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Is there some way that little snow mounds and hills on Iscal and Mt Sorrow maps get their colors adjusted. Add a little more blue or gray to them, so that they look different than the ground. I get on those maps and I click and not go anywhere because there is a mound there. I've tried adjusting shadows and whatever else, and it's been no help.


There is a hill in front of the tree. Everything is just WHITE on white.


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I don't have a screenshot handy, but my settings seem a little bit better than what you've posted, Artie. However, it's still not so easy to navigate. +1 more contrast.


Also would be nice if something were did to make white text show up better on snow maps.

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I couldn't find a contrast, except gama and I had to sent all the way don't at 35 to get any contrast between the hills and ground.


At Angler's suggestion, I turned on shadows. On shadow mapping, I have it at the lowest setting. This did the trick.


I would still like to see the snow mounds color adjusted, but this is something in the mean time


EDIT: I can't use shadows, it lags up my computer so bad that EL stops responding and I have to ctrl/alt/delete shut down the program to get out.


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