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  1. Eternal Lands News

    The new gods Ace Jackson reporting. Today groups of young people have gathered outside the temples of Eternal Land gods. They are unhappy and are protesting that these gods do not represent their feelings, wants and desires. Though they have only been here on Eternal lands a short while, their feelings matter. They are also demanding positions of authority in the temple. It isn't fair that they should have to work their way up from acolyte to minister (non gender specific). They want their gods to take on attributes that have meaning to them. Mortos: Verbal assault, hate speech, bag jumping, pk and red states. Aluwen: Safe spaces, peace day, and joy. Her symbol would be replaced with the safety pin. Lucaa: Mother gaia, veganism and kale chips. Elandria: Big oil and GMO's. Unolas: Entertainment and sparkly stuff. Jayden: Herbal medicine and smoothies. Would work closely with Lucaa. Selain: Peta, ALF and polar bears. Glilin: Bridges and stuff. Zarin: Jewelry, weddings and consumerism. LaForge: Ships, flying things and fidget spinners. Galienne: Little black dresses, spring break and hooking up. Xiao: Hurdled accusations, paper airplanes and sling shots. Dvar: Mother's basement. These young people are also asking that every new day they get 5000 experience points just for saying that god's name. What future ramifications these protests bring is anyone's guess. Ace Jackson out!
  2. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson with an update to my last story. It seems an orc army invaded Tarsengaard today. Daritha's defense forces were in full battle array and defending the city. From a secret location, up in a tree, I overheard one castellan telling the other that they were bribed to invade. I'm not quite sure the meaning of all this, but I will keep digging to get to the truth. Ace Jackson out!
  3. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson with an investigative report. Today I was shooting the breeze with Jade when Daritha and her retinue paraded by. The reflection on the bronze armors was blinding. Each of her lieutenants was outfitted in the same armor and carried a dragon blade or titanium axe and shield. "There goes the armor queen," Jade replied. "What do you mean," I asked. She proceeds to tell me that Tarsengaard taxes have gone up to pay for an orc invasion that's just on the horizon. Daritha has been claiming that an orc army is going to march from South Kilaran though Norcarn and into Tarsengaard. She needs better armor and weapons for the TG defense force. The problem is that she has made this claim for the last 2 years. Going next to the Magic School, I went up stairs and talked with Mario and Rosalyn. Both said that tuition and fees have tripled since last year. Down stairs I next interviewed Grand Master Jerun. As part of the Tarsengaard ruling council, he related the numerous weapon/armor requisition requests submitted by Daritha. Leaving him, I was stumped. Her small guard couldn't possibly use all the armor and weapons she collects daily. What is she doing with all the extra stuff? Leaving the school, I thought I'd go to the tavern and do some thinking. Just as I was entering, Logan staggered past me leaving. Standing there watching, he made a bee line for garrison. A few moments later, I watched him leave with a sack over his shoulder. Following him, he went to White Stone docks. Trik went though the bag and paid him for the contents and Logan returned to TG. From the back of the room I watched as Logan and Daritha split the sack of coins. This story is far from over, but unfortunately I can no longer show my face in Tarsengaard. You'll see my want ad in the classifieds for a color change stone and paid name change. I hear the black cloaks are hunting for me.
  4. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson here with an EL news report Today's acid rain day has caused quite a stir among the races today. Dwarves are calling it a bogus accusation that they are responsible for the acid rain. They say it is elvish magics that are the cause of the acid rains not their iron mills. Elves on the other hand say gnomes mining and smelting hydrogenium are the real culprits to the environmental disaster. The humans are just thankful that they are not to blame for once. People's armor and weapons are falling off them like fall leaves from the trees. I spoke with one person who requested that his Alphabetic name not be revealed, "Woops.. what happens when you go afk Your Red Dragon Helm has been destroyed." Whatever the cause, this terrible day will be one to be remembered. Ace Jackson, out!
  5. Scammed or stolen character sales warning. First let me state: Eternal Lands does not officially support character sales. Any sales are done at buyers/sellers own risk. EL cannot be held responsible for deals gone bad. Scammed or stolen characters will NOT receive name changes. Before you buy any character, I strongly suggest you do a search to see if that char had been stolen or scammed. Giving out your password is giving away your character. See rule 8. If your char is scammed or stolen from you, the name should be posted here as a warning to others.
  6. My best guess is you didn't fully think these ideas though and how they would effect the game.
  7. My thoughts exactly, or just another #bad day to be removed. Waste of time.
  8. New daily fight quest

