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  1. Server update

    Changed some text colors Sseselar can poison now LBD can be summoned: Requires 1 lbd scale, 1 ele, 1 eee, 1 mixture of power Slightly increased the breaking rate of iron and titanium helm, and doubled the breaking rate for the steel helm.
  2. Items warranty

  3. Hello again EL! from AluminA

    Hey, welcome back, I am glad you find the Android app useful!
  4. HeavyBeard the item breaker

    Well I can always change the code so that acid rain or brod counts, but I feel it's a bit of cheating. I can however increase the break rate of some 'ever lasting' items if you want to.
  5. EXP Bonus after the kill

    Yes, that's the idea. When you kill a mob you already get a reward, you get the loot. Giving a bonus exp after the kill will of course make people level faster, but: 1. You can already level MUCH faster than when EL started (daily quests and such). 2. Would encourage people to use only the best gear they can buy and would make some weapons useless. 3. There will be more fights for spawns. 4. Unbalance the attributes, as everyone will want to have max phy/coo right away.
  6. How do login the pk server on the app

    Unfortunately that is not possible without rooting your phone and modifying el.ini
  7. names above chars gone

    What is your perspective value?
  8. Thank you for "What's my current task"

    Ah, ok, yes, I'll think about it. Those skills were added after this quest.
  9. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    Well, the only way to properly test is is take a few players (some with that perk some without) and with the skeptic perk and try a few K of things.
  10. Thank you for "What's my current task"

    What do you mean?
  11. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    I haven't changed that code since I implemented it, so there should be no changes after the update. Of course, keep in mind that Astrology plays a small role in things, the variations are something like +/-10% at most.
  12. Fix Dialog for Lustra for quest

    Ok, I fixed it, thanks.
  13. Please check "Lesser Tears" Perk

    The problem with -1 is that it crashes the server (division by 0). Other values don't cause this problem, so it's not a big deal.
  14. Droid game app

    Thanks, I am glad you like it
  15. Server update

    Added new storager in Zirakinbar Added new item, LBD scale New book, LBD summoning For those who haven't finished the Tutorial, the Tutorial NPC should tell you where you left off. New Maia mission (guess what item)