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  1. Very sad news, regarding Learner

    I heard about Learners passing not too long ago…If ever there was a time I’d wish for higher summoning levels its right now. I would slend all my recourses to have you back with us. Its a sad, sad day. Radu, you must be devastated by this loss, *hugs*
  2. Book of Book writing

    Yes Raistlin, I know that I only reported it coz Max asked me too, incase it was missed with the clientupdate. Jez
  3. Book of Book writing

    Greetings all, After being less active for about a year, I started to pick up things again. One of those things was a Book..the Book of Bookwriting, for a writer like me, a must-have! Although i stil dont have a clue what I can do with it, but I'll figure that out. Now..whilst reading, all of the above mentioned issues came up. I asked maxine about it, and she told me she thought it was solved. Well, i dont think so.. Still getting the enormous progress bar..and the book gets longer whilst reading..now.for a good novel I wouldnt mind..but in this case..^^ Anyways, Maxine asked me to post here, so i did. Thanks for listening!
  4. Players u missed

    I miss my Crannog every day... Jez
  5. Your El Story Time

    Grats to the winners and thnx for the judges Jez
  6. Woot its a birthday!

    Hey all, I just wanna say a big THANK you to all the moderators who made our EL B-day a wonderful event. They took alot of time and effort to make all this happen, on top of their 'jobs', i think thats a great achievement!! Altho i didnt take part in any of em (except the Story Event) I feel proud and happy we have such a great community and moderator team! *takes furhat of* JezeBelle
  7. Your El Story Time

    A Love to Die For It must have been my fifth month here.. And I was madly in love with Mandos..a cute Brit (!!) from my guild. But another man wanted me too. desperately. His name was Mel..and he lived in Naralik Cats..he was a bit..greenish..but word got around he was only that colour out of jealousy... Now..Mandos couldnt live with the fact that another man was roaming this World. in search of me..and wanting me.So..he decided..it was time that he faced this other man and he prepared to go to Naralik. Now in those days we did most travelling walking. since our stats weren’t that high we could tele..or use rings. I was told about his planned heroic action. and I rushed over there to be there first to stop him from committing this senseless suicide. But as I arrived....Mandos got there too. You have to understand, Mandos wasn’t that strong.*sighs* and he would never survived Mel. But he went down. Although I pleaded and begged him not to go. As he went down the Cats. I heard screaming.. Many of our friends had accompanied Mandos and me there and we stood there. above grounds. And oh, they tried to stop me. but I had to go and see what was going on. I went down. and saw Mel. on the floor. drawing his last breath. Mandos looked up to me. tears in his eyes. and I never saw so much strength en love in a mans eyes as I did at that very moment. I carried a rose with me..a rose Mandos once gave to me..and I never parted from it . But now it felt like the right thing to do; I kneeled down and put the rose next to Mel..and kissed his dying lips.. And as I watched the life run from him.he smiled. and he died. knowing I had loved him, if even only for a second. Now. if you ever visit the Naralik Catacombs, look closely. to the green men that walk there and perhaps you will see a glimpse of a green man. with a smile.and then you know. its Mel! Some claim to see him all the time, but I know he shows up only on a full moon.. Because that’s the night..Mandos proved his love for me and Mel died with my love on his lips. This story is the living proof that true strength doesn’t lie in stats, or weapons, but in believing in yourself..remember that, the next time you think you did all you can to win any kind of battle! JezeBelle
  8. Your El Story Time

