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  1. Ok, I guess you can remove that.
  2. Ok, so let's try to see why it crashes for some people when they fight. Can you all who are having this problem post the device you have, and Android version?
  3. bad days

    Because who would use a bad day removal for that day?
  4. New Year sale

    The sale starts on 30th of December and end at the end of 1st of January. Coupons are not allowed with the sale. 30 rostos for 110 USD ELE/EFE/EME/Binding/Serp stones, 50 for 70 USD 20 horse whistles (random colors) for 30 USD 50 cooldown removals and 5- haidir passes for 100 USD
  5. EL live stream thread

    Stivy free?
  6. Expiring bots

    Here is the list of bots that have expired, or will expire at the end of the month. The renewal is 20 USD per year, or if you get a bot blessing it is renewed for the year also. If there is a mistake, please let me know. December tutanchamon, rick Unforgivin, Ozmondius Beaver, Dendar Muppet, Jaraxle 2019 January CRABS, Darrock Merchant, Nidan weaselturd, looter hydrotrader, looter shoprite, EvanMarie Chimothy, Taini and Tokie Bestest, Alphabet hammer, kickbutt iceicebaby, icevodka Karlin, the_piper BodySnatcher, Jeff February Albacea, Macal CLF, Wizzy BlackPanter, TSC cypher, Morpheus Dzik, Daroh KiraKitty, Ghrae Zirah, Zamirah Slotbot, Aislinn Leetah, Miscka March mega, rajun IronSide, CoachTim Volsung, Gorilla eset, Calio and Dorisa April KetChup, ManiaX FunguS, ManiaX Faithy, Viper Queen, themuntdregger BoneHead, Jeff Ayperios, bughuul May SilverLeaf, Darc0 and Agrilles astronomy, CEL guild Abbie, Lyssa KickAss, ElG3neral landerion, faxie Duvel, Ghrae June Gizmos, CanCowGirl Incura, CanCowgirl Nibal, ferny Penthesilea, Darrock Bliss, Cherut ZeBusceta, Tiriricones Freya, Stann July Jute, kylass Keres, Alphabet August vulcano, ppaulosantos Fashions_II, Moonbeam pigi, calenhad XavierX, the_grud ELBAY, CanCowgirl Tayama, Zathras Amethyst, Starlite September Rostogol, Thyralax NeverMind, Cherut Simba, D34DLY freia, Zamirah Gemini, Aislinn Stub, bud Living, dying Crafti, Daroh October daylecat, Volbeat BraT, Halosmee November Laubster, Jeff Wayne_Kerr, Dabrat Mary, Cherut Artifice, smurf/_rah_
  7. End of summer sale

    Here are the deals: 50 efe and 50 binding stones for 100 USD. 50 eme for 70 USD 90 horse whistles for 100 USD (you get random colors, you don't get to choose the colors) 60 rostos for 200 USD 100 haidir passes and 10 daily cooldowns for 50 USD The offer starts now, and ends on 21th of September. Shop coupons are NOT valid with this promotion!
  8. forum validate and old account help

    I looked in my guilds list and there is no guild called "Ozu" now. Maybe it got delete from inactivity?
  9. forum validate and old account help

    Unfortunately, I can't help if you don't know the user name, since we don't store or ask for e-mails or other identification data.
  10. Password recovery

    Hi. Make a new character and contact me in game (Radu).
  11. Sometimes it can happen if you are very lagged and you click multiple times on some option. As for leaving because you've seen the "fuck word", that's up to you. The game contains some profanity.
  12. Obituary: Looter

    RIP. Always sad when someone from our community dies.
  13. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    The critical fail rate is 1/3 of the the normal fails. Astrology plays no role at all in it. Are your non critical fails different?
  14. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    I checked that too, the number is added correctly to the attacking/defending player, along with other bonuses and modifiers. So, anything else? Or are we all happy?
  15. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    The Eva perk is way too old, I don't remember the details. The armorer perk I checked for the enemy instead of the player. As for the lucky attacker/defender, it's very similar to the child of stars one. int get_astrology_modifier_attack(int player_id, int time_offset) { int raw_bonus; int percent; int returned_number; if(check_player_flag(SKEPTIC, player_id))return 0; raw_bonus=pre_get_player_bonus(player_id, PLANET_ATTACK_ORBIT,time_offset); if(raw_bonus>90)percent=-(raw_bonus-90)/18; else percent=(90-raw_bonus)/18; returned_number=(players[player_id].player_data.attack_skill.base*percent)/100; if(check_player_flag(LUCKY_ATTACKER, player_id) && returned_number<0)return 0; return returned_number; } int get_astrology_modifier_defense(int player_id, int time_offset) { int raw_bonus; int percent; int returned_number; if(check_player_flag(SKEPTIC, player_id))return 0; raw_bonus=pre_get_player_bonus(player_id, PLANET_DEFENSE_ORBIT,time_offset); if(raw_bonus>90)percent=-(raw_bonus-90)/18; else percent=(90-raw_bonus)/18; returned_number=(players[player_id].player_data.defense_skill.base*percent)/100; if(check_player_flag(LUCKY_DEFENDER, player_id) && returned_number<0)return 0; return returned_number; }