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Found 1 result

  1. Renewing EL website

    Hi everyone, after looking at the EL official website ( http://www.eternal-lands.com/), I came to realization, that the site could use some new looks and I decided to write down some suggestions, that could make EL site "cooler". Here's few of them, and I will be glad if you guys could tell whether these ideas are good, or not. Also if you have any more ideas, write down below. Thank you The main goals of the web that I will focus on: PRIMARY: Getting new player Secondary: Shop sales Secondary: Info for new/old players 1. First of all, I would start with the landing page. Most definitively there is missing a "DOWNLOAD or PLAY NOW" button a.k.a CTA ( call to action ). Which HAS to be visible throughout your entire time of site searching. It should be fixed on top of the site, so wherever you go, you can click the "play now" button. People need to see this option at all costs, for obvious reasons 2. SHOP. Lack of CTA ( call to action ) button. On top of that, when you check the store- first what you see is a big red warning of what not to do. It is okay, but it's not the main goal of what you're trying to achieve when you open your shop, is it? What I suggest is to move this "warning" to the bottom of the site. Also, items are outdated and not up to date. I would add everything that is for sale, I would divide it to certain categories: such as: weapons/ mounts/ clothes etc... ( the items radu decides to sell only ). Also on top of that, I would display each and every item that is being offered for sale. People like to see what they're buying. So the overall structure would be changed and sorted. Also it is only at the middle of site- I would scratch that to the entire width. Buttons,images, texts, subtexts would be added. 3. Important info/ "useless" info. Here, I would divide the site into 2 sites. On the "main" site, there would be all the things you need to know/see. For example: PLAY NOW button/ SHOP/ Screenshots/ Forums/ Some sort of promotional video/ News etc... Then, there would be the "full site", where we'd put all the other infos, such as: Manuals/stories/blog/calendar etc... Would need to take some time to sort things out. 4. As far as graphics goes, I would renew it. Hiring a graphics designer, that would do the custom graphics for EL site. It hurts me to say this, but I would go with similar look Runescape has. ( http://www.runescape.com/c=xZe3stdOgdY/community). All subsites would have it's own custom design. More details would be talked over with the graphics designer. These are 4 key components I would suggest EL website needs. Main goal is to get the newcomer to download the game. To make the first impression really good and comfortable. This is just a part of things I would change. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below. Thanks -StouXy-