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  1. this game needs a new start!

    As per radu, "the server is still working fine, there is no need for an update or restart."
  2. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    May we have a break down on the scoring for the event?
  3. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    WTH is this implying?
  4. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    To begin with, Wizzy said it wasn't a 24/7 slug fest race to the top. Nor was it a contest where you spend a month's pay on #day stones. Now, since you bacons have decided that you've already won the contest, what is the point in even showing up? Your numbers don't mean jack to me.
  5. Enhanced Unicorn Medallion

    I've never used one to be honest, but I agree that they shouldn't break so easy.
  6. Day of the Black Unicorn

    #GM from RipTide: I think cals does illegal pharma. it's the only excuse for some of the stuff that comes out of her head
  7. Instance mode adjustment

    Yeah, I was looking for a 1 button click all adjustment. so I could just click instance mode and all those settings would be changed in 1 click
  8. When I fight in an invasion I like to turn on instance mode. It raises my banner up above the names of the monsters. I have health numbers on, but I also will turn on health bars, ether bars and ether numbers and banner background. I looked in options and didn't see anything like what I am asking. Could instance mod be adjusted to have sub categories? So by selecting instance mode it would turn on or off the things I have preset. it would look something like this. * Instance mode Show names Show Health numbers Show health bars Show Ether numbers Show Ether bars Banner background So you could turn on or off any or all of these options. I know you are busy so there is no rush.
  9. Assorted update ideas for Radu

    Added ROT past npcs.
  10. Ok, I’ll start by saying that there is no monster in EL that 52’s cannot solo. I have watched Cher solo a bricker. Other than having to restock once, it was little effort on her part. She might say different, lol. I know others have solo'd casties. Here is the quick version for the A.D.D. impaired. Gray Necro dragon, 10,000+ hp. Equipped with a COTU, a dragon blade and PD COTU will prevent quick kills from brownie tokens. Dragon blade will mana drain or mana burn attackers mana. The drop should be worth the effort of killing it. Longer version for the more patient. One of the most deadly perks is self destruct. I got caught in Wizzy spawning 50+ phantom warriors and he nearly bricked me in seconds. As fast as I was killing them, I was losing Hps. No magic protects from SD. The gray Necro dragon could spawn 50 phantom warriors at some point, 5000 or 6000 hp like casties/brickers do. Maybe again at 4000 hp. Again, drop should make it worth the effort of killing.
  11. Daily Quests

    People have been asking for this for years.
  12. Lock hud button for skill bars

    Thank you, works wonderfully
  13. Lock hud button for skill bars

    I am a winblows slave and not a techy dude, so it would need to be a dl for me.
  14. Lock hud button for skill bars

    Hi, what is the status on this?