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Your RP Character(s)

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Here you can post your RP Char and any info about him. Please, don't do things like:


"My rP char is henry. He wAs an elfen kingf from anoter continent."


Please use proper, clean, and easy-to-read English and make sure they are not powerful, obserdly strong or something like a king or prince or founder of a town, etc. (i.e. No powerplaying or godmoding)They must be realistic and fit into the official EL storyline. And please, be serious. And that includes you, Sora Barzhard.

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My RP character Zelse (which is my everything character lol) is from another world. He came to this world with orders from the Head White Mage to fight the evil growing here. The Head White Mage had already sent other white healers to this world but they kept on dying. The 'White Mages' as they are known are acually spirits living in a human, dwarven, elven or other humanoid and animal shell. The White Mage Base is located somewhere in Palon Vertas where Zelse was put into a human shell to live for a few years. He can only go into another body if this one (human shell) is destroyed and the body that he goes into has no soul/spirit (i.e. undead, skeletons, gargoyles, etc.). After he lived in Palon Vertas for awhile Zelse moved to Tarsengaard to learn the 'White Magic' of this world and how to use it. He then got promoted to the Head Healer of the Magic School. He has retired from that job now and travels the Eternal Lands doing what needs to be done and what he thinks is necissary. Zelse hopes to be able to settle down into Irilion unless The Head White Mage sends him to another world or dimension where evil must be fought. Although he still hasent truly fought the evil in this world he hopes to aid those who are good.


(what do you think? :) )

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My RP character is my main character.


*Background on LadyWolf* (taken from the very first RP I participated in)


LadyWolf had always been interested in the art of shapeshifting as a child. She had always wondered what it would be like to change her form so as to not stand out from the humans. How she hated now that she had ever wished to have this power.


She had been training with a friend when a large bear had decided to attack. The bear knocked her friend to the ground and lunged for her. She fended it off the best she could, but it over powered her. It was going for her throat, but her wolf Gai, her pet since childhood, lunged at the bear. The bear's jaws clamping down on Gai. LadyWolf's friend ran the bear through with his titanium serp. LadyWolf lay dying, her wolf laying across her dying, his blood covering her as well as her own, mixing in her wounds.


Her friend, one of the strongest mage's in the land, cast a spell over LadyWolf and Gai. It was the only way he knew to save his friend. His spell drained Gai's soul and combined it with that of LadyWolf. She was from that day bonded with her friend for life, for Gai's blood and soul flowed through her.


Now after many years she was able to harness her power and was able to change to her wolven form at will, usually only shifting if facing an opponet much too strong for her draegoni form.

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As Regar sat staring up into the night sky he thought about his life. Ahh, the people I've met, the places I've seen....I'll never forget them all. He reflected back onto his childhood, midst the elven community of Tirnwood. He recalls his father with respect, tinged with sadness. He never really understood me, although he did try his best, Regar thought. Having a son so unlike yourself was confusing enough, but when you're an accomplished warrior and hunter, it must be embarrassing to have a bookish son, even if you're wife was a respected sage. He supported me, though, and even tried to teach me his trade. Well, he taught me enough to defend myself, atleast. Regar turned his thoughts to his mother, from whom he inherited his insatiable curiosity and wonderlust (though most of his friends joked it was more of a wander-lust). Truthfully, Regar barely remembered his mother. He was never sure if the few memories he thought he had of her were his, or concoctions of his fantasy, made from the stories his father and others told. He supposed he missed her, though he couldnt even remember the day his father carried her broken body inside. She had been caught unaware by one of the gargoyles that venture forth from teh Vermor's accursed castle. He still had the book, though, that she had been reading that fateful day.

