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  1. Greater feasting potion?

    Most people just go for IEDP. Bones are cheap and easy to come by. Then there are those that use toads. It's not a bad idea, but I'd rather use bones.
  2. More Mini Bosses!

    This would supply months of updates. If radu does several a month, some high level, some low level, it would take a few months to get them all.
  3. More Mini Bosses!

    I have been saying this for a long time. Some, who's names will be unmentioned, have poo poo'd it. They don't like getting mirrored by a fem gob or some such. My suggestion would be that all the creatures and monsters have a "boss" version that shows up randomly. From rabbit to blue dragon, let them all have a boss with a possibility of bonus drops.
  4. IMHO, I've always thought that trade bots should be in market stalls. It looks better and gives the bots more of a trade appearance. How difficult would it be to raise bot names up slightly so that their names are visible or simply pick the stalls without a roof. The above statement is my own personal opinion and has no bearing what will actually happen when all things are said in DONE. If you don't like it, don't come off on me
  5. Shop item Cloak of MORE tears

    This is kind of like buying an uber pro char. IIRC, you said bought your char after all the break quests were done by SOMEONE else I love it how people seem to know how long someone has been trying to break something. 2 years on damaged red dragon armor is just a drop in the bucket and not just doing dailies.
  6. Since some of us have been on these break quests since EL time began and still not completed them because something JUST WON'T break. How about a new shop only item, Cloak of More Tears. 10% chance to break something you are wearing. Of course the cloak itself would be unbreakable.
  7. Save Morcraven Marsh!

    you wanted a map, here ya go. No bottle neck at the path leading to the top of the hill. The only bottle neck will be a the gate to the city. Once the monsters are cleared in the city, they can be kept out.
  8. Save Morcraven Marsh!

    I've always liked Theli map best for a new invance map. keep the monsters from house at the top of the hill. Monsters would spawn inside the city and outside. You would have to clear the city, then clear the outside map. Plenty of places to fight and range from. You could leave the outside pk too.
  9. Report the Little Bugs Now for fixing in 1.9.6

    In CC, 140 81 is xaq's flowers. If you misclick and click the wall, you end up inside the cave. Can we get the door entrance narrowed down?
  10. Graphics problem, drivers are up to date

    God Bless you man, that worked I am not a tech guy and was about to give up. and thank you Aisy,
  11. Graphics problem, drivers are up to date

    Thank you, I picked an earlier version of my drivers and it didn't work.
  12. Graphics problem, drivers are up to date

    I can't find another diver. The one I have is from 5/19/2020 and it's worked properly until this morning. I've tried updating and it's the current version and there is nothing to roll back too. Intel UHD Graphics 620 (Driver date 5/19/2020)
  13. Graphics problem, drivers are up to date

    Nothing is seeming to work. I have intel graphics as well. Something they did. Lovely winblows gave me a new Intel graphics control panel yesterday. I uninstalled that to see if it fixed the issue and ofc no.
  14. Horrizontal Green Lines

    Mine is intel as well. I'm not getting the option to roll back my drivers.