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Def files

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I might have missed this already being answered but if you want to allow spells in only one area (or summoning or PK) would you turn spell casting off for the whole map then turn if on for that area you want it in or turn it on for the whole map and then turn it off in the areas you don't want it in?


For ex, say the map is 20 by 20 and I only want PK to work for grid 1,1 threw 5,5... Do I turn on spells for the whole map them turn off spell casting for areas 6,6 threw 20,20? Or vise versa? Or are both those wrong?

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General rule of thumb, when overlapping area for the same thing are involved, the smaller area wins. So any area on a map usually overrides that map level values.

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Awesome that helps, thanks...


Also I c you can have heat, cold and poison damage in an area 0-100 can you have an area do them at the same time or will that mess with the server, Such as...


Walk_cold: 100

Walk_heat: 100

Walk_poison: 100


Giving each step you take a total of 300 damage? Or do I have to pick just one?


And are there restrictions to this kind of damage in guild maps?

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In theory, yes, they would cause 300 damage per step. I've never actually overlapped damages when map making.


And I believe these damage areas cannot be in the entrance areas. Much like how a bot gives a warning, in case someone accidently stumbles across the entrance, they shouldn't be killed immediately.

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Some random notes should anyone in the future be doing def files:



1- Use `back-ticks` around text lines, always.



map_name: `Isla Prima`

and any text lines in use_area, location_info, etc. such as

wrong_object_text: `Nothing happens.`


Just lines that are supposed to be text input. Numbers don't need them.


Text, particularly if it includes apostrophe's or "quotes" will not show correctly without the backticks. (And of course, don't put backticks in the text itself, ever.)



2- Use // double slashes at the start of every comment line.


The server specifically reads those as comments and ignores there.

It will generally treat any lines outside of markup as comments, but these will be more easily spotted and assure less chance the server will mangle your def file.


(I'm told /* */ around several lines will also work, but if you're commenting that much you're doing something wrong.)



3- Don't spare on the comments.


With few exceptions, there should be at least one comment above each markup entry explaining what the markup is for, especially on larger maps.

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