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speed hax pots

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Ok they make you go twice as fast but you need to carry food


They way this works is once you drink the pot you can run 2x your speed but it you run out of food in the food bar the pot stops working. You use 1 food per step so as you run you need to keep clicking on your food so you dont run out. If you stand still you dont use food and bar only go's down by the normal speed. You can also change maps and it still works. You can even logg out and when you logg back in you still run about. Just keep that food bar topped up


So who has idea's of what they can be used for?


I can think of a good event Players running around a small map collecting things and bringing them back to a bag when all items have been collected they win. It would be funny seeing everyone running around.


But what main uses would they have to the game?



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I dont play on PK server but i did at one point, so i think i can post here ;).

Main thing for me anyway (mainly on main server tho) i use speed hax for PK'ing purpose - run around enemies etc

I have also seen people do hydro runs with them, dont know how much that is needed on PK server but on main i can garantee you its damn hard to catch the person ^^

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