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  1. HOLY IS back.

    I haven't played EL in YEARS lol but I definately remember HOLY and Dragongod!!! I was just dropping by to see what's new, HOLY is a great guild to join, I should know, I helped make it. ;-D
  2. The Hunter/The Prey

    OOC:(Here I go again, lets see how this roleplaying event will turn out lol) Zelse had been doing much travelling around Irillion for the past few weeks. Apparently, the hunters have become the game of a feral creature lurking in the lands. Rumors say that most of the attacks occur at night... Zelse recalled encountering a small dwarven mining party at a cave entrance near Sedocolis and hearing their account of a monstrous creature that had well... hear the account for yourself: "We were gettin' ready ter head out fer Zirakinbar in da mornin' and thought it a gerd idear to sleep unda der stars." Jimbo began, but Hanhar interrupted, "But den while we was'a settin up fer da night, ol' Umas had ter go fer a tinkle far from da camp; if'n ya understand his smell ain't no bed'o roses." Hanhar was about to continue but was interrupted by Limar, "Umas always leavin' us to do the hard work see, and while me'n the boys was settin' up we heard a cry see, and that cry was loud'nuff to scare a troll outta its witts see," Limar, being the eldest, looked to see if he was to be intterupted. He then continued with what happend, "We all ran to where ol' Umas was see, cause we could tell that there was his voice that we heard see, and when we got there..." Limar grew silent. "A vicous creature was attackin'em!" yelled Gimor, "we was swingin'er axes 'n hootin'n hollerin 'n when we got to where Umas was we all slowed down cause we was all in shock." "That we was me'boy," said Limar, finally, "T'was dark and we could not see the beast see, but we made out his body see, 'n it was demonic I tells ya see, you don't wanna go lookin' fer this beast see, scarier than giants'n goblins living together in a cave see." There was a strong "aye" agreement among the dwarves as Limar spoke. "We're goin' back home see, Umas body is lost to the belly of the beast see and we gotta tell his story, mayhaps find a hero or a huntin' party to kill the foul wench see." The story did spread quickly and heroes, hunters and beings of all sorts came to the lands to kill the beast whose attacks were becoming bolder and bolder, closer and closer to the cities and towns, villages were no longer safe. However, despite the fact that many came in search of killing the beast -who was said to force artic chimeras into submission, steal giant's babies from their mothers arms, and climb up elven trees to attack elder priests- were now being sought out by healers because they were mortally wounded. If it was not already enough for a healer to hear of an attack in South Redmoon when just arriving to the Dra'Syn Igloos to take care of a mortally wounded hunter allegedly attacked by the beast, the healers also had to heal all the attacked men, women and children in the area - if they were still living. It seemed that the beast was everywhere at once, or could be; as if it were a demon itself. Zelse travelled only during the day and was currently making his way to the farmlands of Idaloran where an attack from the beast had taken place. OOC: ((So draw your own conclusions lol, you can either be a hunter, local of a village, or a victim lol but I bet you already knew that didn't you Just please don't 'kill the beast' as soon as you write your post, that would ruin all the fun lol))
  3. Looking For A Guild

    Hello, I'm looking for a small or medium sized guild to join (80+ members is just too much, for the moment anyways lol) I started playing EL again, I dont believe I've played since around may of '07 so I'm a bit rusty. I'm a healer, and a social person; so if you feel your guild needs or could use someone like me then send me a PM. Thanks.
  4. The EL Theater

    I'd be happy to help whenever I'm online, just give me a PM or something.
  5. City building

    Well thats just to let things get started at first, but yeah, I get what your saying.
  6. City building

