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  1. Stewie

    Better late than never!
  2. ~

    I am not hating anyone for how they play the game, I respect their gamestyle. I don't hate you I hate what you did. What guarantee do people have that you won't scam again, and if you were seeking so that you would not be labeled as 'a scammer' you should pay back what you've scammed, without needing to make a post forum, asking for people what they think. It does seem you can't enjoy the game so you are trying to do something to serve your own interest (even if it means giving 30Mgc to violater). So yeah give back the stuff and maybe you'll get that 'title' off.
  3. ~

    Live with it
  4. Guild Stone

    Sounds like a good idea but should probably be more costy
  5. Sell Hydro ring in store

    Digging out an old post, still thinking Maxine suggestion is good. Hydro ring being a rare mix from ring mixing. As long as it isn't easy to get, the hydro ring seem to be super rare to get. 1:1000 or 1:1500 seems to be a good ratio considering the amount of ings needed to mix rings
  6. Hi all, I have been curious/looking at bosses spawned in invasions and I heard some aren't invadable as of dilimac, scarba/labagiu/jegos.(80/100/120 bosses). I think it would be cool to have them in invasions as well, of course they don't need to drop the special drops just like the cocalars. They could even be spawned in uncapped invasion, especially the jegos.
  7. too many books

    Well maybe if those aren't book that can be sold or used via dorel then
  8. too many books

    That could be an idea for the next male orc or female orc token, though I don' t think item giver is an adapted use for 10 books as it should be much easier to get. Maybe we could get a random big book of something
  9. Storage sale

    diamond 3gc,
  10. The Enchanted Dragon - PK Contest!

    Easy this time, I'll be in we should join the same guild for the contest
  11. 100+ instance(advices for a newbie and sign up)

    Time to dig out an old post, if any of you never done (100-120) instance but would like to try one feel free to pm me. This goes as well for the people that can't find a team (or never actually start looking)
  12. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Magic and manu aren't too bad, you probably can get million of experience in tailor day but it does come with a price haven't calc but it is pretty obvious that buying a pp is cheaper than getting 100m tailoring experience. If your concern was that you can level tailoring/other skills as high as you like and still get oa at max exp, I would understand but imo it is great for max oa people to grind for more levels and the oa exp doesn't go to waste
  13. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Ok I didn't understand that correctly, I thought you would trade 100 M exp for the stone(and the exp would be lost from the oa bar) but it seems you would get the stone every time you reach 100M oa exp without losing your oa exp bar, if you meet the 5 skills level over 100.
  14. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Regarding the second option 5 skills over level100 , I have looked for some chars and it seems most of them are at least 170 oa, which is about 66M exp needed for an oa. Making it 50M wouldn't make sense to level up oa (as you trade 50M exp for 1 pp and that 1 pp requires less exp from the 'stone from the wraith'). Also making it 100M exp would be more than what you need for an oa.
  15. Another way to acquire pickpoints

    Think it is a great idea, do you get any a/d exp after capping out a/d though?