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  1. Storm Cloud Invasion

    Dark clouds gather under the red moon. Reports that strange things are happening across the globe are coming in. Warriors, Archers and wizards be prepared. Staged Invasion starting in 30 mins Starting in Desert pines and Tarsengaard All maps will be safe apart from First wave: Desert pines 25 cap , Tarsengaard 40 cap to start then 50 cap Second Wave: Sedicolis, 70 cap Egratia Point, 90 cap Third Wave: North Redmoon 110 cap , Melinis 130 cap Forth Wave: Ruins of Tyrnim 150 cap then uncapped Plus random pk maps though out the invasion (announced in channel 6) as always keep an eye on channel 6 for more information
  2. names above chars gone

    Are you using the latest android version? What phone have you got? When this happened to me i had too Reinstall, not been an since using the latest version however. Then when you exit the game try #exit rather than just closing the app. Hope this helps.
  3. Phone upgrade, was actually a downgrade!!!

    Hi, i had the same problem on my phone. I had to go into phone settings and tell it too not run the el in full screen mode. That Fixed it right up
  4. Blood of the Sorcerer

    A silent hush fell upon the halls of the school of magic's depths as the Ancient Sorcerer stepped from the shadows his commander kneeling before him "He has taken the scroll my lord as you predicted" The Echoing laughter that followed even made the commander shiver "of course he did my dear fool, make sure our forces are prepared. those so called warriors will fall into our hands and we shall crush them in a single night! then Draia will be mine" The commander crawled away and began directing his lieutenants watching Orc's and ogres grabbing for spears and clubs, Feroses began ushering the fluffies into the transport pens, Yeti's dragging the bears and trices along the corridors. Craven goblins baiting and sharpening the teeth and claws of wolves and lesser critters. Whilst the dragons over looked with eager anticipation. The Commander smiled and spat upon the floor "Yes my master they will be crushed" INVASION 8th may at 8pm GMT! The hoards will be invading maps on C2 and possibly tarsengaard magic school. Be prepared All of C1 will be safe as will all inside storages on c2, as well as idaloran and port anitora.
  5. Blood of the Sorcerer

    After leaving the tavern the old man travelled on the wings of Unalas to the Magic schools of Draia searching for knowledge of his old foe. Palon Veritas was first :He went in search of ancient tomes and grimoirs for knowledge of the Sorcerer's power. Deep into the hidden places and libraries of that mystical place but Instead of books and knowledge he found traitorous wizards and dark souls hell bent of returning their old master to Draia. He discovered their plan to open portals through out the lands so that their master could send his armies once more into the realms eternal. With no chance to battle so many Warlocks he instead cloaked himself with the magic of illusion and he crept silently into the deeper levels of the once mighty school and stole fragments of Tenemets spell books, ancient crumbling pages that held the secrets to the sorcerers powers. Barely escaping with his life he returned to the Towers of Tarsengaard to seek the wizards and scholars residing there's help to decipher the infernal parchments. Yet he did not act alone, fpor he knew that battles would soon be fought so he sent trusted runners out to scout the lands for evidence of these amassing armies and too spread the word to warn and prepare warriors, wizards, summoners, archers, saints, sinners and mercenaries of all sorts and all proficiency in readiness for the battles that were sure to come. The old mans research indicates portals will be opening upon Irillion (C2) Friday 8th May at around 8pm GMT. Unless you are prepared to risk your lives for the benefit of your fellow eternals We suggest you take cover somewhere safe. (c1 will be safe apart from Tarsengaard magic school) all indoor storages on c2 will remain safe as will Port Anitora and Idaloran) Otherwise we have no idea where the portals will appear. Thyralax
  6. Blood of the Sorcerer

    An old veteran sits in the tavern returning after a long journey telling all who bought him a drink of the tale of Tenemet. that In days of old the sorcerer king rode across the lands bringing with him an army of darkness. One fateful day his army was met upon the fields of Seridia and was repelled by the brave warriors of Draia who defeated Tenemet in a ferocious and bloody battle and he was banished from our fair world along with his commanders. Many a good warrior and wizard fell that brutal day but good prevailed and peace lasted many a year." As he was about to finish his tale for today a few coins in his cap from the captive audience the door blasts open and a old warrior stumbles in "My lord my lord you have returned? the wizards of Tarsengaard were right and in time too or spies report that Orcs with Tenemets infernal symbol have been seen in small groups making ready to gather again." the old man just stands quietly and throws his cloak aside gripping his stave "Gather the warriors new and old this time we shall make sure he can never return!" Invasion will take place on Friday 8th May. 8pm GMT. All will be welcomed new and old. Be prepared for battle and riddles and a contest or two in the middle As we prepare to face an old foe in battle once more. Updates will be posted here every day on the lead up. Spread the word and be prepared. Thyralax
  7. Expiring bots

    Rostogol Owner Thyralax Due September (iirc) paid Your transaction ID for this payment is: 5BC39838CU6785827]
  8. Boss for the 80-100 Invance

    As a point last 80100 invasion i did had a giant boss and it was killed with out access to rangers or summoners. It is possible. Soould it be there? Hit and miss the 80-100 is completed with some ease and speed i would expect a few would like to see it and a few wouldnt.
  9. Game Crash

    Wow thats Nice, is that how you speak to everyone who does something for you for free? I believe sony has bugs as well no, iirc something about one or two users having security issues or something minor, nothing as serious as a few issues with a new update. Id suggest you go bathe the dog, and post when it is relevant and constructive
  10. Halloween!

    well i hope you had fun again this year, i know i did. See you all next time. P.s all halloween contests are now closed. the hyper bags were not found in time.
  11. Halloween!

    *drum roll please* The judges have chosen winners for the forum contests... winners are Nova, evilmangopie, wizzy, raistlin, little_g, hatwood, learg. each wins 45kgc (which is enough to get wizzy that rost stone he deseratly needs) Nova for story evilmangoe, raistlin, learg for lyrics/pomes Little_g, hatwood, wizzy for pictures. Thanks all
  12. Artwork Updates

    Wooohooo another new dragon and he looks mean!
  13. Scary pictures

    Sorry Yes due to being asked in game by numerous players i have extended the contest close time. I will now close this contest on friday 28th along with the others.
  14. Halloween!

    Hyper bag hunt! Whilst running accross tahraji desert i was attacked by the mischevious imp and his band of merciless woodsprites and had to hide my loot in a pair of hyperspace bags. Find a bag and forum pm me the contents and coords to win a rost stone. rules: first one to forum pm me the location and contents of a bag wins the stone. Good luck all. THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CLOSED AS IT WAS NOT COMPLETED BEFORE THE END OF HALLOWEEN
  15. Poor bula

    Poor little Billy the MB all he wants was to do is find the tavern, and he ran into a gang of bullies all picking on him.