    I for one LOVE strategy games! I'm pr0 at Civilization, Empire Earth (favorite), The New World 1492 A.D. Sim City series(unlimited, 1,2 etc.), Lord of the Rings War of the Ring, Stronghold 2, and Age of Mythology. I love exercising my mind on stuff like that, and getting the chance to be able to do something like that on EL is GREAT. Lets use maps that we already have but let each city come with its own Constitution. for example: Whitestone has 1 ruler (Lord Luxin) who runs WSC but he has representatives working for him in other villages (Grahms, Lakeside, etc.) they run their village how they want but ultamately answer to Lord Luxin. This means that Whitestone is under a 'Monarch Constitution' (with civil unrest from the elves lol) and is basically ruled by one person. The king for whitestone (whoever buys the most land) will become king. He can appoint whoever he wants to whatever he wants (Mayors for WSC, LS, GV, TV) and impose whatever laws he or she desires. However, Nordcarn has no ruling government, the people are self-governed by moral value and virtue. A NPC could determine who runs which positions the city needs - which are few. Like so: Highest a/d/p/c player is made 'sheriff' and keeps the peace, highest magic player who does not have godless is priest who keeps quiet relations with other towns, and so on and so forth (note that the high LVL player can give his/her position to whoever they feel will do a better job, and that the NPC will choose them by default because they have: highest level from all citizens and are dwarves.) Ya know, bring in some concepts we already have in the game like orchans being ruled by the strongest and such, but it does not mean that the different races cannot live together. Also, each city could be given a scenario: Whitestone has civil unrest within trinwood vale, Mynadar is in national debt because of the last great war (hardest city to run in my opinion), Isla Prima struggles with population control over the small island, Taarsengard's Mayor and Dean of the Magic School fight for control of the city while fending off Armed Goblins, Idaloran civilians wish to restore their former empire, Port Antiorra Merchants are ruled by Aristrocrats trying to put down black market pirates, and I could go on and on. Want to know what kind of benefits a city could have? Well heres a few: People defending their city from attacker have +25 a/d/whatever-the-case-may-be because they are defending their home while attackers have -1 p/c/magic/whatnot. Items are cheaper for citizens to buy unless their ruler/s raise prices. Certain skills get more experience boosts and lesser chances to fail for those who are citizens within the city. Factories -although I dont know what kind they are- and local resources COULD be stored into your home. Surplus items could be distributed to the citizens if their ruler/s wish it, or if its in their Constitution. A NPC merchant can do trade with other town NPC merchants (in comes tariff's and such lol) allowing you to buy stuff -ideally everything you need- at one spot unless your in it for the experience. How could Citys affect people who don't want citizenship? Lets see here... 1) Depending on what laws -if any- are made, it will either hurt or help our game-playing wanderers. Cities that want more civilians will probly be more money freindly to wanderers or if the city is in debt or just in it for the money; prices will draw wanderers away. 2) Warring cities. Depending on the player, they will either: go towards the conflict and jump in the fray(join sides, be a diplomat, sell their goods, be a Red Cross healer *me lol* and all that other good stuff), use it to their advantage (drops, spying for $$, and whatnot), or leave away from the area of conflict which will probly hurt the cities economy (if it ever escalades to that). 3) If a player is smart enough or with common sense, s/he will play the cities by their strengths and weaknesses. Now if players want nothing to do with cities or their laws and live in EL the true -and current- EL way then they would have to go to unoccupied cities and/or become hermits travelling around in tents or living in houses in the wilderness. Gypsies, Huns, Native Americans, African Tribes, and Eskimos are the kind of lifestyles they will probly be living in unless something is done. 4) Guilds. I do not think that guilds should run an entire city. Sure they have leader's and all but it would give already powerful guilds even more power in the game. Now I'm not saying that guilds cannot rule a city, but the idea of only letting guilds put in for the chance to run a city is very unfar, if that ever comes to be then large/highlevel guilds would run most cities, they would'nt even be guilds anymore, they would be...dare I say it... POLITICAL PARTIES! The thing is that I dont want guilds to become political partys, now allowing them to be political influences would be appropriate. (Now dont try and disect what I just said here on 4, telling me "well what if a mayor/king/noble becomes leader of a town and he is in a guild?" well good for them ^_^ hopefully they will be from a good guild and bring their moral values and beleifs with them, so long as the guildless common man and outsider have a place and are given the equal opportunity to hold city positions.) What I'm worried about is that large guilds will 'boom town' a city for their own, have no person who is not in their guild in an office and kick the rest to the curb. I'm sure this will happen but tell me, which is higher; the rules and laws by which a guild is governed... or the rules and laws by which a Constitution guide a city? That everyone, is the question. Now tell me what you think, I like this idea and I'd like to know what YOU think
  7. The Dooplegang Guild

