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  1. Expiring bots

    Greetings, With apologies for the late payment. PayPal: transcaction : 4K5015177W6207522 / ​Bot: LumberJack / owner: Nardo
  2. Expiring bots

    bot LumberJack has been paid for another year ( was due 1st Sept ) Transactiereferentie: 7D779617HA8037712
  3. Re living old times

    Haha, I am glad your back YD, ( and so will I soon, hope to be back ingame from next weekend again ) Looking forward to help out again with whatever is needed.
  4. Crowd Etiquette

    My opinion: is it really a problem? ( with the exception of some special days ) Instead of grinding our teeth how busy it is sometimes at some storage and how one should behave and where to sit, the old rule, one’s advantage could be/is another one’s disadvantage, springs to mind. Perhaps solve it yourself: there are also many storages which are most of the time almost empty, for easy manufacturing or just dropping off, most also have the same resources close by, sometimes even more convenient then the ones used to, it just takes a bit of effort and exploration. Instead of irritating yourself follow your (avatar’s) little white feline friend’s advice However, as a possible suggestion: Perhaps introduce at some very popular storages an assistant (with a non manufacturable area around them, like VOTD storage is) for instance Dessert Pines, place an NPC outside close / next to the entrance of the storage cave (only for dropping off / pick up), the storage NPC inside is for making things. The same perhaps, in my opinion, at the most popular manufacturing storage, Portland, or in Morcraven Marsh, place a new storage NPC, non manufacturable, a little closer to the Battle Hall.
  5. bots with no gc

    My stance in this is the same as it was in 2011 when this thread started: one of the reasons why some botowners don’t want to have their gc amount made public is because of players who try to scam / steal from them ( it has happened ), another reason why some bots have no gc is they just offer to ‘buy’ it just to inflate prices on the market, not to actually buy them, another reason is because the owners don’t play anymore. Normally I also check webpages first before travelling. There are bot owners who would mind if their gc amount on the bots would be made public, I don't, but if not too difficult to code: add the option to opt out/in and any botowner would be happy. Its up to the customer to trust and travel to bots without their gc amount not public. See for the rest my post here above, my opinion on this has not changed.
  6. van helsing crossbow

    Perhaps a simple search in the correct part of these forums - the suggestions section - will help ps: bats/vampires ( as creatures ) I remember suggesting this some time ago, but that was long before we had any flying animals.
  7. Happy New Year

    Let's make it a groovy one
  8. Thats my Bag

    Hi Vino, nice idea indeed, if I understand you correctly and you are talking about open / active bags only.
  9. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    I agree with both of you, it would be a decent thing to do, I personally would do also but we are not all the same. However no one is to 'blame' but the seller, even after the second trade Susje could not know if Domino would come back. Its up the bot owner to change prices to his/hers personal plans, planning or demand and can do so at anytime depending on stock and sales, even minutes after each trade if he/she would like to. As far as I know there is or are even bots who do this automatically. At the actual trade the buying price is mentioned in the dialogue from the bot to the seller, the total amount is also in the trade window. If the seller does not look and just click click, only him/her is to blame, if he/she would have read the bot’s text and noticed a discrepancy in the amount, not agreeing with the trade he/she could click cancel anytime. As Domino wrote, it was his own sleepy heads fault, nothing more.
  10. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    I could be wrong but in my opinion no one was scammed, it was impossible for Susje to know if the first trade ( from that player) was also the last trade for that moment or if more were to come from that player / that day. There was no communication between players or deals made in advance. Its all up to the bot owner to value its clients or not, some do, some don’t.
  11. Rabbitman's Weekly Improvement Ideas for EL

    Indeed, have seen it suggested before and still support it, including what Saxum wrote, would be a great improvement to gameplay.
  12. Broadening the repertoire of magic

    Just my personal opinion on your question, to include enriched essences to the ingredients for these spells would make them probably used ingame as much as the summons which need enriched, which in my opinion is a pity
  13. Is Black Peter Racism?

    Thank you Maxine, you are so right and I am glad some still survived there And yes, as I wrote in my first post, I worry most about the next. Some more fun facts The Saint Maarten celebrations on November 10 / 11 are very popular in certain parts of the Netherlands, in some parts / villages it is hardly or non-existing. The lampions / lights used in the procession used to be made in the old days from sugar beets (like the jack-o-lanterns). I believe they represent the Witte Wieven (the wondering lights / ghosts) There used to be bonfires and special markets, luckily in some parts of the South of Holland and Belgium this is still happening. In some parts of Flanders (Belgium) Saint Maarten took over the tasks of Saint Nicholas (and still does) including, haha, the Black Peters. The Saint Maarten celebrations held in November or the Nicolas celebrations in December can vary from village to village It is all about goodwill, hope, and sharing, this has been the very existence of the celebrations, nothing more, nothing dark, no slavery or colonial racism.
  14. Is Black Peter Racism?

