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  1. NMT game

    Ah so you got my NMT ! sofar 10k fluffs and 3k feros, all i got was 1 BP :sigh:
  2. TinkerBelle

    \o/ I am not much of a gambler but she's the only one i try my luck on every now and then. Been missing her a while already even tho i ain't much on C1. Good to have her back again. *hope she will bring me lots of luck *
  3. Lucaa's Temper Tantrum

    Was a great invasion, well chosen maps, good mixture of mobs. You even managed to steal me a rosto (or is that what they call donating a brick ) anyway, this kind of invasion require to use some tactics and have fun for all i think. Thanks
  4. What makes Eternal Lands unique?

    Well tbh. I've tried helping newbie's but its frustrating, either they won't talk back, ask for free stuff or are afraid you are trying to scam them I don't know but it made me decide not to spent too much time anymore on IP. It should be fun to help newbie's but I've given up, sry.
  5. Re-adding the Day of no Grief

    What will be ? Breakable nmt ? Rofl that took you several years and many ppl where against and now ppl even ask for it? Like the idea tho its ridiculous that an item cant break, I hope you would also take into consideration to make the chance for nmt a little big higher
  6. Potion of Speed Hax

    i think too many winers didn't give the hax a decent chance back then, didn't use it myself often cos i didn't see any use for it at that time. Voted 2x yes even tho i wont use it all the time imho the speed hax didn't get a decent chance
  7. training guide

    you'l need some "in between" mobs, after the chinstraps you could add a litle more phys and go sooner to orc's. then ogre and at def ~77 i upped to p/c 28/30 and did armed fem orcs and p/c 32/30 armed mails, as i got at def ~85 i move to lions on good days, my alt hardly trained on cyclops, they deal more crits then lions. tbh i was lucky i was midway the ogre lvl's as ts was taken out of game. but the lions and armed orc's are good to cover your "ts'ed" lvl's the p/c for armed orcs i have carefully tried but i would say try carefully adding pp's at those lvl's. Lions doesn't drop anything special but the bones and meat are a good source of income GL
  8. The RPing in MMORPGs

    only seen a few sofar but i must say i am very impressed great work and thanks
  9. The RPing in MMORPGs

    voted somewhat important. i agree with those above that talk about the use of npc's in future quests, the game has lost a lot of the roleplaying espects as i gain my lvl's. I dont think quest always have to be like bring me this or bring me that to gain more xp etc. I like the idea about doing a quest to find special/new places or even be able to make sertain items only if you have done a quest. eg. you have todo some special quest (find places, items etc) to make magic swords or find special magical items to make enhanced potions and such would push ppl to do some quests too. With such quests and talking to npc's ppl learn more about the maps they visit and maybe even find places that can be of more use to them. A reward for doing some exploring quest could even be the ability to harvest items that are there and not harvestable if you didn't forfill it. combine it with the serving of sertain gods and maps can be used more and in a different way by different players.
  10. Quest time!

    \o/ great, i suck at quest, specialy when sertain ppl think they have to make some ebul riddles ,but this sounds very promising and fun.
  11. Titanium Long Sword of Ice Book auction

    still didn't read this one 6k gc
  12. To all our Friends!

    W00t Gratz to both of you wont be able to make it (i need my beauty sleeps , or am just getting too old to stay awake all nights ) Hope it will be a lovely ceremoni
  13. Sign up for "n00b" instances

    Posting on behalf of : Deffzz Netherlands Gmt +1 friday and saterday nights a+d almost 160 820 emu <<--- passed the limit. working towards the advanced now some xp in n00b instance
  14. Coordination in Invasions

    I wouldn't think some info server side would be a good idea, that would spoil the game and the working together as a community. Neither should info be gathered in any automated way imho. The idea is covered very well in the discussion hawkfeather quoted. Give some players (pointed by the community) rights to give data to a bot and the bot will store it. If one of them gives wrong data, the community only have to tell the bot that they don't trust that player anymore and they wont have access anymore. its strange that ppl log of just because they don't get the info they ask for and don't wanna die because of that. With the info gathered by the effort of the community they wont log of again and can even be helpfull in an invasion, and it wouldn't come to the same ppl over and over again to clean up the mobs.
  15. Coordination in Invasions

    Its more about the fact that all the time ppl log in and start asking "what maps where metered" etc. There is a community bot called Trustbot check its purpose now and i am sure it can be used for the community to point some trustworthy ppl who can give input to it. Maps that are metered and declared clean can be listed and via a website or just a command ppl can see for themself what maps need to be checked or are safe again.