Regar shook himself and moved ahead in his life. Thinking back to his teenage years, he wondered that he survived at all! Imagine it, a half-grown elf child, running away from home, barely trained in the arts of self-preservation. It had been a stroke of luck he fell in with that caravan of dwarven miners down from Mynadar. They hadn't been too gruff, once they found out he was an orphan. Ok, so I lied to them. After that arguement with my father, I WANTED to be an orphan. I just neglected to tell them that my father was still alive. I did tell them that my mother was dead, and that my father had served in the Great War. If they drew the wrong conclusions, well, I told them the truth...eventually. When he showed up 3 years later, looking for me. I still can't believe it took him three years to find me. I mean, c'mon, how often do u hear of an elven teenager living with a bunch of stodgy old dwarves? Regar sighed and took a sip from his flask of Evermead. He misses those days. He flexes his arms, feeling the strength the years of mining lent to them. Regar grinned. When his father finally found the mining camp, the stripling bookworm was gone; the years had changed him into a well built, if still studious, Elf. When his father demanded that they both return to Tirnwood, Regar had refused, saying he was capable of surviving on his own. When his father broughtup that he was still a minor ("haha, a minor miner" Regar chuckled), Regar rebutted that since he was now living in Corren Town (the dwarves having decided that silver mining would be more profitable than competing with their brethren in the gold mine), that the laws there decided and since the laws were made by humans, he had reached his majority on his 16th birthday...which happened to be last season. Regar remembered how his father's brow had darkened, and had been sure that another round of fierce arguements were about to proceed when his father surprised him. He just turned around and called back that maybe I was his son, indeed. Whatever that meant.

Regar reflected back on his more recent history. He'd managed to get by, becoming fairly well skilled in quite a number of things. He'd read every book he could find, including some that described things far beyond his skill...like that book on summoning Chimeran Wolves. Regar shuddered, summoning was his least favorite skill, not only because of the effort involved, but also because...it just felt wrong. It struck him as unnatural, but that was his elven upbringing talking, mostly. He'd helped some of the returning Eternals adapt to the changed Lands. He'd tried to model his actions after what he thought his mother would have wanted. Unlike some of the Elves from Tirnwood, he'd sought out Lyanna the Healer, and had many interesting discussions. He'd also traveled the lands, making maps of his own. One day, Regar hoped to publish it, a journal of his travels....but that was for later, when his adventuring days were over. Regar had served as a bodyguard for the Baron Wilde on the expedition to Irilion. "That arrogant, sanctimonious jerk. If it hadn't been for those stowawys, he wouldnt't have survived that first attack." Regar growled, "He had some nerve talking the way he did about them to Lord Luxin. And then blackballing me in Whitestone City because i went to help them, on HIS orders! Its a wonder he can walk, let alone talk, with his head so far up his..." Regar trailed off then sighed again. Injustice awlays got his dander up. Since then, Regar had drifted along, chatting with his friends in SegV and working on his skills. But mostly, Regar thought, I'm waiting. I'm not sure for what, but when it happens, I'll be ready for it. Regar sat up and dusted himself off. As he glanced a final time at the dazzling night sky above him, he saw a shooting star. He made a wish, Gods, let me be ready, for I think whatever it is I'm waiting for is going to be almost more than i can handle. Regar walked back inisde the tavern and joined his JUST guildmates for some less cerebral discourses.


((sry bout the length, but you DID say u wanted my character's story..well, here it is, mostly. i hope you enjoyed it :) i wonder what the future holds for my stalwart elf?))

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The name's Nyxl - or Niklos, for those for whom the name "Niklosyan Photosilas Sophisthesis" is familiar.


I'm the last Silver Tatsu alive. Or I used to be, for now I'm walking EL as an Elf, having lost most of my former powers (I'll spare you the self-pitying speeches). What is a Tatsu ? Well, it's a kind of Dragon (though I consider it vulgar when someone call me a Dragon) : long, lizard-like creature with the ability to "glide" in the air (a skill similar to flying, only without wings and without making useless wind). Anyway, that's not relevant anymore. My parents were killed a long time ago, for a reason so petty it shames me to think about it. My species is practically extinct, but for me, and I'm hardly a Tatsu anymore. We've never been a hostile or arrogant species. Perhaps naive, but certainly not evil...


