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  1. Selling day stones and other items

    I'll buy the magic stone 150kgc*3
  2. Daily Cooldown Reducer fail rate.

    Don't spam them wait ned minute or so
  3. EL Mentors

    Just don't spoil them and it should be cool whether it's an alt or not, newbies don't need stuff they just need some advice, I can't really picture an alt sticking around for days ans asking questions about anything in game
  4. Universal Hood

    Nice ideas, the only ones I like though are the one with the non melee combat cloak since not having a col/rdholam while fighting is a pita
  5. Make all Big Books Makeable

    Now that's interesting stealing exp from others
  6. EXP Bonus after the kill

    To respond to some of the few questions of diealot. I haven't played OL but I would say the exp only comes when the kill is counted on the #ach; so magic, ranging, summoning, engineering won't count. multi-combat scenario I've thought of dividing the exp per amount of players fighting the creature or another case is the exp will go to the one that did most of the damage(just as gatherer works, for example if you used a summon creature and it does most of the damage no one would get the exp). The bonus being a separated exp in addition of the a/d exp you get from dodging/hitting a creature. And if a buddy of your come and damage the dragon, and you came to do the kill you would get the exp, though what could be done is exp being very little when level between player and creature is too apart. The chart above wasn't really thought over to be fair. But yeah I do see some negative impact after raising all those questions, especially in invasions.
  7. EXP Bonus after the kill

    You don't get as much exp as if you are beyond +15 a/d.(could be +20 or even; +30 starting frost troll or giants) How I picture it, exp gets divided by amount of people attacking it; Only work on melee. Kaddy will probably post something later, At 70a/d At 120a/d At 160 a/d
  8. EXP Bonus after the kill

    This sounds like a good idea as well, I couldn't care less if this get implemented as well or not. I have been trying to figure out the bonus exp depending on creature's a/d/hp own a/d, it doesn't seem that easy to come up with since it will be either too low to bother or too high when farming in invasion. If it is solely for regular training then it could not affect red name at all
  9. EXP Bonus after the kill

    sounds good Pros: No more afk farming Cons: Makes life harder for people who want to stay on cap and fight in instances (well maybe the instance monster could give no exp) a/d gap build, such as higher def will be reluctant to invasions
  10. 125 acw (or 135) 135 lorc (or 145) 145 giant (or 155) Would that be a problem for anyone who has human nexuses?
  11. KF 130 cap.

    I am quite sure you have to stand in for it to work but ok
  12. As said in the title, I'll post below some of the monster magic resistence, rationality. This is still in test but most of the thing should be very accurate, any help for more testing or confirming that the formula works would be great. Harm formula : ( (Magic level + Astro Mod) / 2 + (10..15) ) * (Rationality / 16.0) - (Target Rationality / 2 ) - 2.5 * (Magic Resistence) Life drain formula : 10 + (Magic level + Astro Mod) / 4 + (Rationality / 2) - (Target Rationality / 2 ) - (Magic Resistence / 2) Mana drain formula : ( (Magic Level + Astro Mod) / 3) + (Rationality / 2) - (Target Rationality / 2) + (10..15) Remote heal : (Rationality * Magic Level) / 48.0 + (7..12) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note that the (10..15) is a random number between 10 and 15 Note also that when for example in the harm formula you divide (Magic level + Astro Mod) / 2, it is a integer division, so for example 41 / 2 = 20 The minimum harm is 1, and the minimum life drain is 0. So here the long uncompleted list : brown rabbit : rationality 0 white rabbit : rationality 0 rat/shy rat/invisible rat : rationality 2 beaver : rationality 0 brownie : rationality 2 racoon : rationality 2 skunk : rationality 2 wood sprite : rationality 4 deer : rationality 6 leprechaun : rationality 6 small spider : rationality 8 fox : rationality 6 green/red/brown snake : rationality 8 boar : rationality 6 wolf : rationality 6 imp : rationality 4 gentoo penguin : rationality 6 king penguin : rationality 14 goblin : rationality 6 chinstrap penguin : rationality 14 skeleton : rationality 10 small/medium gargoyle/tall gargoyle : rationality 10 large spider : rationality 10 puma : rationality 6 falcon : rationality 14 hawk : rationality 14 armed skeleton : rationality 12 female goblin : rationality 12 feran : rationality 12 female orc : rationality 8 armed male goblin : rationality 14 panther : rationality 12 male orc : rationality 8 hobgoblin : rationality 16 snow leopard : rationality 24 leopard : rationality 28 troll : rationality 20 panda : rationality 24 polar bear : rationality 24 black bear : rationality 24 phantom warrior : rationality 12 grizzly bear : rationality 28 male ogre : rationality 8 armed female orc : rationality 16 armed male orc : rationality 20 tiger : rationality 40 white tiger : rationality 40 lion : rationality 26 cyclops: rationality 16 fluffy rabbit : rationality 20 leonard (alpha) : coming soon feros : rationality 20 nenorocit : coming not so soon desert chimeran : rationality 30 forest chimeran : rationality 24 sslessar : coming soon mountain chimeran : rationality 40 frost troll : rationality 40, magic resistence 0-20 yeti : rationality 40, magic resistance 0-20 legionnaire orc : coming soon cockatrice : rationality 38, magic resistance 0-15 artic chimeran : rationality 36 giant : rationality : coming soon nasty giant : rationality : coming soon nasparliu : coming soon red dragon : rationality 36, magic resistence 0-15 (need more data) little blue dragon : coming soon little pink dragon : rationality 50, magic resistence 0-15 (need more data) black dragon : rationality 40, magic resistence 0-35 (need more data) ice dragon : rationality 40, magic resistence 16-50 (need more data) blue dragon : coming soon bulangiu : coming soon mare bulangiu : rationality 44, magic resistence 25-40 (need more data) castellan : coming soon muielafermieri : coming soon tank rabbit : coming soon breaker : coming soon bricker : coming soon chitros : coming soon cocalar : rationality 46 dilimac : coming soon invdrag : coming not so soon japita : coming soon jegos : coming soon labagiu : coming soon legionnaire troll : coming soon meletean : coming soon polyphemus : coming soon scarba : coming soon Hope it'll be useful to anyone
  13. Stewie

    Better late than never!
  14. ~

    I am not hating anyone for how they play the game, I respect their gamestyle. I don't hate you I hate what you did. What guarantee do people have that you won't scam again, and if you were seeking so that you would not be labeled as 'a scammer' you should pay back what you've scammed, without needing to make a post forum, asking for people what they think. It does seem you can't enjoy the game so you are trying to do something to serve your own interest (even if it means giving 30Mgc to violater). So yeah give back the stuff and maybe you'll get that 'title' off.
  15. ~

    Live with it