    The Best of Times..and The Worst of Times. It was a little over 6 years ago that I set foot on the newcomers island. Little did I know, that it was the start of the best of times..and the worst of times. I couldn’t imagine how my life was gonna look from that moment on. All I knew was that I needed to learn how to open doors, how to eat and how to get that food. Being a vegetarian and all, it was harder for me then for most to catch a rabbit and roast its meat over the fire I learned to make. But, I overcame my disgust and said a little prayer for the rabbit, as I watch its meat turn black. Needles to say, I didn’t ate any meat after that. I’m still waiting for tofu to become available! Well, after a few days I passed my exams and started my journey to the main island. A different World was opening its doors to me! I was thrilled, excited and scared, all at the same time. I explored a little, sat by the waters and walked the beautiful beaches of Isla prima and White Stone. I knew time had come to decided what to do with my life here, but I just wanted to enjoy this new experience, and smell the roses as I passed them. I soon noticed people here were generally kind and gentle, and it wasn’t much later I found my first friend here. He showed me things I never saw before, and educated me in many a way.. He took me in into his family, a well-respected bunch of great generous folks. Now, as in any other life, emotions can cause trouble and sadness. Unfortunately that’s what happened to me as well as to my new found family. It was again time to move on, start my own family. Life was much simpler then, I used to walk my doggies on the beach every morning, and danced with skellies around the campfire at night, it was a carefree time and I enjoyed every second of it. And then the greatest thing of all happened to me, I finally found my destiny and he turned out much more then that; he was my hero, my friend my King and my soul mate. I can’t recall I was ever happier. I remember walks in the moonlight, holding hands near the water in lakeside, always hoping dolphin would pop up. And I swear, there were times I could see them..if only in my dreams.. But as to all fairytales, this one ended as well. And unfortunately, it wasn’t a happy ending this time and I was more sad then I ever have been before. All I can say is, that the creatures that came to populate our World later, would never be as vicious as the dragon that imprisoned my King. As till this day, he is still in the claws of the beast, and there has been found no one with stats high enough to free him..and probably there will never be one. The tears however dried up, and I took charge of my Eternal Life, once again. I looked back and realised what I survived already, loosing all inventory due to a crash, the Big Bang, where we lost everything we owned, including our names..and now this..and I knew nothing would get me down now. My family is small, but strong and loving and I am happy to say I have made a lot of friends along the way, and less enemies then I have fingers on one hand. And today, as I sit at the campfire, I watch newcomers arrive, some agitated because things don’t go fast enough for them, and others who come sit with me and just talk. I smile and feel a deep warm gratitude inside of me. I sit up straight and feel proud to be here! For I am JezeBelle, and I am part of the history and the future of this wonderful Eternal Lands! JezeBelle citizen of Eternal Lands Mistress of the Wiccans & Witches
  9. Alfred

    good erm..job! Jez edit: got carried away in my original post, shouldnt have..and edited it..
  10. Alfred

    f--f-f-f-finest horse??? What about my beautiful Greg..??? omg..you..Piia....you told me..my Greg..was the ab-so-lu-te finest and handsomest horse you ever saw.. *sobs* I am..devistated...*sighs* Still..Im glad Alfred has been revived..what was it..mouth-to-mouth..Dills? Good job, girl!! *huggles* Jez & Greg
  11. Eternal Limericks!

    Guys..I must admit..you all are great! No matter whetter the limiricks are well-written, or simply great..or.. (JJK) awfully SWEET..You are all hugged for simply making an effort..Hugs and Chocoalte cookies for ALL of you!! Jez
  12. Eternal Limericks!

    I can't help myself..lol.. I once loved a man named Crannog Kisses and Hugs filled my chatlog but the Dragon was stronger and the man was no longer now my love's out of sight in the fog.. Jez
  13. Eternal Limericks!

    Very nice, JJk, and welcome back This one is a bit meloncholic..but I'm sure some of you will know what i mean by it..enjoy If you read it with your heart you will find pieces of the el community in it.. as time fades away in the Land that i love I sit by the water, see eagles above and can't help but wonder because there up a yonder could be the one that I love at night when the sun leaves both the moon and myself greeves I can't help but think could there be a link between ficton and make-believes if that is the case then life is a race between lovers and dreamers and those who just live the reward in the end is not what one gives but the smile on the dreamers face.. Jez
  14. Light_Grenade

    Gohan, Im not sure what happened there exactly, but I sure know how you feel. I've had people trying to ruin good friendships and more in my EL life time..and it stinks, pardon my language! believe in what you share with your friends, and stick to it, don't let it get to you, as Dills already stated! Just know some folks here are just plain jeleous of relationsships that get build here..and some..are Eternal..keep believing that! Jez
  15. The LION Guild are bag jumpers

    I think you are missing the point, Korrode. Altho i appreciate you trying to protect my sensitive ears and eyes ^^ I shouldnt have to take action to not see that kind of language..its stated in the rules i mentioned that its not to be used here..^^ Jez