQ7jw2S6uCJlaLrWT8ldBb11UE8
  9. Seventh Annual Raffle

    It's Raffle Time again! Following in the tradition of the raffles in the past six years, myself and the Rivan Warriors will bring you another big raffle. Current Prize Value: > gold coins The prizes: 1 Red Dragon Set (no helm) - MAD guild - Reya 1 Black Dragon Set (no helm) - MAD guild - Apparition 1 Ice Dragon Set (no helm) - MAD guild - Morpheus 3 Phoenix glyph - DerSachse - BuXaTo 5,000 Potion of Spirit Restoration - Scorpion_King - Apparition 5,000 Potion of Spirit Restoration - Scorpion_King - Morpheus 1 Crown of Life - Stone - Ghrae 1 Titanium Plate Set (including helm) - Stone - momr58 1 Iron Plate Set (including helm) - Stone - Zeza 5 Nexus Transfer Stones - CherUT 1 Will Removal Stone - CherUT 1 Rostogol Stone - snowfire23 1 Vitality Removal Stone - K&M Guild Medallion Set - 1 Medallion of Live, 1 Star, 1 Unicorn, 1 Gatherer, 1 Sun, 1 Moon - Evanmarie 5 Harvester Medallion - Scorpion_King 5 Harvester Medallion - Takhan 30 Point Defense - CherUT 100 Ring of Disengagement - Takhan C1 Ring Set - 10 of each C1 ring - wood_man C2 Ring Set - 10 of each C2 ring - Ghrae 1000 Potion of Body Restoration - Raistlin 1000 Potion of Spirit Restoration - WolfWitch 1 Scythe - Brendal 1 Staff of Protection - Irongrip 1 Steel Axe - Cabman 1 Cutlass - Scorpion_King 1 Rostogol Stone - DsoD - Jeffiner 200 Pear Finders - loir - Ghrae Big Book Set (Manufacturing, Potions, Tailoring, Crafting) - bob88 - BuXaTo S2E Glowy Sword Set - mixed by ScaryMary, ings from ScaryMary and many others - bud 10,000 Health Essence - mixed by Bren, ings by Stone, Bren and others - momr58 A Potty Pot of Powerful Potions (100 each of 10 diff attribute potions) - SirCamolot 100 Treasure Finders - icevodka - Cabman 1 Will Removal Stone - MrOne - Maxine 5 P2P Shop Coupon - Krrick 1000 Treasure Finder - Loir - Takhan Ranging Set (1 short bow, 500 training arrows, 500 pking arrows, 100 fire arrows) - tropatropa - RagZ Book of Fire Sword - tropatropa - momr58 No More Tears Cape - Stone - momr58 Eagle Wing - Reya - Apparition Sunbreaker - Reya - Morpheus Titanium Serpent Sword - Reya - Cabman Minel Quest Pack - Cabman - RagZ Indicator Pack - Cabman - Ghrae Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone - Raistlin - Irongrip Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone - Raistlin - Irongrip Little Dragon Blue Summoning Stone - Raistlin - donkey Mixed Armor Set - BD Mail, BD Cuisses, ID Greaves, TI shield, Cutlass, Gatherer - Dendar - Cara 50 Potion of Extra Mana - Hussam - BuXaTo 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Aislinn 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Reya 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - BuXaTo 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Apparition 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Morpheus 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Takhan 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Myd1 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Raz 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Irongrip 10 Harvester Medallion - K&M Guild - Zeza Staff of Protection - VinoVeritas - momr58 C1 Ring Set - 10 of each C1 ring - NatureLover - Irongrip C1 Ring Set - 10 of each C1 ring - NatureLover - Evanmarie Scythe - Lembitu - Viper Bad Day Removal - icevodka - Takhan Elegant Pirate Set - Black Jacket, Black Baggy Pants, Black Buccaneer Hat, Black Boots - Raistlin - Reya Tunic of Ninja - WolfWitch - Takhan Leather Armor Set - 20 each augmented and leather - Bonus Bronze Helm - Scorpion_King Mixed Armor Set #2 - Steel Chain Mail, Steel Cuisses, Steel Greave, Steel Shield, Bronze Helm - Celenthil Mixed Armor Set #3 - Ti Chain Mail, Augmented Leather Pants, Steel Greave, Ti Shield, Bronze Helm - Raistlin Book Grab Bag #1 - 6 random books (at least one rare) - Ghrae Book Grab Bag #2 - 6 random books (at least one rare) - Reya Cape Set #1 -Warlock, Body Piercing,Artificer, Camoflauge - Irongrip 10k Coal - Irongrip 10k Coal - Myd1 10k Coal - Apparition 10k Coal - Maxine 10k Coal - BuXaTo Random Weapon Set #1 - Maxine Crossbow Arena Set - Crossbow, bolts, mules for 2 arena trips - area - Ghrae Instinct Removal - Nintenduh - RagZ Physique Removal - Nintenduh - bud Vitality Removal - Nintenduh - momr58 Reasoning Removal - Nintenduh - momr58 Badaran Hunting Kit - MWAR guild - bud 50 Treasure Finders - WolfWitch - SirCamolot 50 Treasure Finders - WolfWitch - bud 50 Treasure Finders - WolfWitch - Raz 50 Treasure Finders - WolfWitch - Takhan 50 Treasure Finders - Raz - CherUT Dressing well by calif - bud Day of Faster Respawn Stone, 5 Invasion Tokens - Myd1 - PrincessWolf C1 Ring Book Set - Jeffiner - CherUT 1000 Potion of Spirit Restoration - PrincessWolf - Takhan C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - PrincessWolf