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  1. Hey guys im back

    Hi guys Thought I would come back and play for a while Its been about a year since I last played and it seems a lot of updates to read through. So you will see me Loader.Ironfist,grendel,enuis, about the server also if i can remember the logg in Remus and dont forget my alter ego SoulTaker ( yes it was my alt that stired everything up a few years ago ) See ya in game Handy
  2. starting players view of the pk server

    Hey guys as you know i dont get here much these days mainly because there was no pk and when there was it was boring so i went back to Evony i get to kill loads there. I think the only person that can get this server up and running again is Ent He enjoyed playing it back when it started and it has always had the option to be better than the first server. Yes it still needs ajustments imo cooldown back on just rings and pots but not food. will realy help the pk side of things. maybe make some of them armours and swords available again But what you would need is the server promoted in the right way and not left by the wayside. If Ent had the time energy and money just a week or two spent on this server and its promotions would see the difference your are all looking for. But as long as its owner cant be bothered with it and leaves it up to the players to promote his own server it will never change. Guys you need to get the Boss man interested in his own server again because he and only he has the power to make this server something just my 5 cents Handyman
  3. ideas on changes to draw more people

    Handy isnt that what we have with instances? , the rewards are good and you cant enter until your a certain a/d level. We are at the point on this server now where we are getting teams and doing them The only problems with the instances were what to do with the spoils and the arguments they caused. They are fun for group events but that where it ends. They take a lot of resources and many armours and weapons were broken The instances were designed for the main server where all the top equipment is readably available. After doing 2-3 instances on here you wouldn't have any gear left to do anymore. I built my char to tank in the instances but even with a ntm cloak i still lost many items. To get people to play this server be it for 2 hours a week or everyday you need give them some incentives Mixers need customers, Pker's/ trainers need mixers and so on. Give players an incentive to play the game and you might up the numbers.
  4. ideas on changes to draw more people

    What Branedon says here does have some weight. When the PK server started we didn’t have instances. So they have not been planned into the build of the PK server. I believe the CAP should stay for the same reasons that I have already stated in my last post, But raising the CAP to 120 a/d would make us be able to use all the Instances. It would also get my lazy A$$ back here to do some more levelling It might get some of the other capped players back too Handy
  5. ideas on changes to draw more people

    The pk server has its safe area's for mixers (ok resource gatherers are still under threat but that's part of the fun) I still think the cap is a good idea. The idea in the beginning was everyone would end up as strong as each other and if you took a break from the game you could come back and still be competitive and not have to train 12 hours a day to keep on top. If you want to improve pking and maybe get competitive players join then they need an incentive. The problem has always been why fight when my stuff that took so long to get will just break. Or if I do attack someone I will be called an alt attacker and don't want the backlash from it. An Idea For every player kill you get points. These point can be traded at an npc for items/resources. Ok just 1 kill won't get you a binding stone or some tit armor but you can see where I am going with this idea. On the Main server people always complained that pk was not profitable. Well why not make it on the pk server. An Idea Tournanment npc would need so many players to enter. Once a week or month. Win your fights go through to the next round and win pk points to spend on the npc Handy P.S Hi guys its been a while
  6. Bindings

    Bkc can manu and is now higher than Loader (has been for some time) Handy
  7. NPC

    You dont half talk a load of crap What are you even talking about i have spent most of the past week in hospital careing for my wife and popped on here for the odd 10 minutes or so mainly to talk to a few friends I have not had time to play the game. Commenting on a forum is not playing the game and only takes a few minutes Its how many and the way the Binding stones were added to the game that was the problem and it has only advantaged those that have had the time this week to play. we voted for : 68.8% - Increase odds of finding/mixing rare stones and enriched essence. This was meant to be an increase in % so if you mine or mix the more chance of finding one. Waking bags of 20 binding stones around was wako as far as in concerned. But what is done is done now and not even the topic of this thread Having the Ncp's back would help the newer players also would help Pking in gerneral. 34.4% - Return TI/Steel armor and greater sword NPCs. was based on a server with very few binding stones. Not this server If a revote now on the new state of the server would change the % by my reconning As (i didnt vote for it before but would now same with some others) Handy
  8. NPC