    ((OOC: This RP is meant to be as a comedy, feel free to join in or add to it so long as you type it with understandable grammar, that means no pr0 pWnD, no it was 3 in teh morning thats whhhhy its typpeded thaaat wwwway, because how are people who read this suppose to laugh when they cant understand what they read? lol btw you dont have to have PERFECT punctuation, just... have that special feel for it )) Oh, what a lovely day it was in Isla Prima, the Wraith was busy helping newcomers, fallen warriors and victims were emerging from the exit of the underworld, and people of various strengths and skills were around the campfire or helping to tend the garden north of the campfire. *BAM* "White Mage Zelse here to heal!" yelled Zelse as he beamed into Isla Prima with Scotty's help. "Yeah yeah yeah whatever." said one of the campfire patrons who probly had heard Zelse say that many times. "All better." said Zelse as he healed a wounded person who had obviously suffered from twig scratches. "How on earth did a lil'ol stick scratch hurt you so badly?" asked Zelse. "No...no it was no ordinary stick," said the individual with a crazed look on him face, "it broke all my armor...ALL MY ARMOR!!!" By this time the person was drawing up a large crowd of spectators who came to investigate the commotion. "I...I could not catch his name...he was in black, all black!!! and he used that branch like it was a mighty sword!" the person was still in panic, "some of my friends who are stronger than me, MUCH stronger, came to help me..." he got quiet, "but then.... then he... he began to multiply, one then two then four then twelve and and and!" "Calm down!" said a spectator who kicked the nervous wreck, "tell us what happend." "W-well once we lost count of how many mystery men there were, they all began to summon rabbits!" Everyone who heard this went crazy with fear, a multiplyer's multiples coulde summon fluffys! "I KNOW I KNOW I WAS SCARED TOO," continued the derranged person, "BUT THOSE BROWN RABBITS ONLY WON BY SHEER NUMBER!" Hearing this, the crowd stopped panicing and began to laugh saying rude comments like weakling and little girl((OOC: newb)). "wait wait!" continued the individual. "No I think we've heard enough." replied someone in the crowd. "But thats not all!" he said. the crowd was begging to depart, but those who wanted to have a good laugh stayed. "It wasnt the rabbits that got us... it was the grues," he said gravely, "hundreds of them came and ate us and the rabbits that were near us! I was digested the quickest because I lost my armor to the man in black thats why I was able to make it out faster than my freinds!" he said in one big huff. Just then a little dark dwarf in all black appeared on top of the ledge that lead to the Isla Prima tower...
  8. You know yoy play EL too much when...

    You go shopping for clothes or look at a magazine and ask yourself "Is my nexus high enough to wear that?" (I did that during school shopping) You wish you could #beam me when your at school and hope you go home. When a friend says/does something funny and instead of laughing you -in your mind- picture a lol and your right-hand ring finger twitches a lil bit. When your invited to a friends house or you invite a friend over - you consider it PVP. Before you go to sleep you want to give Gossip the 'remind' command for you in the morning. You mentally call yourself by your character name (like conavar does). You don't want to do yard work because your scared you'll hit a radon pouch. Finally, You know you play EL too much when you turn on the TV/radio or read the newspaper to see if theres a 'special day' today. (I'm having trouble with this one the most LOL).
  9. Pick a penguin!

    I voted for chinstrap because of their description: combative and bold.
  10. Day Ideas

    Here's some ideas: Cat-caught-tounge day A cat caught your tounge so now you can't talk to anyone from another race. RP:Today, everyone is speaking in their native tounge. During this day only elves can talk to elves, gnomes to gnomes, and so on, if someone else from a different race tries to talk to them then question marks will show up (if a spanish speaking dwarf talks to a swedish dwarf no ? marks will come up cause theyre dwarves \o/) Glilin Day All armors have been blessed by Glilin, making them have the same qualities as the best armor in the game. RP: Glilin finally got a date! OR Glilin wants to see fighting and allowed all armors to be the same. This day would be good because you could go in with all leather armor and have the same defense as titanium armor. Omega Day On his way back to Heaven, The Superior Being stopped by EL, gave everyone the godless perk and put Mother Nature in her place. RP: The dwarf inside the Nordcarn Magic Shop was actually right! Now if only someone took care of those bees... Everyone is godless for the day and Mother Nature wont trigger any events, exept for the Queen of Nature, bees, cavern walls, radon pouches, broken pickaxes and You stopped Harvesting. Also, angels save you (like when you were a n00b). Time Compression Day Today will be a really really long day (24 rl hrs=1 el day) RP: A Sorceress has compressed time! what a shame this day couldnt be compressed into a short day -_- This is a really long EL day thats the same as 1 real life day, bad for people wanting to get harv exp.(maybe it could be set for people with harvesting levels greater than 15 because people will abuse the day by going to IP).
  11. When Chaos Reigned Supreme

