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  1. Control Rosto Prices

    You guys don't flipping get it. NPC sales of bricks are NEVER going to happen. Lesser types of bricks are NEVER going to happen. None of you will know how many times we suggested in mod for radu put on a shop sale and it didn't happen. He isn't interested in lowering brick prices. He isn't interested in doing updates to the game anymore. We got kaddy buying up all the cheap bricks so he can invent a crisis that we need a cheaper alternative or something. All he did was hurt the little guys struggling to enjoy the game. And I don't need your magnanimous "let me replace your brick" offer. I can buy my own bricks IF they are there on the market to buy. From here I'll keep quiet.
  2. Control Rosto Prices

    Farming brickers and casty with brownie tokens has worked out good for you, I am so glad you have the gcs. This is what you've done to me personally: I DO NOT have rl $ to buy bricks from the shop. Spending money here is not an option. Pay the heating bill or buy bricks?? Since I cannot replace the brick I lost yesterday, I am unable to go to anymore invasions. By that same token, there are many people in the same boat. I'm not going to make an invasion that some poor slob like myself loses the equipment because he cannot buy a brick to cover. So until the prices come back down, if I make an invasion at all it will be capped at low levels with easy monsters and no bosses. good luck with all them bricks, I don't know what you'll use them for. I must add, the price from me for brownie tokens is 2 rostos or 300kgcs each.
  3. Instead of a delete, lets make it hide or maybe both. Then maybe a box with show hidden names. Someone might want that test char again.
  4. one thing that just came to my mind, ofc you've probably thought of it already, a remove or hide name check box or something like that. Not for char sellers, but for someone who might make a test char or if they decide they don't want to play that char anymore. Just keeps things neat and tidy.
  5. Personally I would love to see a drop down menu with all your characters names in the log in screen, and we might as well go all the way with a remember password check box. No one uses my laptop but me. Neither my kids or wife will touch it. Nor do I care if they did. I don't save pw's on my computer at all, but for EL I wouldn't mind. This would have to be part of a 1.95.(something) DL. I am not techy enough to do it. I am very thankful of you techy types!
  6. Eternal Lands News

    I just want everyone to know that I've not stopped writing. I just haven't had any good ideas lately and I'm working on another writing project. There will be more. I just need an idea for something.
  7. Enhanced Harvester Medallion

    The biggest problem with this idea is macro harvesting. From time to time macroing is still a problem. They do get caught, btw. Rat tokens make regaining ap really easy. It's simply a 24/7 harv fest for someone macroing.
  8. Assorted update ideas for Radu

    Mod chat idea: Ivanka invisible little pink dragon 1200 hp. Roams c2 caves. non aggressive like Ivan. Something for the 160's+ to hunt
  9. Fire Essence

    They are in your storage. Not far from the tutorial npc, is newbie sto. Good luck!
  10. As the title says. Things not in a thread: Sslessar poison should stack. Cave in AA marked BD cave has no dragon. There are a few books that have no use, therm serp etc. Having Betty buy them would help. Everything would be the same, just a different helm. Add any you think I missed. I am sure there are other things, just can't remember them atm.
  11. IP Banned

    If you have a dynamic ip, it might have gone into a range that had been banned because of problem. Unplug your modem for 10 mins and plug it back in. That will reset the IP and should fix the problem. You can also get whitelisted, but that is a Radu thing and you'd have to wait for him.
  12. Eternal Lands News

    Ace Jackson returns report!! The great yellow cloak rebellion Strange magical occurrences have been happening all over our world. People, animals and monsters alike would freeze in place, unable to move. A group concerned citizens, lead by the master mage Wizzy, all wearing a yellow cloak gathered before teh god today. They were seeking a rebirth of Lands Eternal. Teh sleeping god seemingly ignored them for a period of time. Some began chanting restart, restart, restart. " Wizzy: We need to get #45daybug and #yellowcape trending." Threats were sent, Wizzy: [PM to radu: We may have to soon escalate and resort to violence]. HiT: maybe if we all #suicide it will make radu do something HiT has become better at dying. Slowly teh god awoke, " radu: ....." The gathered yellow cloaks erupted, " Biker_Boy: Hi, Biker_Boy: RESTART, Xyleon: oi boss, Wizzy: The yellow capes protest, Shantak: Restart!" A grumble deep within Eternal Lands could be heard all over. Then a loud voice sounded. "#Message from radu: ok, ok, server restart in a few minutes." Cheers came from the crowd. Xyleon was so overcome with joy he died on the spot. Then teh god spoke, "radu: those are orange, not yellow, btw." Aislinn: "closest we've got" Shantak: "wizzy's colorblind." The finger pointing began, Shantak: "he organized it." Teh god spoke again, "#Message from radu: kk, come back in half a minute or so, #Message from God: Server going down..." Lands Eternal was rebirthed. Hawks and falcons flew, deer roamed, and all was good in the land. Ace Jaskon out!
  13. Eternal Lands News

    This is my last report. Ace Jackson is bidding you all a fond farewell. The stories have come to an end. I thank all my readers. Due to popular demand, my contract has been extend. Of course the publisher declined to increase my pay, but for the good of the community, I will endeavor to give you the best news stories money can buy! Ace Jackson~ OUT!
  14. Eternal Lands News

    The contest. Mortos that evil god of death held a contest today. Many a brave soul came to fight. First up was Busterblader. He made a good showing up until the hawks came out. True to form his Ornithophobia came out and he was quick to dis and flee. Next up was Kaddy. This master at arms gobbled his way through every monster Mortos could throw at him up to and including the blue dragon. His only bane was the Neno. Wizzy came next. Without magic he's going to have a tough time winning this competition. The summons of the master wizard gave him a much needed boost. His giants ate Achims, leg orcs. The little blue dragons proved to be his undoing. Still, a very respectable showing. Ymir was next. He was valiant up until the leg orcs showed the angels coming to assist him. Wakko came next. Early on an ACW broke his RDHLM. For any mere mortal this would have been a death sentence, but not for Wakko. He fought his way through everything that was thrown at him. He damaged the Neno, but was unable to finish off the blue dragon. Hit came after Wakko. Hit too did very well, but the little dragons set him on a highway that took him to a very hot place. In the end it was Kaddy and Wakko the winners of this competition. They truly deserved to be the winners. Good Job both of you! Ace out.
  15. Eternal Lands News

    Remorselessness An Ace Jackson society report! [AD] Sloan's Legal and Banking services Do you need legal advice? Were you unjustly banned? Our legal expert Sloan has just finished his mail order degree in legal services. He can argue your case in court to get your ban lifted. He can sue the pants off your adversary. All this for his outrageously expensive fee. PM Sloan today! [/AD] Has being remorse about a misdeed become passé? I have 3 unrelated stories about the sorry state of our society. The first story is about a businessman who would tear down his competitor's advertising. Make up lies about his competitors. When he was finally called on it, he blamed his competitor, blamed the governing authorities for his actions. Never once taking fault for his wrong doing. The second story involves the ranging arena in Grubani. The only rule is no automatic loaders without supervision. One of the locals was training in the arena. He didn't feel he needed to be supervised while using his autoloader. Narhawk the arena operator confronted the man asking why he didn't get supervised while using the autoloader. The man instead of being remorse over his action, he blamed Narhawk. It would have only been a 24 hour ban; instead it turned into a 30 day ban. The final story involves one of our most beloved and trusted mods (he made me write this). This mod was accused of doing something despicable and dastardly. A thing he was totally innocent of. The accuser instead of being remorse over this matter, continued on as if nothing had happened. To quote an old bard, "Sorry seems to be the hardest word!" Ace Jackson out!