C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - maddi96 C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Apparition C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - DarkPresent C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - momr58 C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Maxine C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Ghrae C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - momr58 C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - CherUT C1 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - wood_man C2 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Cabman C2 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Maxine C2 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - Apparition C2 Ring Set - Dobbsie and many others - bud MoM, Enhanced Unicorn, Enhanced Sun, Gatherer, MoL - CherUT - Morpheus Well Dressed - Robes and Tiara by CherUT - Mirt Summoning Stones by CherUT - Ena 5000 Air Essence - Ghrae 5000 Earth Essence - Krrick 5000 Earth Essence - Ghrae 5000 Earth Essence - Irongrip 5000 Magic Essence - momr58 5000 Magic Essence - Morpheus 1000 Life Essence - Princess Wolf - Apparition 10 EWE - K&M Guild 10 EWE - Scorpion_King 5 ELE - Evanmarie 5 ELE - CherUT 10k Vegetables - Apparition 10k Fruit - Arcanite 5k Toadstool - Takhan 100 Moon Medallion - Ghrae 100 Moon Medallion - Takhan 100 Moon Medallion - Cabman 1000 Titanium Bar - Cabman 10k Coal - momr58 10k Coal - Krrick 10k Coal - Evanmarie 10k Coal - Cabman 10k Coal - Krrick Dragon Blade, 2 Giant Summoning Stones - Aredhel, GunnarF, bzdziagwa - Morpheus 100 MI Removal Wards - WolfWitch - Morpheus Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Cabman Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Maxine Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Apparition Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Domino Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Sennia Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - donkey Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Brendal Mixer Set - 250 Poison Antidotes, 5k Toadstools - *PR* guild - Ghrae 100k gold coins - ~LE~ guild - Apparition 100k gold coins - ~LE~ guild - K&M Guild 100k gold coins - ~LE~ guild - Maxine 3k Health Essence, 4k Fire Essence - knuffekatze - Irongrip If you have won a prize, please contact Guild Riva or myself to collect. Prizes will be handed out for 1 month following the Raffle, please contact us during that time to receive your prize. Prizes not collected within a month following the raffle will be kept for future raffles or donated for contests. We will probably ask you to come to Naralik storage. If you are less than Def 26, please let us know and we will meet you elsewhere. Please contact me if you've given me a prize and it's not listed above. Note: Anyone wishing to donate items to be added to the raffle, please PM me, or contact myself, Eru, Gampa or other members of Riva The cause: Disability Assistance Dogs Disabilities affects one-fifth of all Americans. While not all disabilities are serious, all affect the person's ability to live a "normal" life. Service Dogs (one type of Assistance Dog), be they guide, hearing, service, companion, psychiatric, diabetes or seizure dogs, provide a very serious and meaningful service to people with disabilities or disabling conditions. Service dogs compensate for physical limitations by pulling wheelchairs, turning light switches on and off, and picking up dropped or needed items. Guide dogs are trained to maneuver visually impaired individuals around obstacles and across streets. Hearing dogs alert the hearing impaired to sounds that might otherwise go undetected. And all provide emotional support for those in need. Additionally, disabled individuals with assistance dogs attest to the fact that having the dog with them has decreased the social isolation that is a part of being different in this society - a very important part of the value of this concept. Assistance dogs can also assist with rehabilitation, in all types of therapy, and in schools in ways that no human can help. They can help in a person's home to relieve the loneliness of living alone and isolated. I have been interested in Assistance Dogs since I was a young child. As an adult I started raising puppies to become Guide Dogs and later took on training them. Tamarr, a very special dog that I trained, became my own Service Dog and we were partners for 12 years. I now recently started training Zaakir who I hope will be my partner for a long time to come. His wonderful help makes it possible for me to lead a normal life. Disability Assistance Dogs began 7 years ago when people asked me to help them. It has grown and has added more trainers and expanded programs. In the last few months, I have turned the reins over to a new group of people who will