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  1. Hotkeys

    Curious about that too Vino
  2. New client update available 1.9.5.p6

    Hello, please can someone enlight my path I've tried latest bluap's update and it show a fatal error message:
  3. Missing gods

    For gods sake! Good thing
  4. I like this..other helms k
  5. Eternal Lands News

    Had good laughs at certain stories, tnx for entertainment RT!
  6. A suggestion by me & Aisy

    2k19 new year new stuff!
  7. Hero Points

    Awesome imo, would be nice runs something interesting on second plan while playing at all.
  8. Which was your biggest project ever?

    Farm giants/yetis for a nmt drop, still in progress
  9. ~

    Well, i try fix something that happened between me and violater and you show up to post about your char Caduceus? Come on...move for another topic please and you got it back plus + pp's that i had added to it + radu help with cheaper shop items + old whiterhino char + ???? idk what more. Ok i was immature enough to realize what i did, so put a rock over paper eh? @Dragon_killer is purelly hater noob, don't increase or decrease anything basically. Incredible how you guys can't give someone another chance to repair some damage, i'm done with this behavior but you all still want to crucify me. Oh ok, yall are the judge.
  10. ~

    ~ No chance for diplomacy, no way to fix broken egos.
  11. Ranging fix

    Funny thing is, this change not being suggested to only prevent serpers and people to get serped obviously, but make fair play for everybody and promote the teamwork aswell like Momr have spoken, less people getting anger, feeling stimulated to continue playing with good feelings and community spirit. Not good when you do hard work while some1 spreading you to shot some arrows in the end and get whole team effort lost.
  12. Ranging fix

    Agree with all words Cher have said, ok from me.
  13. Storage sale!

    I take all pm me ingame bro
  14. New creatures

    Thumbs up for all SenZ's ideas, Very interesting and should bring more fun to game aswell.