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  1. Client changes since 1.9.5p8 - to be kept up to date

    Posting again wonder if you missed my post :P, the #q command is great, but could always had a #qd to show the details of the quantity detailed (or whatever name for a 2nd command)
  2. Afk mastery quest

    Yeah pear sounds good
  3. Afk mastery quest

    I didn't really think through the quest, was just sad because of all the bronze unused armor pieces :P, could be a redeemer reward I guess
  4. Afk mastery quest

    Was wondering if we could have a quest that provide 2x the acp regeneration, just as the day works, the idea of it being a quest is that alts canno't take it easily. The quest would be break the following sets: bronze set blue set as those weren't asked previously asked for the break quest If you have better ideas for completion of quest post here.
  5. Yes I agree it's mostly about the pandemic situation, adding few more maps would be good though to prevent people waiting, having a minimum cooldown (8-16h) would hurt even people that don't necessarily farm. Let's say 2 instance a day is 2h-2h30 of instancing, that would mean we would have to rearrange going instance with the same team, it would especially hurt if people aren't playing in the same timezone. Also I think the minimum requirement of 5 people entering instance doesn't make much sense anymore. ------------------------------------------------------------ Edit Or add another 160-180 instance besides 120-180
  6. Health change indicator

    Maybe because you harm for 0, just kidding. Yeah I was always hoping to be able to note your own damage when meleeing a monster with several people, a different color would be neat
  7. Client changes since 1.9.5p8 - to be kept up to date

    Thanks the #q uantity is working great , still I was wondering if it would be possible to see the details though, just as #calc works (the reason being to keep tracks of calculation on chat_logs) Something like this : Quantity 13333 = (15k+25k)/3
  8. Lucky Attacker/Defender Perks

    I've tested lucky attacker perk on a few chars, and seems that it works (10+ chars tested), it could very well the be monster astro that make you notice a big difference, however I didn't test lucky defender nor the deadly accuracy perk that removes negative astro penality.
  9. That sonds good, the truncated value makes sense, the one sharing could keep the few extra 5gc
  10. Adding new invadable bosses

    Yes the polyphemus is great for 100-120+ even for uncappers! since it glows. I made that suggestion having in mind the lower cap invasions, such as 80/100 cap. Drops can always be adjust if that bothers you, but yeah the idea was to have more monster. Also breakers having a different color would be nice, but I am pretty sure that would mean less rostos for radu
  11. Client Changes Since 1.9.5p6 - to be kept up to date

    Hi, I have tested the ctrl+u for the summon menu bar, it seems it isn't working at all when you summon something using a summoning STONE. It does work for rats, rabbits ( the only things I can summon). I have tried map changing and it seems to work just fine, however it doesn't work if you already have summons on the maps you have just entered (or other maps/buildings), and it won't work if you previously used ctrl+u and there were no creature around. To summer it up, it seems to be looking for the last creature you summoned, but in the case your last summoned creature isn't on the same map, the ctrl+u menu won't work No issue with ping here whatsoever
  12. IP Storage for everyone.

    Hello thinking it's a great timing to actually implemen this, as it seems there are more newbies and people playing lately, if radu is actually worried about people farming the flowers to sell NPC or to mix health essence etc (could always check how many health essence are mixed a month in game). As you suggested we could get another storage at few steps to the east of novac. The idea is to keep the afkers (those who collect ACP) out of IP so ideally would be nice to sit at sto for mixing and talking.
  13. The summoning menu makes the change for all the summons creature you owns, not only the one you have selected.
  14. Client Changes Since 1.9.5p6 - to be kept up to date

    Thanks a lot ! no more resync, I wonder if that had anything to do with me crashing time to time