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  1. A co takhle česky a slovensky, he?

    no to LoL ja pul roku nehraju EL a tu se objevilo celejch asi 5 prispevku.... no ted stejne zase hraju neco jinyho....viz vyse
  2. Thinking about giving EL a shot

    + This game has the greatest player community I've ever seen.(WoW really sucks at that) + Even when you start new skill,you don't make items just for exp and then to sell them to NPCs or drop them for nothing. The basic crafted stuff is required pretty much for all level crafters (mixers,manufacturers,alchemists,...) + Then you don't have to choose what you'll be when you create your character,you can kinda do anything or everything,or specialize now and later change it later... - If you want to be "the best in this skill" you will have to play many hours a day for very long (speaking years) +- When you break the rules the mods are usually quick to punish you and you don't manage to talk them into forgiving you (would be pure +,but accidents happen (like 0,1%) and some innocent people get punished. Everybody tells you to give it a try,but I warn you: once you try it,you never stop.... you just have a break before you go on playing again.(selling/destroying your char doesn't help either) !!!This game is addictive!!!
  3. Quest sudjestion

    I like the idea,but the grammar...
  4. EL Urban Legends

    I was always wondering if getting poisoned once affects the chance of getting poisoned by the next toad... but I don't think so. what Slim says seems true to me,but how many toadstools have you eaten in your whole EL existence? I guess more than 16k... so why shouldn't that occur once every now and then?
  5. multi-headed dragon

    Another monster: makes the attackers a/d 200-(his current a/d) which makes the noobs be the strongest aganst it.... that would be fun
  6. Visible Poison Degrade

    and if you have stacked poison? adding drops? or a number written on the drop?
  7. Leonard is out there every night killing people... when they are outside and unprepared,which is then their problem... You know,when you plan something,the details come the last... usually of course there would be restrictions,but this topic seems more like "come up with the least probable idea to get ingame"
  8. ray,armor IS equipment.... equipment= something you equip= have on yourself to some use(not potions and such stuff) but stealing random things from inventory might be funny,too btw I did not mean the golem to steal,that was supposed to be another monster... I just liked the golems idea
  9. rock golems are cool some sort of stealing monster that would have a chance of stealing one piece of your equipment and then,when killed,dropping it back... and possibly with a chance of disengaging,too PS: and ninja mules!!!
  10. How do you not get that this is already implemented? what would be shapeshifting good for if there was cheaper way to get the same/very similiar effect? And it would be easier just to make glyphs/food cheaper... The creature food is there so that not everybody is phoenix...since this game is not the one where you can do anything you want after playing a month Finally,even if there was a cheaper way to come with,I think that you could stick with shapeshifting and just change the food needed;)
  11. daily quests

    I like it, and if there are about to be ones for other skills.... now that would be cool.
  12. A co takhle česky a slovensky, he?

    nejak este rusnejs nez obvykle...takze veeelka zmena:jajohn je v IRON. to cumite co,po asi trech letech v CZE... no,GL to ya all,pals;)
  13. New defense item

    I would like the staff thing,but I think they would not provide more defense then a shield,which was imo the purpose of this post and if there was the large shield to be implemented, I'd give it some movement penalty. -50% movement 'bonus' or something like that (yeah,you can of course take it off and on again when you get where you wanted to,but noone likes clicking)
  14. static / dynamic fighting

    that would be nice.... I'm all in...
  15. TD tweaking

    I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... As I see it, there was a suggestion at the beggining,and after a few constructive posts,Zephlix came... And since he is planning to own there with rangers,engineers,mages,tanks and all the stuff,the map just musn't be made 'no new skills'. If it was so,he could no longer plan to rule it in future :'( So as people keep telling him what olschool map really is,he keeps comming with new and even more stupid ideas why not to change it... This thread is leading nowhere.... well,Zephlix may get some enemies and haters,but nothing more PS: yeah,the topic...I'm all in,make TD oldschool as it is supposed to be;) (Or let's say that it is no longer and oldschool map) and you,Zephlix, should start another thread about another map which would be no rostos,everything else allowed imo please don't respond 'you,whose avatar is on fire'