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  1. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Of course Aislinn is right. This issue has be debated to the point of ad nauseam. Pounding sand can make frustrations pass easier.
  2. Neno hunting rules and bans

    All rules should be spelled out on the forum to make it clear for everyone to follow. The exception being some rules will have an *. The * denotes that a certain player need not follow that rule. [/muck raking] The above is my personal opinion and in no way reflect the opinions of the staff and management of EL.
  3. hello can i get my account unbanned ? Name SarcaTus

    Aislinn has said that old accounts that have been locked due to rule violations will not be unlocked. You will have to start a new character.
  4. Maximum food lvl

    Seems like a tool for macroing. I'd say no to it.
  5. Renewing EL website

    I like the change, but miss the new topic feature that was on the side. it helped me find spam easier
  6. Suggestions for new Haidir missions

    I remember now why LOrcs, giants and drags are not added to haidir. The way haidir is set up, the top fighting range is 130 a/d and up. Giants, Lorcs and drags would be much too hard for 130's. Without a big programming change, any harder monsters will not be added to haidir anytime soon. Sorry to be the barer of bad news. I have already suggested LOrcs and giants to radu. My last suggestion was to add 4 LOrcs and a second giant to Theli for a daily. As you can see he jumped right on it The problem with RD is that someone would live at that spawn and prevent anyone from completing their daily. The ID would be PK bait. Lastly, who the heck would want to kill the BD? It's hard to kill and the drop sucks. Good luck though!
  7. Guild Stone

    I see it as another "pay to win" item.
  8. Final Token Effects Possibilities

    Apply only to that token or one token apply to all haidir? Rabbit token for rabbit quest, rat token for rat quest, etc., or panther token to any haidir? Either way would be neat. As per Radu, passes are one of his best selling shop items. I highly doubt that anything effecting dailies will even be considered. I don't even know what tokens are left. I think orc and fem orc haven't been used. How about one of them increasing mule EMU for a short time? Or, a physique bonus. It would give extra emu or damage in combat. Either way, just my 2 cents. Have fun with your game and take care!
  9. Ban-Not asking for a unban- Questions

    Stop making new postings to ask for an unban. Keep it to this one only.
  10. Old school global invasion

    I think I can speak for both of us and say we were very happy to do it. If real life had been a little less demanding, you'd still be hunting them monsters.
  11. Ranging fix

    I have had my ranging alt killed because of this "feature." I've learned to step in "too close" then take a step back. Works like a charm. Just new rangers don't know this. I am all for fixing anything that needs fixing. Just sometimes the fix isn't exactly what we asked for.
  12. New creatures

    My simple list: Fog of war. High camo for invasion monsters. invisible red dragons hard to see. hard to know whats attacking you in a multi fight. Invisible red dragons, same stats as a regular red drag, just invisible: a/d 150/150, health 3500 Yeti monster named Breaker tough on weapons and armor: Att/Def 160/135, phy 52, coord 52, reason 52. health points 900. High Crit and mirror. Boss Hawk, uses phoenix model. (not sure stats, just an idea.) Boss dragons with these perks (breath weapons): a red dragon with mana burn. Black dragon that poisons. Ice dragons with freeze. Blue dragons with glow. Each dragon can cast their spells multiple times. Red Mars dragon: Attack/Defense 155/160. Health points 4500, p 48, c 48, r 12, w 4, i 28, V 4. carries dragon blade (like casty gsm) to use mana burn perk. Black Nero dragon: Att/Def 165/165 HP 4500. p 52, c 48, r 16, w 4, i 32, v 4. has poison (like skunks, red snake), mirror skin perk. Ice Hail dragon Att/Def 175/170, HP 8000, p 52, c 52, r 4, w4, I 48, v 24. Carries titanium axe of freezing (like casty gsm). Spider paralyze perk. Blue Titan dragon Att/Def 179/179, HP 15000, p 52, c 52, r 52, w4, I 24, v 52. Carries Scythe and SOM (like casty gsm). Self destruct perk or glow.
  13. All hydro route to be PK?

    Stivy, you killed my alt a few years ago making a hydro run. I spent months mining iron, fe ings, and coal. Watching you take it with very little effort, caused me to say forget it. I'll never do that again. A 130's (at the time) had no chance of killing you or uzb. I still couldn't. I am not a pk'r, never have been. You're a road block to be people who need hydro, not to the "pr0's" that have arrived (aka char buyers).
  14. Make KF less predictable

    I was just jumping to a conclusion about your motives like you did about mine on something.
  15. All hydro route to be PK?

    The hydro ore can be mined by the use of snake tokens. Yes it's a pain, but it isn't undo-able and if you are up to mining hydro, you should be able to take the time for snake tokens. The armed orc should be changed to another map. I have seen one instance already where Stivy refused to let someone kill the novac orc. I am sure there is more, but only the one I am aware of. and +1 Wizzy!