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Storage Sale.

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36k for the essences, pm me in game

4 Air Essence

747 Magic Essence

1509 Energy Essence

2135 Matter Essence


Sure. :D

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Hi, I offer to take the following:



3 Vegetables

100 Toadstool

229 Fruits

151 Ale

32 Wine


Food Section = 600gc



1199 Silver Ore

684 Titanium Ore

18 Gold Ore

500 Iron Ore


Ore Section = 5300gc



518 Blue Quartz

1 Emerald

690 Rose Quartz

184 Ruby

242 Sulfur

500 Quartz

290 Coal


Mineral Section = 5000gc



61 Raw Meat

2 Beaver fur

1 Racoon fur

6 Bear Fur


Animal Section = 400gc



73 Mercury

6 Empty Vial

669 Leather


Misc Section = 3900gc


Grand Total = 15200gc


Try to catch me online on monday, if offer suits you.

Thank you. Raistlin

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