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  1. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    M&p must have a terrible break rate then. Even with good astro my alt breaks a few of them. I don't have my origional counters, but since I've come back to the game, I've broken 41 m&p in 15,000 srs. That's too high esp with fewer tears perk.
  2. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    I had the same issue today with my alt. He broke 6 m&p in under 1000 sr's. He has lesser tears perk as well.
  3. Guild Color Code Playernames

    I like this. Though, mods can still make players PK-able and their name turns red.
  4. Universal Hood

    True, for fighting it would suck. Like I said earlier, a ranger boost would be good. How about some kind of ranger boost, plus gives the benefit of a night visor when mixed with passive camo cloak.
  5. Universal Hood

    The hoods always reminded me of Robin Hood. I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of ranging hood. I'm not sure what perk it would give though.
  6. Serpent sword of death

    This is funny, I was thinking of this the other day, a tit short of poison (5% chance to poison.) I was thinking of calling it sword of the Assassin. I wasn't going to suggest it, most suggestions go unnoticed.
  7. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Personally, I think all the skills should have a BB, Att, Def, Range and mag. Just some books you shouldn't be able to read more than once or less exp each time after the first. I don't want to see "end game" items flood in. We need the OA cap raised to 200. imho I agree that players should be able to mix all bb.
  8. EXP Bonus after the kill

    It would: end afk drop farmers end tank builds. nope, they take longer than 15 rounds to kill something. You may not get a exp bonus on dragons, but you'd rack up bonuses on all the leg orcs, yeti, and other lower level monsters that you therm serp your way though in an invasion. In essence, you'd get a full 15 round a/d exp for every monster you sliced though.
  9. EXP Bonus after the kill

    Before someone gets their panties in a bunch, I am neither for or against this idea. I would take some of the att and def exp 10% off the top. Then give that back to them at the end as a bonus, reduced by the number of rounds it takes to kill the monster. i.e. My new fighter alt gets 22 att and 60 def exp from a male orc. Bonus exp would be this: 2+6=8*15=120/2, which equals 60 att and 60 def. Then I'd reduce it by the number of round it takes to kill the monster. If you killed the monster instantly, you'd get the full 60 att and 60 def. If you took all 15+ rounds to kill the monster, you'd get 0. Fighting the orc he'd get 20 att and 58 def exp.
  10. Books Gerund does not want

    Yes, +1!
  11. 1 I'd like to see you kill a black dragon with a 121 char, SOLO toe to toe, no ranging! I'll place the dragon for you to kill anytime you want. 2 it's not do-able with all around char without pr0 fighting perks.
  12. forgotten password

    Hi, the only way to get a password reset, is to pay for it. You'd need to pay radu $5 for his time to change it. Judging from the char Deadline, http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=deadline it's probably not worth your time. Just make a new char, unless you are set on having that name. GL
  13. Of course not, but... 130-135 cannot kill Lorcs, giants, acw or dragons. Radu has said haidir is geared to 130's being the top monster level. We need something other than haidir for this. An NPC that won't even talk with you until you are 150's. Secondly, 1 player has stopped all hydro runs. You really think that he wouldn't stop everyone from killing the RD on a tzu? How about bombing people trying to kill icy. The abuse can be endless given the right circumstances.
  14. I totally agree! Imagine on a Tzu someone taking a dragon spawn just to prevent everyone from doing their haidir. Already, we have the Novac quest blocked at Armed Orcs and the red dragon. We have enough blocked resources as it is, no reason to add another.
  15. I agree with Vino. We'd have to place the right monster, the programming would be a nightmare. And personally, invasions for me are a brick drop fest. I look at a red named monster and I drop a brick. I would like to see haidir expanded to high level monsters, but it would have to be a different daily. The top A/D level for haidir monsters is 135. That is why we don't have LOrcs, ACW and giants.