    If I had a say in the exp payout, something like fluffies would pay higher because of the # of maps to check. They would pay higher than feros with 3 maps to check or dcw with only 2 maps to check or leg orcs. The hardness of the hunt adds to the payout. Dealot, I really feel it's meant for higher level players. They have haidir to climb the ladder with, then they can graduate to the big boy/girl pants. Any NPC is fine.
  9. NPC Heimdall wants to find the strongest, smartest fighters. He'll ask you to go kill a monster, fluffy up to blue dragon. He will tell you what monster, but not what map. It can be on any map they naturally spawn, i.e. fluffy rabbits spawn in c1 on GP, SKF, KF and TD, c2 II, Kus, Mel and SRM. The server will randomly pick 1 fluff on one of those maps. You have to find the monster and kill it, "Congratulations, you killed the fluffy." Return to Heimdall and get your reward, exp and gold coins, payout would be equal to the challenge. This isn't a go find a spawn and kill 30 of something. It's a hunting mission. Of course getting the red dragon would mean 1 of 2 places. Black, ice and blue would only have 1 location. It would be broken into 3 skill levels. 100-125, 125-155, 155+. Limited to higher level monsters simply because there are just too many low level monsters. Imagine trying to find 1 brown rabbit in all of EL. I'd give up. If you get something you can't kill, use a pass or get help. Pro's: NEW daily. Something for high level fighters to do. Cons: Nothing for lower level fighters. You have to hunt it down, not easy. Side note, could add a new Eng item, monster finder. Heimdall's monster would show on it. Save you from having to kill every monster on the map. If you don't like the idea, fine. Be nice and constructive. If implemented, you are not required to do it.
  10. New Helm of Life and Mana's

    Here is one positive reason to add other helms of life and mana.... [UnderrTaker @ 6]: hahaha[16:44:03] Your Red Dragon Helm Of Life and Mana has been destroyed [16:44:04] UnderrTaker decided to help with the overpopulation problem... Broken helms add chances for bricks to fall.
  11. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Ok, I just spent the last several hours trying to break ANYTHING. FULL RED ASTRO, plus a more grief day. Wearing a tit helm only with a drag blade, I killed strong monsters, I killed weak monsters. I pvp with Angler for over an hour, nothing broke. The quest for me is broken. Last item glitch has me. I give up, its not worth the frustration.
  12. New Helm of Life and Mana's