    And some of us have a real life with work family and real responsability's I can make time for organised events but maybe i should just cry at the fact i have been to busy to get on here this week out of the last 2 years + But the topic of this thread was about bringing back the Npc's now the server has been flooded with its rarest item there is not point in them being excluded from the server Handy
  9. NPC

    I think Prohibited is reacting to the recent action where Ent put 100 Binding stones in to the game. More Binding stones were put into the game in one go then there has been in the past 2 years and because of the way it was done only those that are in that time zone or were on at the time gained by this. (100 Binding stone spread over 4 players) Also It has now effected the market on here So what I think Prohibited is saying is now only a select few have gained by this action (The one's that were on at that time)and some players have even lost out a lot by it. So he is asking about the great sword NPC as a way of balancing things out. Prohibited has played this server from day one and its not his fault he lives in a different time zone that Radu does I think a/d capping your own char and being the first to finished some of the quest on this server speaks for its self. I agree with the great sword Npc Idea With 100 binding stones now in the game. The stones or swords wont be rare any more so by returning the Npc at least it will balance It out sorting out some of this mess Handy
  10. Are we talking about putting more binding stones in the game in one day than there has been since the server started? If so i agree with ya Also Mr Hide was the best thing that ever happened to this server. miss ya Hidey
  11. PK Server Changes - survey results

    Bitch bitch bitch. Democracy FTW. I think you would find out they meant increase the drop rate IF YOU WOULD HAVE READ THE FORUM POSTS Not just sling 100 bindings in a bag in one day tut tut. Ent Why do you always do this? I know you are GOD and this is your little game (I dont give a shit about me) but some of these guys on this server have been doing your job for the last 2 years keeping it going trying to find better ways of promoting it even buying chars for new players. And when they go to all the trouble of organising surveys and gathering info for you you cant even be bothered to read the posts propperly. WTG! you da man Handy
  12. PK Server Changes - survey results

    WTF over 2 years the people that have played this server have kept the market stable (Not like main) In one night Radu has managed to ruin it You just as well bring back the tit armor and great sword seller now with this many binding stones in game. Or you famous tree that you can harvest gc from the last time you banged your head and threw a hissy fit You could not even throw some decent events and maybe release one or two binding stones a week (no that would actualy meen doing some work for this server) With 100 binding stones now in the game i could make a full set of dragon armor before the day ends. Have you not read any of these posts on here? Oh no i forgot I Good luck guys Have fun with yer new shiny blue stones Handy
  13. PK Server Changes - survey results

    I also believe this would help with pk and attract more players also make the arena's popular on this server as they have no purpose at the moment. This would also not effect mixers on this server. Ent has the results now. So the ball is in his court. If he wants to add his views and take into account what outsiders would want then i hope he conciders everything Handy
  14. PK Server Changes - survey results

    As Handy suggested above, we collected the information Entropy requested. If he wants a different form of survey he will ask for it and we'll collect it. Lets hope, for the server's sake, he does. I just can't understand why he even asked for a survey conducted in this way in the first place. Remember, it's not just a lack of advertisement or accessibility to you server that's the sole issue, it used to have more active players than it does now; i.e. It doesn't retain players. As far as I'm concerned, this is basically proof that the current players wants are a niche, and thus their opinions should hold the least weight of any. Might sound harsh, but it's a theory rooted in logic. IMO ofc. On percentages the Pk server probably retains more players that the main server does Explanation: Out of all the players that started the pk server in the past 6 months how many stayed compared to how many started the mains server and how many stayed there. Making easier access to the server can only help The list to choose from was made from suggestions that everyone contributed to I personally would have liked to seen more votes on some of the questions that i believe would help Pk and also make the server more popular to the out side but we have done what Ent wanted. Like i said if you want to run your own version using the results discussed the original thread but do it on the main forum. Then go for it as i agree a non bias result from any possible future player would be good, but if the thread just turns into more discussion and flames don't expect Ent to even read it Handy
  15. PK Server Changes - survey results

    From Ent's point of view he wants to know what active pk server players have agreed on and that is what he now has. If Ent wants to make a Pol to generate what non pk players would want then that will be up to him. If you want to start your own Pol in the main server forums to see what non pk players would want then that is up to you handy P.s Thanks Bkc you organising this