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  1. Not sure if bug or intended

    Not that much of a problem, just fill up to 10 raw meat and cook all of them at once ;p
  2. Control Rosto Prices

    The mini rosto would be nice for invasion but not so great for instances, but anyway I think most rostos are lost from invasion, correct me if I am wrong. Lowering the rosto price to $3 seems like a good idea (with the current gc/$ market it would still mean something like 90kgc, still pricey), only problem I see is that haidir passes are still at $0.50. Making rosto $1 would mean people will not have trouble finding them at a good price, but then pretty sure radu would make even less $ (or maybe not in the long run). Good luck finding a solution See you soon in game
  3. Hero Points

    Haven't reach the level yet but the idea seems good, whether 10m exp or 20m or more exp can be discussed, it will maybe actually encourage player to train skills even after they reach oa179
  4. New Helm of Life and Mana's

    Nice can look old school with iron helm of life and mana
  5. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    Nice plan tbh +1
  6. Ranging

    Hi where do you train ranging? I think if you go in arena you can get a fairly good éxo, don't use wh bow or marksman bow when training, well if you have those perks guess it can be annoying, what's your exp/arrow anyway. And yeah I didn't max p/c at some point to maximise exp/hour on feros(not like those requires a lot of ému). Personally I use an alt to train ranging when I do train
  7. Invasion with a timer

    Hey vanyel is back beware! Should be Okk several team in map can protect lower caps, just 5k might be too much but well, try and see
  8. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    if it's only about selling your essence increasing npc price will work then, well except magic essence(too much) and death essence seems those are at a good price already
  9. Make Alchemy Great Again! ;-)

    I think this is only true for spirit essence, changing the price for spirit essence won't be that bad then, a lot of player buy essence from the npc by few hundred's k, it will be sad if the air essence for example are gone, I am not very sure it'll actually make alchemy great again, since I won't ever sell any essence. The rings are gone from npc so people need to actually mix the rings for the 100 c2 ring quest.
  10. yeah or simply give the treasure finder, the message there is no treasure atm
  11. Selling day stones and other items

    I'll buy the magic stone 150kgc*3
  12. Daily Cooldown Reducer fail rate.

    Don't spam them wait ned minute or so
  13. EL Mentors

    Just don't spoil them and it should be cool whether it's an alt or not, newbies don't need stuff they just need some advice, I can't really picture an alt sticking around for days ans asking questions about anything in game
  14. Universal Hood

    Nice ideas, the only ones I like though are the one with the non melee combat cloak since not having a col/rdholam while fighting is a pita
  15. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Now that's interesting stealing exp from others