continue the work. I continue to help in a primarily advisory capacity. Funds go directly towards caring for and training the dogs and placing them with people who need them. Every year Disability Assistance Dogs participates in Birdies for Charity which works as part of the John Deere Classic on the PGA Tour to raise money for participating charities. The 2012 John Deere Classic and Birdies for Charity generated $6.9 million for participating non-profit organizations last year. The participating charities receive not only the money donated for them, they also receive a bonus from the Partner Program. Last year, that bonus was 8%. That means that Disability Assistance Dogs will get all of the funds you donate + ~8%. The Timeframe: Last day to purchase tickets for the lottery is Saturday, July 13th at 6 am Pacific Timezone, USA (find your timezone). The drawing will be held on Saturday, July 13th at 10am Pacific Timezone, USA (find your timezone). The drawing will take place inside the White stone City Palace which can be found at White Stone City [38,731] and will be announced in local. A winners list will be posted in this thread. A winners list will be posted in this thread. The rules: Raffle tickets are $5 US each. To participate: Send me a forum PM with your real name and dollar amount of donation, and Make your donation at one of the following locations: http://www.disabilit...es-for-charity/ and complete the form and make your donation via paypal. Be sure to include your EL username in the message section. Or print out the pledge form and mail it in and send a forum pm with your RL name, the pledge amount and your EL name (mailed forms must arrive by July 1st to be processed by Birdies for Charity). Please mail pledge forms to Disability Assistance Dogs, PO Box 1, Osco, IL 61274 instead of the address on the form - the form and donation will be forwarded on after your raffle tickets have been confirmed. Only flat donations (not pledges) will count toward raffle tickets. Pledges are greatly appreciated as well! The Drawing: Winners will be selected by lottery. For every $5 a person donates, they will get get one "ticket" for the drawing. The drawing will take place using the list randomizer at http://random.org/ with the list being one entry of a ticketholder's name per ticket they hold. Prizes will be awarded in the order they are picked, prize 1 goes to the first draw, prize 2 to the second, etc... How can I help? Help us gather prizes! All types of items can be used as prizes, donate an items we can use as prizes. Put together a guild project to make prizes for the raffle. Unlike in previous years, Riva will not be handling an ongoing project. All donations of items will go directly into prizes. If you'd like to organize harvesters and mixers to support the raffle, please let me know and I'll include the information here! If you'd like to donate ingredients for mixing, we will hold them and make them available to those who would like to mix - if you'd like to mix, feel free to ask us if we have some of the ingredients you need that have been donated by others. Sponsor a pre-raffle contest. Contests in game help us announce the raffle and encourage more people to participate. Put together a contest and use it to announce the raffle. Also, on raffle day you can help us hand out prizes, announce winners and all kinds of things. Just let us know if you'd like to help! Notes: This event has been authorized by Entropy (Radu), and prizes have acquired or manufactured by myself, members of Riva, or donated by the EL community. There is also a RL contest and prizes, please see the Birdies for Charity pledge form for details. All electronic pledges received by July 13th will be transfered to official pledge cards for the RL contest. Please see the Birdies for Charity pledge forms for deadlines for entry to the RL contest. Remember, this is a charity fundraising event that just happens to have prizes as an incentive. Donations are tax deductable in the US. If you do not like the terms, don't participate. I understand that some people are not in a position to buy tickets, so I'd like to mention that donations in game will help add to the prizes, and will be truly appreciated. Thanks to everyone in advance, and good luck! Current Ticketholders: Apparition Arcanite Ardhel Brendal BruSu bud BuXaTo Cabman Cara Celenthil CherUT DarkPresent Domino donkey Ena Eru Evanmarie Ghrae icevodka Irongrip Jeffiner K&M Guild Krrick Lasovaska LukeWarm maddi96 Maxine Mirt momr58 Morpheus MrOne Myd1 NatureLover PrincessWolf RagZ Raistlin Rastafarius Raz Reya Scorpion_King Sennia SenZon SirCamolot snowfire23 Takhan Theryndan VinoVeritas Viper Willa WolfWitch wood_man Zamirah Zeza Note: if you are supposed to have a ticket, but don't see your name on this list, please contact me ASAP before the drawing.