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  1. Server update

    Fixed the Armor Master and Armor Master Pro perks (they gave the armor to the enemy :/) Now the mines should not explode 3 seconds after entering a map.
  2. Server update

    Fixed a bug where Redeemer was asking for 65K instead of 50K Mother nature hates me for "smart harvester". Added a chance for MB to drop nexus stone. Mines are not triggered for 3 seconds after entering a map. It seems that it doesn't work as intended, I need to do more tests to find out why (still works as before). Removed the Nenorocit as a regular mob, and it will now be an invasion mob only. Also improved its drops by quite a bit.
  3. The load on mods is much less, yes, because people were pretty creative with dodging rule 5. I don't have a problem with multiple alts to benefit a main, but things like placing an alt at every spawn is not what I had in mind when I removed rule 5.
  4. Piss me off more and you will lose your mains too.
  5. I already said what I had to say. Anyway, all this is irrelevant now, since Nenorocit will be removed next update.
  6. Neno hunting rules and bans

    I asked you multiple times to stop having 13 alts online, half of them afk, to hunt neno. You said you will stop doing that and only bring them online when needed, but you kept doing it anyway. I added neno to be a team mob, before rule 5 was removed. It was never meant to be a one player with 50 alts operation. Since this is what it became, I am just going to remove it next update, because I am tired of people trying to bend the rules and shit.
  7. hello can i get my account unbanned ? Name SarcaTus

    That char was banned 8 years ago, not 14. So you were 18, not 12. BTW, what was it banned for?
  8. Server update

    Now overloaded people can't go to the 'magic island' Made 'magic island' multi Changed how the gargoyles attack (based on combat level now) New random day New item that helps with running. Will be available via treasures for now, possibly from shop too.
  9. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    Hermetic? In what sense?
  10. Android client, version 1.0.1

    What's wrong with the current method?
  11. Server update

    Fixed the Fewer tears to work with manu tools (before it only worked with harvesting tools) Male orc tokens are now usable Falcons have true sight now Female orc tokens are also usable
  12. PK server - TG Magic School Library door broken

    I restarted the server (for other things as well). Let me know if it works.
  13. IP Banned

    What is your IP?
  14. Very sad to hear this. I hope she will rest in peace.
  15. New achivements

    If you look at the achievements DDS file, you will see that we have a few unused ones. Adding new achievements requires a client update, and as we are getting near the next client release, it would be a good idea to add them now (they can't be added via a simple server update). We have 5 or so unused achievements, so if you have an idea (that would ideally match the icons) please post it here.