    Thank you.
  15. Is Black Peter Racism?

    If it only could be so simple, Black Beauty was the name of a horse, named this way by its owners, a Black Peter is a description or a definition. This is a little more serious, this is about families who are keeping their children at home when Saint Nicolas and the Black Peters visit their school, families where small children are taught that Black Peter is bad and a symbol for racism, this is about daily life and the people you always used to greet and talk to now turn their heads, this is about being looked upon as a racist, for all the wrong reasons. This is about national historical figures that have nothing to do with colonial racism or slavery. This is about people who immigrated to our country and project their own national history into ours without looking at that countries own history. Believe me, there is enough empathy in The Netherlands, many of us are thinking of how to solve this the best possible way for everyone involved. There are and have been also harsh words (form both sides) and some comments (from both sides) on social media over the years which makes me ashamed to be Dutch or pale skinned sometimes. My personal view is that Black Peters appearance / make-up should be as dark black as dark black can be, so no-one knows who it could be behind it, as they have been and should be. (small children have very good skills in visual recognition) No rainbow colored ones, nor brown tones, not even my beloved purple, nor orange or smurfs blue, nor Gouda cheese or syrup waffle style, nor just smudges like Amsterdam will introduce this year so the person is almost visible. All these ideas, made with best intentions will only work towards the ending of the Black Peters (and make no sense in my personal opinion) and more important will only add to more polarization and discrimation among the children instead (just think about it for a while and it will pop) In an ideal world (haha) I would like to have the Witte Wieven back as well, mingled in with the Black Peters, this would make I think everyone happy, including the people who are against him, but my chances are zero. Reason: they have disappeared from the Nicholas celebrations in the 15th century since the powers with the Protestant Church invaded our country and banned the saint Nicholas celebrations from church and public. When we regained our freedom and slowly the celebrations were held in public again only the Black Peters returned with Saint Nicholas. Only very, very few people in the Netherlands actually knows that the Witte Wieven / white ghost people used to be once part of the Saint Nicholas story. (I did not until I started my research) Does anyone know why one of them has disappeared in our history or/and the countries around us? Lucia, Ruprecht, Krampus or Foettard seem to me so very related to either our Black Peters or our Witte Wieven. Anyhow, as you can see I am passionate about this subject, the reason I have explained a few posts above, this however will be my last post on this for a while, noticed I am starting to repeat myself sometimes Please feel free to ask questions though, I will gladly answer them. For those who have no idea what this is about, go right to the top and start Why I am writing all this? I leave that up to you to answer. I was raised in the 60ies until a young child in a religious orphanage with unorthodox methods. I know what it was like to be slave, to be punished and abused, physical and otherwise, without any reason. To have no family, to have hunger, to belong to someone/something and have no freedom of your own. My only friends were the limited books I was allowed to read. Did that make me a bitter person, hell no. I always look ahead and over the edge not backwards. There are only 2 important days in every child’s year in Holland, his/her birthday and Saint Nicholas. The complete misinterpretation of Black Peter, calling them a symbol of colonial racism probably trigged things for me. One of the reasons for me is also Radu, yes him, when I started playing his/this game way way back in the beginning, I had a small problem in-game and I e-mailed it to him. His reply was friendly and to the point solving my challenge in a sec, I was more baffled however by his e-mail signature. “What is worse apathy or empathy? who knows, who cares..” Not only came this from a person who (in my opinion) had humor, it was also the kind of humor I like and practice myself. To make you laugh and sometimes make you think about it at the same time. I took that thought since then in the back of my mind along my travels. Because my first reaction was.. well, I do... With the means I had/have to my possession I have traveled the world, as before, with art and music as my friend, guide and language. Over the years I have visited many countries, I learned, laughed, worked, admired and was amazed by the many other cultures, the beauty of nature, the impressiveness of architecture. The meaning of symbols and ceremonies. What human’s were/are capable of in creating and destroying. I have enjoyed so many variations of warmth, friendship and hospitality and learned new angles of looking at things. So yes Radu, especially with the Black Peter challenge we have happening in our country I can answer that question now, I know now which one is worse. Thank you for reading, Nardo