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Ranging medallion to give bonus range damage in similar fashion to Enhanced Sun Medallion.


  • Lose 1 action point per shot, regardless of hit or miss
  • Provide similar damage boost of e-sun just with range levels/damage
    • This would be approximately +1 damage per 5 levels ranging.
  • Give it a big defense penalty on #arm
  • Possibly give it a small missile accuracy bonus (not required)


Essentially, copy-pasta the enhanced sun medallion and make the enhanced effect all ranged-based and  instead of attack-based and make the stats slightly different.

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2 hours ago, Aislinn said:

I'd rather see a ranging medallion get the bag drop.  :P

We all would, that's not happening though (nor should it) so... This is more better. (:

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Oppose the idea... Do you not remember all the complaining people did before PD was ingame for PK? the boost in ranging damage would essentially remove any form of PD effect bosses have and most mobs don't even have PD to begin with unless very high level. ER perk/WH perk (Bows now give each effect so no need for both anymore)  and the removal of rule 5 makes instances much easier to farm as well. Increase the instance availability slots beforehand or you will see an influx in farming. (perhaps boss serping too in invasions) and it isn't as if ranging is a 'godsend' damage boost as is especially for the lower level bracket. (easily 80s damage per arrow) gl getting that meleeing withouting dying in the process due to FA on back with huge def penalty/mirrors unlike a ranger who can sit back without worry and just shoot not taking damage. 

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PK is dead. Ranging is very nearly so.


As for the effect of PD on bosses: that is a good point, and I am not very familiar with how PD work. Is a PD guaranteed used every time an arrow hits the target it it has at least 1 in inventory? The 0-100% reduction I'm assuming (only radu probably can answer) follows a normal distribution, and is a proper % reduction of total hit?


If so, I don't think it's that big an issue. A very good ranger (the past year's top 50 is level 69+) will receive a bonus of 14 (or more) damage for shots that hit, before any (and every) reduction. Versus a target with point defense that falls to an average of 7 damage bonus. 


By comparison, the top 49 (the current #50 is set to private) attackers are level 166+. I have seen some data that suggests the bonus from enhanced sun medallion is actually a little bit more than +1 damage per 5 att levels. But, for direct comparison sake, let's use that ratio. The top 50 attackers are getting +33 damage per swing when using that medallion. Again for comparison, there are 1399 characters within the last year that are level 70 attack (which would receive ~14 damage bonus from esun) or better.


How many top 50 rangers are below 120 cap (let me know if you know of more than 1)? how many top 100 (level 62+ ranging)?


In general it seems to me that it's far more common in today's game for boss mobs to be hunted and singled out then killed via melee in the middle of an invasion than it is for a ranger to even be present at the invasion (let alone have a chance to pick a spot and fire at will without having to deal with any additional mobs).



If melee's can be OP using esun, why not ranging too (ranging is still a LOT more expensive than melee)?



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There aren't very many 'low' level invasions to begin with, so i'll assume you just instance at the lower bracket. Ranger medallion would effect all levels in general and ER already has a 30% or so chance per shot to not use arrow on top of WH and if you get the 60AP as a ranger you're gonna be hitting like a truck even at lower levels. I don't know how many 70s you know in melee that can hit a mob without taking damage in the process or without any form of danger to begin with. Fighters risk breaking gear and at the lower level bracket it would be way harder and more expensive to replace in comparison to a rangers arrow usage. I was tanking at the very high level before warranties existed for fighters and enh sun meds were used and the rangers did far more damage in general back then compared to a fighter with no risk to their gear. And in 2010 (my guildie) choris used to farm ice dragons in hulda just ranging in leather/shortbow... A pure ranger would never lose more gc than a fighter due to not dying and losing rostos 125k+gc ea now per death as well... so, implying that ranging is more expensive is quite a broad accusation. 

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