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Found 2 results

  1. It's not my idea, so i can post it Maybe some of you have played Diablo3. There is an opponent called shadow warrior which has same strenght and skils as your character. So how about a monster 'boggart' a shape shifter that will transform into the player (not summon) that it first makes contact with. It will have the same attributes, same perks, even same armor as the player, only 10 times the original health (that is with crown of life) . What is so interesting about this monster is that this monster will be avoided by the strongest fighters. First, you never want to fight yourself. Some players are so proud they can make extra high damage with special weapons and Fire arrows. It would be really fun if it turns against them Ok it wasn't my idea, i don't take the credit. And if you think it's a really stupid idea, .. was not me ^,^-
  2. The new types of giants could be fire and frost/ice they would have weakness to fire and ice arrows or swords They could be some kind of new boss monster or just a training monster, Now if they were used for training I am not sure on the best level for them as it is hard for the Pro's to train on giants or so I have heard, Could be around 150~155 A/D in that range again i am not sure if they could be trained on at that level. As for Invasion/Instances boss they both again have a weakness to fire and ice type weapons/arrows they could have around 5,000health to 10,000Health and have a drop kind of like mare bulangiu or something around that. ----------------------Invasion/instance only----------------------------- They could also have chance or Do fire and ice damage. Ice/Frost Giant could have a ability paralyze a opponent when being attack. Fire Giant could have the ability to burn an opponent would be like poison and do damage overtime. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is just an idea i had when i was talking to some friends, I know i will get some who may disagree with me.