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  1. Eternal Lands News

    Equal Rights for Magicians [AD] Tankle’s equipment repair. Is your sword dull? Is your armor less than protective? Tankle’s repair shop will fix your dull sword and damaged armor with a 60% success rate! Listen to this satisfied customer: Vesine, Tankle has been one of my best wine customers and when my pruning knife was dull he fixed it up right away. I take all my blades to Tankle. Tankle’s equipment repair, he’s got what it takes to break what you got! [/AD] Ace Jackson with an exciting news story. The Associated Mages Necromancers Underworlders, Thaumaturges & Sorcerers or AMNUTS guild is protesting the discrimination against those of the magic craft. They say that anti magic areas and incomplete magic schools have hampered their learning. Last year the AMNUTS were able to get the anti-magic area removed from Grubani. They are currently protesting outside the Irsis ranging arena and the Irinveron fighting arena. They say these areas are discriminatory against them. One person under condition of anonymity, fearing retribution had these words: “I was just kicking around rocks in Idaloran, I kicked a stone by a house next to the docks. I was teleported inside with my life being ripped from me every second. I couldn’t cast restore or any other magics. Thankfully I had a IP ring on me and I escaped. These anti-magic areas are deadly to the common man. They must be removed.” To make matters worse, The Summoners Occultist Wizards Hypnotics Astrologist & Thaumaturges or SOWHAT guild is counter protesting the AMNUTS. These two guilds have been fighting for years. Though they both agree that magic craft is being hampered, they refuse to work together on this issue. The AMNUTS feel that summoning is not a proper mage craft. While the SOWHAT’s say that it is. The SOWHAT guild, formerly OWHAT, added Summoning first to their guild name just to gall the AMNUTS. Though neither guild has ever openly attacked one another, the war of words continues. If only these to groups could come together for the common good. Ace Jackson out!
  2. Unban request

    Welcome back to EL, you're now unlocked.
  3. Unban request

    I was the mod who locked you for illegal AFK macroing. I talked to you in local and MPM with no response, so you were booted and locked. You were not paying attention to this character. In fact, it took 20 mins before you pm'd me with an alt after the boot. At which point you began to berate me for everything from low player count to bad drops and the inquisition. You took no responsibility for your actions and in attacking me your 3 day lock suddenly turned into a 30 day lock. You could have played in February if you had bothered to ask to be unlocked. Besides, only that character was locked any of your alts still could have played. I will unlock Brabador, but only after I am clear that you understand that if this ever happens again you will receive either a permanent lock or radu will do some major level reductions. If you are clear on this I will unlock you. *Note to anyone reading this, verbally assaulting the moderator who caught you doing something wrong is not a good way to get out of trouble. A simple reprimand can turn into a serious lock and/or ban. Manning up and admitting you did wrong is the quickest way to get out of this predicament.
  4. EL live stream thread

    Post your EL live stream links in this thread. Invasions, instances and invances are all welcome. Show all those people on the outside what they are missing out on.
  5. Eternal Lands News

    Overwhelming Peace Ace Jackson with a peaceful report [AD] Trik’s Pawn emporium: Do you have too many leather helms? Are you buried in iron swords? Bring them to Trik today. He will pay you good freshly minted gold coin in exchange for your over abundance of Arms, armor and clothing. White Stone docks, not far from the Isle Prima boat. Visit Trik today! [/AD] It was peace day in our fair Eternal Lands again and again. So much so that the meaning of peace was lost and the people grumbled and complained. Peace is a welcome thing, except when it interferes with our daily retinues and the elimination of the evil hoards. To make matters worse, peace day came and repeated the following day. Within short time we’ve had 3 peace days. The cries and complaints arose from the people. There were talks of reviving the Yellow cloaks to petition teh_god for a reprieve. “Peace days need to end or have some means of removal!” Were the cries on everyone’s lips. The line was drawn in the sand. Hopefully this situation will come to a Peaceful conclusion. Ace Jackson out!
  6. Just a button option to lock the skill bars at the bottom of the interface. That way if I misclick on one of the skills in the status bars it doesn't change the skill bars at the bottom. Thanks, Rip
  7. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson with a sad report Under extreme confidentiality, it has come to my attention that several individuals have been perpetrating scams in our fair Eternal Lands. Individuals who had made claims of turning over a new leaf and walking the straight and narrow, have merely been waiting for a new suckers to be fleeced. Take this as a warning that the friend you think you have might come with ulterior motives. Note* I will not divulge names, so don’t even ask. Look at that person’s past before you make that trade. Ace Jackson signing off.
  8. Assorted update ideas for Radu

    Radu said in 6 about the time I made this thread he was out of ideas for updates. Other things have been a contributing factor too.
  9. Assorted update ideas for Radu

    I would love to have this. I even asked Roja if she would make some orc models with bows. Radu has said he can't do it. I'm not sure exactly why, but ranging monsters is probably out.
  10. I was thinking that the next progression would be separate settings, item lists, recipes in mix menu, etc per character. One step at a time. I am thrilled with having this much.
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you! it works perfectly.
  12. I dl from this " Windows: https://twinmoons.org.uk/el/git/el.exe " Then in my dl file, I double clicked to install. I was thinking I might have to uninstall, then reinstall with that, but I don't know for sure.
  13. I am using Windows 10. Trying to install I get: The code execution cannot proceed because of libcal3d-12.dl was not found. Reinstalling…. It has about 2 or 3 more pop ups with The code execution... with different items.
  14. Wizards Guide to invasion fighting

    The only caveat I'd have to that is when a poly or a coca shows up.