But I may be 1'200 years old (or so, I ceased to celebrate my birthday, that would be pointless nowadays), yet I'm not dwelling on the past. Although memories of my late first love Kaliopi sometimes become unbearable, forcing me into uneasy slumber for several months at a time.


Today, my goals are very simple. Women. For in women, I've found a tremendous solace for my past wounds and sorrows. Women are wonderful ! I've become a Dandy, and made it some "Art of Life" which I'm rather proud of. I make jewellery, I'm a good-willed healer (though I tend to choose my patients, which makes me a selfish bastard compared to legendary Healers such as Lyanna), I've tried a little of every activity and found some interest in potions and cosmetics (yes, always to please women, I'm shameless)...


I picture myself as a decent man, a gentleman, maybe. Histrionic, often selfless (sometimes mindless), trying to be funny and good-natured everyday of my life. I have a very weak spot for tall, strong women with sparkling personalities, which led me some times into awkward and vaudevillesque situations.


I'm content, as much as I can. I hope to be happy once again...

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My RP character is also my main: master Maxim Ironfist. Orphan when he was just a baby, he was raised by Ballador Ironfist, retired first knight of the Order of the Dragon. Maxim learned how to handle a sword since he could barely walk, and at the age of 14 (time when Ballador died by age) he joined the army of the kingdom of Scandia. Later, at the age of 20, with a great expertise on the art of sword slinging, Maxim went on a travel for wisdom, knowledge and meditation that ended him up on Seridia, where he actually lives.

...just backgrounding, I ain't gonna show up everything about my character in one post of course!! :) lol

Edited by Master Maxim

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There is already a thread asking for this. Here is the linky.




But anyway, here is the link to my characters background, a more....complete story is comming soon. :)


[Common chant]

I was born in a small sea-side city. At a young age I found a book and started to read, I found that it contained a very old account of creatures known as "Dragons" in the early days of the land. I was fascinated that such beings could exsist. I dedicated my life to study of these ancient creatures and to all walks and knowledge bases I could find. I took particular delight in old stories. I found I had a voice for the telling and I could weave the tales and watch people as they were fed from my mouth of words. The words did not need to be poetic or bombastic, they just needed to be said with feeling and conviction. I learned more about the art that was storytelling. That you needed to use different words and different versions of stories depending on the area you were in and the literacy of the crowds. I started to grow old, still learning of this ancient race.


My name was changed from Brom to Brom the Storyteller, It was at that moment a man and a woman came to me and asked me to join a secret group. Most of which I cannot tell you reguarding "the group". I gained knowledge I thought I would never find but had always hoped for. The knowledge that I gained changed me, I grew taller, broader and older all at the same time. My hair turned white and most of my clothes no longer fit my form. Among the explainable changes there were more changes, much less explainable. I became...Deep is the only word that can somewhat explain. My mind was expanded, knowledge was absorbed very quickly and my actions were quick, mind and body. Not quick as to having to sacrifice accuracy. But the same accuracy with more speed. It is difficult, but In all I can say I was like myself in a nearly perfect form. Then to my astonishment I looked in the mirror and found that my face had changed. Blue, large, wing-like Ears and horns protruded through my head! I ripped off what clothing I had on and found similar blue markings running the length of my body. My spine had changed, become stronger and at every joint, Bone would protrude out, spines ending in the small of my back. I had become part of what that mythical creature was. I was Half-Dragon, Draegoni. People would look at me in cities and quaver, not really out of fear, but astonishment. They would fear such a beast were it not for my eyes. My eyes had become what I was on the inside; kind, bright, and full of life, dispite the white hair. More attended when I told my stories.


I then found there was a ship to a distant land, I found my way onto the ship with a masterful guise as a Draegoni Emissary. There were more stow-aways on that ship then the crew. It was a trip to remember, we fought hordes of orchans and rescued friends from certain death. During the trip I was pulled by a mental link South. Very very far south. To Icy lands, I found my way. Draegoni caverns full of Draegoni, young and old. They all welcomed me home. Here I learned and gained in areas I cannot explain here. Knowledge to say the least; I drank from the well of Draegoni wisdom. I found my way back to Serdia and took hold of the mantle of teacher, not only storyteller. So that others could carry on where I had started. Thus is the life of Brom the Storyteller.

