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  1. My Mouse Size Is To Small

    Hey o/! After this last update, I notice the size of my mouse was changing. It has now gotten so small that I can't tell if I'm using the eye or the use and sometimes where the mouse even is. Is there somewhere I can go in and change the size of the mouse back to normal. Thanks, Orick
  2. Guild OWN! will use branch of destruction on you.

    Hey Solar Sorry you were broded by a friend in my guild... but no one is replacing anything lost to a brod (or another way) in PK (or anywhere else) or dropped when not using a rosto (same principal). You don't go to invasions with casty's without a cotu or mage pants so why would you go to PK where there is a higher change of being broded without one. Also stop messing with my guildies invasion creatures/bosses if you want them to respect you. I believe you are the reason your guild is BROD tagged by mine. Sorry you lost stuff and sorry you will probably not invance, invasion or instance with me but... yeah... See you around!
  3. NDD Bag Hunt!

    all bags were found!
  4. NDD Bag Hunt!

    The first bag has been found!!!
  5. NDD Bag Hunt!

    [Orick @ 7]: i just hypered 2 rostos and 2 daily CD passes in the "Oricks Epic Events Map". There are 2 bags total 1 in each of the main city arenas... GLHF! [Orick @ 7]: You are in Portland [111,18] here is hte coords to the entrance of the map [Orick @ 7]: if you want to tab map then PM me ill give you the link for it nuff said!
  6. PK/Mixing contest - possible new fightclub

    K, I edited my post so it sounds better... I think
  7. PK/Mixing contest - possible new fightclub

    Yes this is what i meant
  8. PK/Mixing contest - possible new fightclub

    So, Im thinking keeping the ings basic. so no efes, bindings. so mostly leather armor, ti short, moon or sun med. and not enough ings to mix tonz of every essence and potions so you have to pick what you want to focus on. make sure you mix enough to keep your health up and have MI on.
  9. Hey everyone. I was thinking today of what contest might be fun and I wanted to see how many people would join a contest like the one below. 5 man teams - the amount of teams would depend on the amount of people who wanted to play. Each player would start out with nothing in there inventory. The group would vote for who the team captains will be. - Each team captain would puck there team members 1 at a time. - Once the teams were formed they would join an even guild set to total war with the other teams event guild. - Once each team captain is in there guild they will be given the location of a hyperbag for there theam - Each teams hyperbag would start with the same amount of ings inside. - The ings inside would be the raw ings needed to mix armor, weapons, essence and potions. (ie. leather, thread, iron, sulfer, mixed flowers, vials, quarts ect, ect) - The goal of the event will be to find and PK the other team using just what your team is able to mix from your bag. - Other end goals could include capture the flag. Your team had a hyperbag to protect and you have to find the other teams first. - Protect the captain. your team keeps your captain alive while hunting the other team. - King of the hill. Gain points by being the only one on a pre determined location. Who would want to do something like this? Any other ideas for events?
  10. Ideas for Tokens

    I was thinking the same thing. or have the tokens usable as haidir passes but just for the creatures they are for. so if you got beaver you could pass that quest with a beaver token.
  11. Ideas for Tokens

    This one would be awesome
  12. Hey all, here are some ideas I have for the tokens. Beaver Token - make 1 use only or put a 5 min cooldown on it. Brownie Token - Shrinks you to the size of a Brownie and makes you untargetable by anything for 60 secs. Female Gob Token - Raise your att lvl by 10 (not stack-able with anything else) effect lowers like normal Gob Token - Lets you stack 2 acc pots for 60 secs Ogre Token - Raise your def by 10 (not stack-able with anything else) effect lowers like normal Panther Token - takes your light modifier to 0 no matter what you are wearing and gives your night vision perk Rabbit Token - leave it alone, I <3 it Rat Token - leave it alone, I <3 it Skeleton Token - makes it so you use 0 food when running or take no steps with horse whistle for 300 secs(5 mins) Snake Token - Gives you snake poison perk for 90 secs (gives you the same perk as snakes) Spider Token - Gives you the paralyzer perk for 60 secs (gives you the same perk as large spiders) Tiger Token - Gives you cooldown perk for 60 secs (gives you the same perk white tigers have) Woodsprite Token - Shrinks you to the size of a Woodsprite and gives you speed hex for 60 secs (no food lvl needed) New: Bear token - gives you the mana drain perk for 60 secs (gives you the same perk as the bear) Leperchaun token - gives you the ability to see any creatures or players astro a/d/acc astro buff over there head for 60 secs Phantom Warrior token - gives you iglow perk for 30 secs Troll Token - gives you mirror perk for 30 secs Imp token - gives you gather med perk for 30 secs Just an idea... but i also think some or most of these tokens should be 1 time use only. also I think if the market is flooded to much with tokens they should be reduced or have a chance to only give 50% of the effect or duration. What you think?
  13. New perk ideas

    I think that Vampiric would be nice if it was attached to an item.
  14. Storage sell

    Updated what is left
  15. Storage sell

    removed for space