    ((Feel free to join this rp thread whenever you want, but when you decide to leave you must die and end up in the Underworld, or have some kinda good exit for your character, also any guild or person(s) that are mentioned in the thread -if any- and do not wish to be on here; let me know and i will change it)) PROLOUGE: Chaos and Total War have erupted in Draia. The Moderators who were ordered to care for the world by the eternal land gods were stripped of their powers and locked away in a unknown location in Irillion. This was the work of Mortos who tricked the other eternal land gods that the moderators were planning to overthrow them. Unolas has sealed the entrance to the unknown location with a magical barrier which is being kept guard by Selian's summons. Aluwen, realizing the fatal error that had come upon them could do nothing because she was under seige by Mortos' forces in her Ruins of Tirnym. Hope and Light, had finally been lost and the scale that once showed equality now leaned towards darkness. Without Moderation the Eternal Lands was in ruin. All lands now permitted player killing. Because of this, guilds controlled storages, cities, boats and resources. In Isla Prima the Ant_Queen and her Ants made their Queendom there, and killed anyone who came on boat, by magic and from the underworld. Although comming from the underworld was rare because Mortos had his minions continually kill the people who died again and again, a real hell. This was a result of the constant fighting above. Some guilds were united either because of their lack in strength or lack in numbers. However, powerfully strong guilds like =hc= and Dao, acted alone. Will order and balance every find their way back to the Eternal Lands... The Grand Dragon Council "I still can't beleive those Feros came and took Acelon away like that!" said Geritt as he slammed his hands down on the table in the House of the Grand Dragon Council. The guildmaster was taken away to Irilion and the guild was leaderless. "We're running low on supplies." Minuet said in her cheery voice trying to bring down the stress of the guild. "What can we do? What can we do?" Asmodean kept saying to himself, he knew that three guilds were fighting eachother for control over the Mynadar storage and docks. They could try and fight their way to the docks and go from there, but what lied beyond the docks they did not know for sure. A guild confederation had taken control of Tarsengaard and was planning to take over mynadar when the time was right-they have been having gargoyle problems at night due to the gargoyle cave. Kiliaran Fields was a no-mans-land save the forts which were used by bandits and small guilds that were able to secure them. Asmodean wasnt sure about Nordcarn though because Iunno had teleported across the river to go there and came back saying a newly formed guild of dwarves were preparing the cities defences while a large yet unexperienced guild had taken over the storage, and another-mid sized guild took refuge in the Temple. Iunno also heard from a stout lone Draegoni that King Vermors corpse had risen with gargoyles and skeletons that might attack the mountain city. As for Zelse, he knew that the Moderators had to be rescued but because of his low rank in the guild he could do nothing. He was looking out the window-it was raining- when he saw a figure walking towards the building, the guards- Sorrino and Velle stood firm.
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    Here's my quote, and theres a story that goes with it if you dont mind reading it. Just another day mining Titanium Ores... Lets just say that one last prediction didnt go too well, but the quotes still good...NO QUESTIONS!
  13. Chupacabra

    Well, the Chubacabra is a popular myth in the hispanic culture, its either a demon, alien or mad science experiment. Whatever it becomes if made in EL then here's what it could do... Chubacabras can be in PK maps(KF), around graveyards (TG), or near farming designs (Grahms Village). But instead of just being there to fight they will run away from anyone who approches them without the stone to avoid fighting. They should be very weak but fast enough not to get caught. However, if someone DOES have a stone, the monster can follow them around (safe distance out of spell range) being drawn to the stone. The monster will follow the person holding the stone until s/he is attacked by another fighter/monster. When this happens, the Chupa will join in the battle and fight until it takes/destroys the stone. pros for people using the stone: if there are enough people on the same map with rostos and they outnumber the chups, then they could remain 'undiscovered' until a chup finds them out. Also, you have a chance to kill them and keep your stone (they could have a 50/50 chance of taking the stone with each successful hit) pros for people without the stone: If you see one of those monsters following someone, then you can help the monster take their stone! Your life may be taken with it (the pker kills you cause s/he's stronger and mad about losing the stone). cons: how can it react to MM perk/cloak? The rest of the cons are intwined with the pros depending on which you are: with or w/o the stone.
  14. Looking For A Guild

    Hello, I am a White Mage a.k.a. Healer. I am looking for a guild that could use a healer for combat purposes on the battlefield, I want to raise my attack and defense and perhaps work on my summoning which is 0. I want to see how well a support personel like myself can do in battle with a group which I hope is really useful (unless your a pr0 and don't need support aside from the w00t you pwned them and such lol) anyways here are my stats, please PM me in-game for more information about me and any other questions you have. Attack 30 Defense 31 Harvest 47 Alchemy 32 Magic 27 Potion 0 Summoning 0 Manufacturing 12 Crafting 9
  15. Life in Palon Vertas, RP as we know it?

    ((OK I'm confused, flea you just leave chronicler there? lol poor him. Also, your suppose to NOT use typos on roleplaying threads Happy G, I know you were probly in a hurry or something but its just so ya know, ya know )) Zelse was confused at what was happening as he teleported his was to Salingen. White Tigers and Ferans were fighting each other and he ironicaly teleported near Sedos who offered his protection with the summon of his Pumas. Zelse knew that outnumbered Pumas were not defense at all and began casting protection spells and Remote Heals on them when they were weakend. He also did this to nearby White Tigers, and he a nose away from the deadly jaws of a Feran a few close times but the Pumas took care of that. Zelse also healed his fellow citizens of Palon Vertas when he got close enough to them, but Zelse was running out of essences and needed to go to his house to get some more before his healing skills became useless.