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  1. #2nd Joule Stone use

    it took long time =( efes/removals weren't problem , but emes/feathers were hell =\ I see well Gratz on not giving up
  2. #2nd Joule Stone use

    Would like to say well done for getting all the ingredients for that stone so quick! Well Done KoDdy
  3. Aluwen's trick

    I am liking the idea usl! although I wasn't there to join in, maybe we can have one on the pk server? someday
  4. Templar Knights

    Well then STFU and GTFO of my topics!
  5. The Diary Of PhysX

    man I am such a idiot that I must spam all your topics every other day ^^ Hmmm, that sounds more like what you should say
  6. Templar Knights

    Yes well they didn't know who I was and I think you should discuss that with Themuntdregger not me. Thanks!
  7. Templar Knights

    Are you being serious? a rip off of Caliphears guild? TKN is still going strong in the main server and on PhysX on the main server I was in TKN and there was no sign of Caliphear why are you bringing up old history? Move on!
  8. Not Sure

    Oh well I don't think that's fair that may have a slight impact on there being no players here anymore? I would like it if we could get the PK Skill Level Page & Rank's sorted out, what does everyone think?
  9. Vote for Eternal Lands!

    Yeah, and maybe you could cash in the points you get at the EL Store or for in game gold coins or items, there could be a really big reward and make it a Sun Tzu Stone or Joule Stone, or maybe even half the required items so people still have to work for the special days, just not as much grinding if they have the time to vote for the game A LOT!
  10. Vote for Eternal Lands!

    Yeah and in the long run it will bring EL more players and Radu more $$ and the community will continue to cherish and maybe just maybe the PK Server will gain more players who knows! Please Roja just give it a look over!
  11. Vote for Eternal Lands!

    Yes I understand that and I have and will be continuing to vote for this game on the few sites that work any more, but lets face it for a majority of people it's just another extra thing to do, there not going to be able to see the help it'll bring back into game in the long run so why not reward long run help with short term or fun rewards? And also most other games to give a incentive to players for voting, I was only suggesting that we should as well!
  12. Not Sure

    I am not sure if this is where this should go but, if you look on my player online stats for the PK Server (character name PhysX) it says I am locked and also has the Achievements I had on my PhysX account on the main server Here is there anything you can do to fix it please? As I would like to know my rankings on the PK Server! Thanks and Sorry if this is in the wrong place and if it's wasted any of your time or caused inconvenience. PhysX - PK Server
  13. Vote for Eternal Lands!

    Ok well I see that EL isn't high up on there game list's and why is this? Because our players on BOTH (Main & PK Server) Are not voting and why is this? Well I think due to it not being made very eye catching in ways to vote, like this forum post ins't viewed much but also and this is only my 2 cent's but I think Radu should place some sort of reward system for getting his game and the game we all love and enjoy playing higher up the ranking list's and is that why I am hearing you all ask? Well why on earth not, it would get us more players to perhaps both of the servers, and also with more players being generated it would generate more $$ for radu, with more players buying things from the store etc. Which in the end will help us all. Now as for what reward system I am thinking of currently I am unsure, maybe as a whole community every vote goes towards special items such as Sun Tzu Stone's Joule Stones etc or maybe extra items (such as Bindings on PK Server) and also maybe have the votes equal to invasions aswell if thats what players want?
  14. The Diary Of PhysX

    It will become a better read after a few months of my character being online, when I undertake projects and such and my training gets to the level of grinding, it will also be home of my opinions of how to change things over there in the PK Server and also my 2 cent's on anything I see in these blogs about the Main Server, comment on it as you all see fit. It will be updated regularly with my stats and projects etc and also just let you all know how I am doing over there. Love to you all!
  15. The Diary Of PhysX

    Well after trying this many times while on my other accounts during the time of my gameplay that I will now only relate to the era of redness (for the rules coming up in red on screen and the IP Ban on the log in screen is also red). Now I am allowed to play (PK Server Only) I can now safely know that this will be with me until I choose to leave the game! (which won't be for many many years) The Diary Of PhysX I fully understand it wont be everyone's cup of tea, but I am happy to let you all have your opinions. I would like to thank Burn for being my inspiration. Enjoy reading and bookmark it as it will continue to grow as my character does. *edit* If this is in wrong section then please move to the right one Sorry for any time this may take!