[/Common chant]

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Though im new to this game im sure i will enjoy it :P anyways

Violetta Toratelli

She was always called Vi as a child, by anyone, even her parents. She was always the shy one, the girl who hid her talents and felt herself not like the other children. She had no excuse though, for this was a school for those with gifts and talents, as well as the only place who would accept Draegoni children. Her heritage too she hid from everyone, only revealing her innermost thoughts to her closest friends. Even her young sister, perfect as a ray of moonlight could barely get more than 2 words out of her. But little did she know that her entire life was about to be flipped upside down, shaken, and left in the dust. For one day while she was still at school, A band of thieves washed through the town, and though they were stopped at the schools gates, they slaughtered the families of the students of Vi's school. They slaughtered everyone else in the entire city, but the children were safe behind the enchanted walls of Eams School of the Magically Gifted. The staff and older students quickly went to work building dormotories, for the school had now become the student's only home, only safe refuge. Over the next few years the students of Eam's, with no family to leave to, began rebuilding the city, turning it into a City of magic. The students of Eams also grew much closer, Vi began opening up more to her surroundings and letting more people know her gift. Violet Toratelli was descended from a family of very powerful magicians who had sent her to Eams to control her skills. Over the years she studied under the best and brightest minds until finally she was ready to set out on her adventures. Leaving her close friend Mary behind in the new city of Eam.


Tell me what yall think?

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Hi tall people !


I'm Gromli ;)


I'm a dwarf, and I'm quite new around here, so I've everythin' to learn.

My best friends are a good heavy war hammer, a pickaxe, fine metals, and of course BEER !!

I'm learning the most honourable job of blacksmith. That involve essentially manufacturing and alchemy.

I must work hard so as to become as great as my ancestors.


I don't tell my past to any stranger, so ye won't know anything more here. But maybe after some liters of beer, words'll come !

I'd be happy to frink a few barrels of beer with other people. I like to tease Elfs (they deserve it !), but I haven't bitten any yet :devlish:


See ye in a tavern !


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Hi, all. I typically do all my RP in game rather than in forums, but what the hey, I may as well get my foot in, just in case, if no one minds:


My RP character is my main character: Peino Ereonis, 27th Moon Bear Lord of the House of Ereon.


Peino is a Sea Elf (NOT A DROW, dammit! Being mistaken for a Drow is one of his pet peeves, even though he looks like a Drow. :icon8:). The Sea Elves are a semi-nomadic tribe whose culture is based on ships, seafaring, sea, wind and weather magic, trade and exploration. They are not native to either Seridia or Irilion, and the location of their original homeland is a mystery, the stuff of many legends. The Sea Elves were once rich and powerful in Draia (long ago, maybe during the age of the great dragons whose bones litter the lands today), but they were betrayed in war and their empires destroyed by followers of the evil god Selain. Nowadays, you'd hardly know there ever were such things as Sea Elf empires linking the lands together across the oceans.


The House of Ereon is the only established Sea Elf clan known to be actively pursuing business in either Seridia or Irilion at this time. Their home port is Irsis, but they travel all over the world (and some say among many other worlds too). Sea Elves divide themselves into family clans (Houses) with an aristocratic structure. The House of Ereon is descended from a legendary Sea Elf king, Ereon the Great. They are led by a High Lord and Lady. Currently they are Peino's parents and that makes Peino, the eldest child, the Scion of their House. As Scion, his main job is to advance the interests and reputation of the Ereonis clan through trade, service and building his own reputation. Considering that the Sea Elves have lost so much standing in the world, he has his work cut out for him, pretty much starting from nothing.


