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  1. Rare finds, what did you get

    50kgc/6hours so 200kgc/day and like 20 players (max) that hunt the animals? Thats 10kgc per person per day.
  2. Stuff that should be addressed.

    I believe that the debate about exp/hr etc is not too relevant, that is how it is and it is the same for everyone. What does matter is the ability to train when you want to, so availability of spawns. Also, debate on PK related topics might not be taken too seriously because the number of players that actually find it important and participate in it is rather low. What I think is vital to a game is that you are able to do what you want to do (be it with some effort put into training..) but currently the difference of 10-20 levels makes a huge difference in fail rates (hit/block, mix), at least at low-moderate levels. Making rare items and increasing the chances with level is a good incentive to train your skills, those rare items should of course fit within the game and not be overpowered. There are 100s of good ideas, the implementation however can often have side-effects that may have a negative impact. Also, since we all know there is limited time available to shape, program and test different ideas there is simply a lot that cannot be done or tested. I think this is a shame and I would have loved to see some really good ideas make it into the game, progress is too slow to keep me interested. I do feel that Radu should organize the methods for obtaining player opinions as an ingame channel hardly represents the total community. Also, personal opinions should not be so important when it comes to interpreting player feedback. ProHibited
  3. Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

    I have seen 2-3 bindings, found 1 or 2 but lost more due to great swords breaks. Also have not had a great sword for a very long time as they are not affordable when you actually use them. I as pker find binding stones to be not affordable and do not use them for PvP or PvE, draw your own conclusions. The limited population is unable to sustain a market for binding stones without a reliable source. So sales of unlimited bindings is required, i'm not playing recently but I will be back!
  4. Templar Knights

    More guilds also means more players, at least 1 more per guild.. Hows the population doing btw?
  5. starting players view of the pk server

    No-one ever listens to the current PK server playerbase, so how would you know that actually listening could not increase the population... I believe that those who play a game know more about it then those who do not..
  6. starting players view of the pk server

    Everyone plays main or runescape, pkserver could be better then those .. could be
  7. WikiLeaks

    Srsly they need to catch those criminals!
  8. Wzzup?

    Pking, I saw you kill orcs with SoP.. Of course it breaks.
  9. Minerals Achievement

    All minerals are being exhausted, we all die ;(
  10. Wzzup?

    So whats up with everyone? Myself I am not playing too often. When I am online I'm mostly working on new chars, low level, to take on the n00b instance. Would be a great achievement to be able to do the n00b instance regularly on here.
  11. New Item: Disguise

    I already believe invisibility is totally retarded So please don't post ideas like this... Bagjump is so easy... Click bag then click take all, done.
  12. New critical damage

    Previously we were able to use toughness to reduce damage and breaks. Now that breaks are hardly affected by toughness the attribute seems a bit worthless really.. I personally choose to invest in toughness to reduce breaks mainly, if you take it to reduce damage there are other attributes you can take that will have the same effect on #heals required to sustain health. I did the n00b instance on 48 toughness char and still broke armor, he gets hit 85% of the time and with this new update he and any similar build will not be able to tank. If you are no tank the toughness is kinda useless... This change will affect the way chars are build alot. The new way to get little breaks seems to be using a def build, giving those who were able to 'afk' train before a huge advantage in normal training anyway. Also, this change will make higher-then-normal monster training financially impossible due to breakages. Take for example instances where a player not near or at the upper cap tries to tank... Auch! #edit: the original char I started on pk with 100 a/d now suddenly becomes good again, his build was NOT taking into account breakages, just hitting as much as possible and having good magic. Every change can be used to your advantage...
  13. how percentage(%) works

    You really did not write that down clearly.. Simply put: Chance for a test is the same no matter how many tests you perform. (assumption of static probability, which is true when astro etc. remains constant)
  14. Extra critical chance

    Ok so the change as intended is as I thought, like when you train low lvl stuff (no heal) you get a penalty. That is cool of course, also if it counts in in all combat, it would also help weaker players/mobs in combat (summons) and I think that is good as well.