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New Gossip Translation Feature in Beta

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Gossip has a couple of new features that are going to be helpful to players that don't speak english. Players can tell gossip their language with the following command:


/gossip set language XX


where XX is:


HR for croatian hrvatski

CS for czech česky

DA for danish dansk

NL for dutch nederlands

EN for english

FI for finnish suomi

FR for french français

DE for german deutsch

IT italian italiano

NO norweigan norsk

PL polish polski

PT portuguese português

RO romanian română

ES spanish español

SV swedish svenska


(If you speak english well, there's not much point in setting your language to a secondary language that you speak- it just makes more work for Gossip.)



Then, you can communicate with players that don't speak a language that is common between the two of you with the following two commands:


/gossip chat playerx bla, bla, bla.... (this will immediately send playerx a translated PM)




/gossip tell playerx bla, bla, bla... (this will send playerx a translated message the next time they're on)


These communications do not need to be from or to english- someone set to swedish can talk to someone set to spanish. The translations aren't perfect, but they're close enough to manage a conversation.


Gossip needs help translating a set of instructions to post in the various language forums here, as well as translating the instructions she gives in-game. If you speak one of the listed languages at least as well as english and have about 20 minutes to donate to Gossip, please leave a response below, or send me a gossip message, and I'll send you what you need to translate.


Thanks, everyone- this is in Beta, so if you have issues, please go ahead and gossip me.



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If you need help for the Dutch version let me know.

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don't know if you need more than 1 translater each language, but i could help with the dutch translation :omg:

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