    I like the idea. It's new, we need new every so often
  13. Eternal Lands News

    A bridge too far. An Ace Jackson in-depth report. Ad: Haidir's pest removal services. Are rabbits eating your cabbage? Does yeti scare off your customers? Is your ship infested with rats? Haidir's pest removal services are for you. Haidir's highly trained exterminators will eliminate your troubles. Contact Haidir today. Are you in need of work? High danger, low pay not a problem for you. Contact Haidir today! While making my rounds today, I needed to get my knife sharpened. I proceeded to Jandir's Smithy. She sharpened my knife quick as you please. She then told me the price was 3 gcs including Gondric's bridge to nowhere tax. I asked her what that was. She replied that 15 years ago there was a bridge crossing the river. Some beavers built a dam and when the spring floods came it washed out the bridge and the beaver dam. King Gondric showed up in all his pomp and bluster. He said this is a terrible catastrophe. He would have a new bridge built; instituting a 33% sales tax to pay for it. Until that time they cut down a few trees for people to cross the river on. Questioning Lavinia she confirmed the story. I then asked why hasn't the bridge been built with such a heavy tax collected? They had no idea. Going outside, I saw my news rival Beth Ann nosing about so I quickly hurried to the general store to see what Michael could tell me. Michael was only too happy to spill the beans on everything he knew. It seems the King has had a standing order for large quantities of meats, cheeses and breads shipped to his cavern every Friday morning. Valeria in the tavern across the way also had standing orders for wine, ale and mead sent down to the King no later than Friday afternoon. My nose was on a story and this reporter was going to see it though. Crossing the old trees that served as a bridge in the Valley of the Dwarves I made my way to Gerund the blacksmith. I asked him about the bridge and this is what he told me. He submitted plans to Minel the engineer in Norcarn 12 years ago. My next stop was to see Minel. On my way down to Norcarn, I noticed Erokin eyeing me. Just before I left the VOTD I saw him running off toward town. Talking with Minel got me nowhere. He said he approved the plans and submitted them to the King's steward for funding and work to begin. A little frustrated, I sat down next to Koki, we made small talk for a few minutes. Erokin suddenly ran right past me and threw open the door to Minel's. I quickly jumped up and ran off in another direction. Hiding over by Buni I saw Erokin come out and stomp off back toward the VOTD. I needed to go directly to the big man himself, King Gondric. Back in the VOTD I tried to sneak into the Kings cave, but Erokin was standing guard. Luck would have it that just at that moment someone came running saying a mountian chim was trying to get into the valley from Kilaran. Erokin hurried off. Now the rest of this story came at great personal danger to me. I entered the cave. Quickly I ran through the cave, I grabbed a loaf of bread and made my way to second level. Ingrid was staring blankly out over the ledge as I went down the ladder I hoped would take me to the king. There were female orcs everywhere. I had to dodge and duck past them at every turn. An orc was coming so I ducked down this hall. Looking behind me I saw a big banquet table loaded down with food and booze. Gilrand was there. I asked the gnome what he was doing. He said he was Gondric's personal chef. Golden rings and chains adorned his fingers and neck. This gnome was paid handsomely for his services. Making my way to the king, I could see that he'd been drinking. Finally noticing me he and asked if I was the engineer with the trops to keep the FOrcs away. I told him no, I am Ace Jackson with EL news. He replied, I don't speak to no stinking press without my attendant here. King Gondric, I said, I am here to ask you about the sales tax for a bridge that has never been built. A sobered look crossed his face. I have been assured by my attendants that funds have been nearly acquired to begin work on VOTD Bridge. Then the process of selecting a construction company can begin. You mean to tell me in the 12 years since the plans for a new bridge had been drawn up you have not selected a construction company yet? This is an ongoing process and companies need to be interviewed. Environmental impact studies made. I blurted in with payoffs, kick backs and graft. Not hearing me the king replied with, exactly, exactly. Thank you your majesty, you have given me all I needed to know. I hightailed it out of there.
  14. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson here talking to the world's oldest monster caretaker. "Mr. Wiggins is it true you left the yeti cage door open?" "All I know is total panda-moni-um broke out." "Is it true that the yeti began opening the other cage doors?" <Checks his depends.> "I um.... what time is it?" "Sir I am trying to get an accounting of how this terrible invasion broke out." "I got to get home to see Matlock."
  15. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson here with another Fly-by-night report. A word from our sponsor: Alduron's custom clothing. Are you tired of the same ol', same ol'? Alduron has a custom for you! Alduron will create a custom designed especially for you. She has teams of enslaved under paid gnome seamstresses to manufacture the right custom clothing for you. Contact Alduron today! Now with our special report. Word has come to me that our dear Community Manager Aislinn had left on a much needed vacation. She had been working for 15 years straight without any leave. No sooner had she left when all heck broke loose. The senior moderators took over Aislinn's office. Wizzy was seen bringing in cases of whiskey. Thyra was right behind him with a wagon filled with beer. RipTide had a table in the corner, cards and poker chips stacked in front of him. The normally reserved Darrock was seen dancing to the music emanating from a dwarf band playing. The band was playing the song Tequila makes her clothes fall off. Revi was in the kitchen cooking. Somehow he had hacked Aisy's Amazing account and had gourmet foods shipped in. Ben and WeaverDas were standing guard outside keeping a keen eye open for Radu. The party was in a righteous roil. Wizzy was stumbling around with no pants on. Darrock was carrying the dwarf lead singer singing with him. Vanyel was drunk telling English jokes in Polish. Apparently RipTide isn't the card shark he thinks he is. Apparition had come in cleaned him out. Weaver and Ben must have been nipping at the adult beverages; both were passed out on the front doorstep when Radu showed up.