Peino is a generally easy-going person who thinks life is meant to be enjoyed. His main interests are exploration, making money and establishing a fleet of ships and trading routes for the Ereonis clan, as well as having a good time, joking around, flirting with women, and drinking mead. Other people may have claims to richer resource spots and better hunting grounds, but Peino knows the location of every good tavern, inn, hot spring spa, and swimming beach in all the lands. No matter where he is, he manages to get a hot bath, a good meal, and a bed to sleep in. Peino does not like conflict. He tries to stay out of other people's fights, and avoids war as much as possible. But if he can't avoid a fight, then he will never turn and run and never hold back from the attack, whether he will win or lose. If death is the game, and he is forced to play, then to the death is how it will go.


But in general, death is not the game, and Peino likes it like that.


There's more, but I think this will do for now. :P

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Hi, I am Groomsh. A dwarf!

My clan died when i was young, it happened when a cavern collapsed.

I managed somehow to escape from the cave and got caught by orcs.

Orcs don't like dwarven meat, they say it's too chewy, that's what saved my life.

(Maybe it was a few diamonds in my pocket). Since then i was raised by orcs,

they gave me the name 'Groomsh' (I never found out what it means).

The only thing which kept me alive was shiny stones. Returning without diamonds

or sapphires meant beating.

After several years i discovered a large cavern with a huge pile

of gold and other treasures, but it was guarded by a dragon! Knowing about orcs

greed i told them, that i found a forgotten treasure guarded only by a wood

sprite. An ogre mage told them once, that wood sprites can create illusions, so

my story about a dragon-like looking wood sprite guarding a treasure was not

questioned. The whole orcs tribe came to the cave and was slaughtered by the

dragon. I fled how fast i could... Finally after years of slavery i tasted the


Now i'm a happy dwarf and do what most dwarfs do. I dig in earth, forge weapons,

make armors and drink good dwarven ale (or two, or three...)

Edited by groomsh

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IM acopuff a male human

People think im multiple things but mostly im aco-puffs cereal lol i never ate myself so idk if its a good cereal

Also they think of cheese puffs lol so i guess i can role play as EL food?

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(Off-topic: Hey all :evilgrin: I've not RPed in awhile, and I don't see much activity in this board... But what the heck! At least I'll be entertained whilst harvesting Sunflowers.)


Aphistolas. (Character)


My father was a master smith, who operated solely out of his small shop inside Tasengaard city. His ancestors were supposedly dwarves, but his immediate family was purely Human (mother, father, grandmothers, grandfathers). He was a dedicated crafter, becoming an apprentice to Elshar the Skilful in his earlier years. For many winters he learned from Elshar, advancing in his skill. A dispute drove them apart however. Elshar departed for Portland, where he set up a small shop just outside the city, and later died. His father continued to advance, but eventually moved to Tasengaard.


His mother, on the other hand, was a skilled Elven Druid from the forests of Tirnwood. Not much is known about her.... she travelled with companions, who I have yet been unable to find. She and my father crossed paths at some point... He rarely spoke of her, informing me she died giving birth.


Much later on, in my teenage years, he moved to Portland, and began operating in the small shop Elshar had created. We lived in a large house, west of the Library. It was there I last seen my father; late one night, I was taken by Pirates... I escaped, many years later.

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Cazuza was born in a tiny building in Arius, the Gnomish homeland.


Sadly, his mother had died in childbirth. Clasping her hand as she lay dieing, his father promised her that he would take care of their son and only child, and try to bring out the best in him. He would teach him everything he knew so that Cazuza could one day pass this knowledge down to his sons and daughters.


Never given the chance to know his mother, Cazuza's youth was spent learning from his father the various skills a Gnome needed to survive in Draia. He began training in such essential skills as Alchemy, Potioning, and even some weak forms of Magic.


Cazuza never obtained all of his father's knowledge and skills, however. Tragically, his father died whilst exploring the feared lands of Hulda, and Cazuza never heard from him thereafter. His father's famous Skunk hat was the most important object in which his father had passed into his possession, and so he wore it everyday.


Stricken with grief at the loss of both his parents, Cazuza dedicated his life to the aquisition of knowledge. He vowed that he would master every skill and learn how to make every item, so that when his time came, he would be able to pass all of his knowledge down to his descendants.

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