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  1. New client binaries for testing

    Sorry, forgot about it, will do it later today.
  2. Gate to Ida graveyard

    There is the Underworlder perk, not very expensive.
  3. New client binaries for testing

    Crashed again today, different place: [09:29:10, main.c:377] Info: SDL_Quit() [09:29:10, main.c:381] Info: cleanup_mem() [09:29:10, main.c:100] Info: destroy_url_list() [09:29:10, main.c:102] Info: history_destroy() [09:29:10, main.c:104] Info: command_cleanup() [09:29:10, main.c:106] Info: destroy_buddy_queue() [09:29:10, main.c:108] Info: cleanup_manufacture() [09:29:10, main.c:110] Info: cleanup_text_buffers() [09:29:10, main.c:112] Info: cleanup_fonts() [09:29:10, main.c:114] Info: destroy_all_actors()
  4. Ok, so everything is fine now, right?
  5. Server update

    The RC mines will also not work before 3 seconds after entering the map. Many items have new pictures Fixed a small bug about the #stats command Changed the newbie welcoming message slightly, to make it more Android friendly.
  6. New client binaries for testing

    I tried the new binary, didn't manage to crash it this time. Maybe I have to wait a bit?
  7. New client binaries for testing

    The crash is only on exit. Also make sure the body logs out before you exit. [02:17:08, main.c:243] Info: Client closed [02:17:08, main.c:245] Info: queue_destroy() [02:17:08, main.c:247] Info: free_pm_log() [02:17:08, main.c:251] Info: save_local_date() [02:17:08, main.c:260] Info: destroy_sound() [02:17:08, main.c:262] Info: clear_sound_data() [02:17:08, main.c:265] Info: ec_destroy_all_effects() [02:17:08, main.c:269] Info: destroy_map() [02:17:08, main.c:271] Info: free_buffers() [02:17:08, main.c:274] Info: unload_questlog() [02:17:08, main.c:276] Info: save_item_lists() [02:17:08, main.c:278] Info: free_emotes() [02:17:08, main.c:280] Info: free_actor_defs() [02:17:08, main.c:282] Info: free_books() [02:17:08, main.c:284] Info: free_vars() [02:17:08, main.c:286] Info: cleanup_rules() [02:17:08, main.c:289] Info: cleanup_counters() [02:17:08, main.c:291] Info: cleanup_chan_names() [02:17:08, main.c:293] Info: cleanup_hud() [02:17:08, main.c:295] Info: destroy_trade_log() [02:17:08, main.c:297] Info: destroy_user_menus() [02:17:08, main.c:299] Info: destroy_all_root_windows() [02:17:08, main.c:301] Info: SDL_RemoveTimer() [02:17:08, main.c:303] Info: SDL_RemoveTimer() [02:17:08, main.c:305] Info: end_particles() [02:17:08, main.c:307] Info: free_bbox_tree() [02:17:08, main.c:310] Info: free_astro_buffer() [02:17:08, main.c:312] Info: free_translations() [02:17:08, main.c:314] Info: free_skybox() [02:17:08, main.c:317] Info: SDL_QuitSubSystem() [02:17:08, main.c:319] Info: SDL_QuitSubSystem() [02:17:08, main.c:330] Info: final_sound_exit() [02:17:08, main.c:334] Info: stopp_custom_update() [02:17:08, main.c:337] Info: clear_zip_archives() [02:17:08, main.c:339] Info: clean_update() [02:17:08, main.c:342] Info: cleanup_tcp() [02:17:08, main.c:347] Info: free_reflection_framebuffer() [02:17:08, main.c:351] Info: cursors_cleanup() [02:17:08, main.c:356] Info: SDL_Quit() [02:17:08, main.c:360] Info: cleanup_mem()
  8. New client binaries for testing

    Ok, I think I found how to crash it. If I log on my phone on Gicu, who is in my buddy list, the desktop client with Radu crashes....
  9. New client binaries for testing

    Bluap, it crashed again on exit. From the log file: [12:55:07] Last message repeated 4 times [12:55:07, main.c:243] Info: Client closed
  10. Client update, 195

    Yes, not sure why I keep doing that
  11. Client update, 195

    Burn Bluap has provided some new Windows and Linux installers, which are available on the download page (same file names as before). For Linux, you have to get it again for the game to work with the server after the update. For windows users, you can get it again if you care about an updated items list.
  12. Never heard of this game but IP banned

    No problem. Let me know if you have any other problems or questions.
  13. Never heard of this game but IP banned

    Ok, try again now.
  14. Never heard of this game but IP banned

    Let me check something.
  15. Rain in WTF dungeon map

    But I am pretty sure the server doesn't send the rain command.