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  1. Adding new invadable bosses

    I've asked for dilimac, scarba/labagiu/jegos to be invade-able. Wizzy and I have both come up with new monsters, bosses and such to make invasions more interesting. Nothing we have suggested has been even considered. I even asked that the "boss" male/fem gobs feature be added to all the other monsters. Just to add some spice to the game. Can't beat a dead horse.
  2. Nexus Tether perk

    Don't be too hard on Cals, Kaddy. Redeemer is soooo far away from haidir, it's hard to walk all the way over there for powerups. Plus, some people have way too many PP and would be happy to spend 7 on this perk
  3. and getting caught in an invasion spawn of 50+ PW's is a good way to glow yourself to death in seconds. A pw's self destruct can be the deadliest perk in the game if used properly. A brick hunter's dream.
  4. new rare manu items

    Not a bad idea, maybe some of the items need tweaked, but I am in favor of low level stuff for newbies. Can't be overly common, but common enough to be cheap. maybe 1/3000 mixes. Breakage/degrade should be the same as the regular counterparts. This will keep the price lower. It does a newbie no good to have something cost a ton of money.
  5. I don't think it is a good idea to have a GIWS during another invasion. All the fighters will be at the invasion, leaving the GIWS monsters to cause trouble for people who don't like to fight. Also, the server will clear all the invasion monsters after the time has expired. It's happened to me.
  6. Hey it worked! I didn't need the contest char log ins anymore. Thanks much! RT
  7. Is there a way to delete unused chars in the log in list? If not, maybe a delete char box could be added.
  8. I would rather see a non aggressive nasp roaming KJ. Call it a swamp thing
  9. Merry Christmas everyone

    Thank you for all the well wishes. This has been a much needed break. I do miss you guys. I wish you all a safe happy New Year!
  10. Merry Christmas everyone

    I pray you all have a wonderful and blessed day! Take care, RT
  11. *I AM NOT AGAINST THE IDEA* That said, I see this as a pr0 farm monster. Pr0's like Kaddy (I am not picking on you, just stating a fact) who are not afraid of or have no qualms about pking someone, will farm this monster to the Nth degree. I've no solution on how to combat that either. Capping won't work. Just use an under cap alt to kill it while the over cap stands guard. Good luck
  12. I think Wizzy came up with this idea. Make them single use, but 100 per mix. It was a good idea then
  13. I suggested this 6 months ago to radu. More monsters, more maps and bigger variety of monsters. I hope you get it.
  14. this game needs a new start!

    As per radu, "the server is still working fine, there is no need for an update or restart."