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Rounder's Competetion !

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After an inventory check, Contestants were led to secluded places and shown to three hyperspace bags FULL of raw ingredients with one hint given.


"Rounder's, you spend your time outfitting friends and fighters, advancing your skills and knowledge with every update. You each will have a set of ingredients. It is up to you to make what you will of them."


We were looking for armor, essence, potions, rings and/or medallions. Quantity AND diversity.

The scoring process was very complicated and time consuming on all parts.


Many thank you's to my fellow judges Aduard, Ferny, and MilesP, without whom this would have been impossible to pull off. As well as members of Riva and Tech guilds for help completing the prize packs.


The final scoring is:


CelticLady 1037

ermabwed 1023

Queens 1023

lilbear 910

scafativ 831

maxine 753

walt_her 745

niemand 699

firehand 662

jezebelle 574


Congratz to all participants. Winners will be contacted in order of placement to choose their prize :)

Edited by shallara

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Thank you all for organizing this, it was great!

And as always, I am lousy in calculating, lol..ask my family, i always mess up with guildprojects as well :)


In fact, im much like my father irl; he takes machines apart, puts them back together and always has leftover parts..haha!



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Thanks for a great contest, a puzzle as well as a test of skill. I had fun making stuff I had forgotten about, showed me how much I got in a rut of always making the same stuff. Great fun and well organised.



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By popular request, the ingredients everyone had to work with.


ORE: 250 iron, 250 silver

MINERALS: 150 coal, 35 diamond, 35 emeralds, 20 sapphires, 40 blue quartz, 160 reg quartz, 350 sulfur

FLOWERS: 350 red roses, 350 snaps, 275 cotton, 10 blue lupines, 70 bsf's, 40 ogre toes, 30 yellow rose, 35 WALs, 35 chrys,

FLOWERS: 35 imps, 35 lilacs, 35 tiger lily

FOOD: 30 wine, 30 veggy, 100 fruit (alternate food source)

MISC: 475 bones, 10 sanders, 40 leather

POTIONS: 55 fp's

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I forgot to take a screenie... from the best of my recollection, here is the stuff I made.

- 1 augmented leather torso

- 1 augmented leather pants

- 1 steel shield

- 1 iron helm (2 really, but the first one poofed under crit fail >.<)

- 1 set of leather boots

- 4 leather gloves


- 1 extra mana pot (I made this, not by accident; it contains 15 additional SRS and 10 magic ess; still conflicted on whether I should have made it or not)

- 2 mana pots

- 15 or so additional SRS

- 20 will pots

- 30 reasoning pots


- 11 energy ess

- 25 magic ess

- 14 health ess

- 35 air ess

- 89 fes left over, or thereabouts

- 10 or so left over bone powders

- 1 left over steel bar


- 5 disengagement rings

- 1 moon med

- 1 unicorn med


Plus obviously all the vials, thread, fes, basic rings and meds, and bars that went into the items above.


If I remember more I'll post it, but I'm kind of brain-drained right now and super happy with my fourth place!


lilbear *does the fourth place dance*


Edit: Shally brought an extra 10 blue lupine to those who wanted/needed them, so we had 20 then. Could have used just a little more coal!

Edited by LilBear

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Great contest! Thanks to those of you that put your time into planning it- very nicely done.


And the good news is- we didn't lose a single contestant to a dragon!



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Gratz to the winners and thanks to Shallara for this great contest.

It wasn't easy but that's how a true contest should be.


Hope you'll organize a new one soon

Edited by niemand

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Hi Shallara,


It was a great contest! :):)

I've watched it, sitting next to 'niemand' behind the computer. :P

Even just watching was very enjoyable and fun.


Hope to be able to be in a contest like that someday ... soon ...


Best wishes,



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I enjoyed judging in this contest as well - getting to see the behind-the-scenes action as well as the contestants' efforts was great fun and enlightening. The organizers put in a tremendous amount of effort and it really showed in how smoothly it went off :)


Congratulations again to all of you :P


I'm ready for the next one (to help out - I can't handle that kind of stress with mixing :P)

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Ahh I didnt sign up for this because it was on a Saturday at first. I'd like to join if you do another one (as long as it's not on a Saturday) I can donate toward the prize fund too :lurker:


Looks like it was a really cool competition, i havent seen anything like this yet. :w00t:

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