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Impact of MM Cost on Newbies

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Zen's post is a good reminder of just how long it takes to make gc early on in EL, we should keep it in mind more often.


This being said, lets not forget to help these new players out.


I met a new player about 2 months ago, and he has already purchased an nmt, col and is about to start on ogres. WIth minimal help we can get the new players up and going in no time

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I remember back then it was certain to take the perk. As there was an automatic inevitable reset mid lvling anyways.

Back then you'd get to the point where cycs were not a problem(by that time you should have MM cape drops anyways from the countless orge kills xD)then you would reset and not take the perk. Reason for taking the perk was so you didn't get ganged while training on orge/orc/troll/cycs along the way. Cause who trains with an MM cape when you wore a CoL xD it was all NMT ftw. I remember having loads of bp/mm and that black cape from training so much though :x

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I guess I've been around for way too long. My first mm cape took me a long while to purchase. It cost me 22k gold coins. Back then they were dropped by trolls now and then. I can't remember ever breaking an mm cape. They seem as indestructible as the excavator capes.

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I am a certified new player here (I play since 17 days).


I have a/d 27 and my oa is 37. I think I am an average player: I spend more than average time on this game atm, but I know I am not a fast learner (according to my grown up gaming sons)


I did not know about the cloak and frankly I have not missed it . I got this far by killing in safe spots. It was tricky to get books from ardur, and I got killed there, but when you dont enter through MM but from the east and you are very careful, it is not a big deal to reach him either.


I have had no help from any one (up until yesterday when someone gave me very nice stuff), but so far I have not encountered any real problems getting anything I want. I could afford a cape now if I sold the essences I made and the flowers I have.


I just got a cape from someone and yep, it was nice to just walk and not have to worry, but I could have easily waited until I had enough money to buy it myself. Giving a new player advice is more important than making things cheaper or free (by No means do I mean to critisise the player that gave me some stuff, it is very much appreciated)

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For a new player, which is willing to take advice from others, the two first purchases would be an excav cape, then an MM cape. Major price difference between the two! Fast way for newbies to make that money is harvesting lilacs in Whitestone and selling them to the NPC for 0.5gc each (an old scheme but a good one).


Just want to give you a rough idea of how hard newbie has to work.


Harvest Time: ~5 mins

Walk time: 2 mins



EMU: 200

Value: 2900

Lilacs: 5800

Trips: 29

Time: 3 hours 23 mins


MM cape

EMU: 280

Value: 15000

Lilacs: 30000

Trips: 109

Time: 8 hours 10 mins (with excav on)


K, rough comparison.


Hard work for a newbie in my opinion - Getting a 15k cape before you can go fetch some books for 3kgc. Rather try to just buy the books from someone and get scammed like I did :o


I think this is assumes they put all pickpoints into coord at the start. So many newbs will not have such a high carry capacity for a while.

It would take alot of newbs a ways longer and even if it didn't, all that harvesting sounds extremely boring.

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