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  1. Renewing EL website

    If you need some help with giving the EL Forum a new design, just send me a message. I found it has lost its old look.
  2. stivy bagjumps

    Old news. Stivy bagjumped. A full bronze set this time. Congratz to the winner.
  3. [PM from mercator: Guild members currently online: of the Guild own!] [PM from mercator: _killer_guy_] [PM from mercator: erebos] [PM from mercator: momr58] [PM from mercator: prometheus] [PM from mercator: violater] [PM from mercator: limitless] #guild_info own! Guild Honorable players guild has 34 members. The guild URL is: General info: Group of Close friends and players who enjoy Invancing, Instancing, Invasioning and PKing. I will hold everyone of the guild responsible. Maybe this was some kind of joke and you can replace the destroyed items from you own! pocket, then I shall overlook this. This is a warning for everyone who deals with this guild.
  4. stivy bagjumps

    You have been forgiven , stivy. Someone delete this thread please.
  5. Guild OWN! will use branch of destruction on you.

    Ok, lession learned. You may brod me any time you wish Erebos. Can someone delete this thread please ?
  6. The Most Hidden Features

    After many years of playing, I still discover new things. I have found the Mana Bar ! Why is it so hidden ? Because there is no keyboard short, there is no checkbox in the options. There is also no configuration tag in the EL.ini. Instead it is safed in binary in the EL.CFG If you have Disable Context Menu like me to prevent opening a menu when clicking on yourself, then you have missed a really usefull feature. Vanyel agrees btw ^^. How often have you died in invasions because you forgot to fill up your mana ? Answer that question for yourself So, What is your most liked and hidden feature that deserves to be mentioned ? Make a post here and let me know Grüße von Solar
  7. without words ..

    I read in some comments and just quote: " United Airlines is known for beeing rude to its customers, now they are beating the shit out of them. "
  8. Today is a special day: Day of Alfred Nobel Today Alfred Nobel is visiting us. You get twice the engineering exp. I thought great, let's go make a daily quest. I was asked to go to Flynt who asked me to place 10 small mines near the entrance of Palon Vertas in Thelinor (pk map) . Because I can not manufacture the mines myself, I bought them for 20.000 gold. Then I placed them directly at the flag and nothing happend ! Now i asked in help channel and revi said it always worked for him , so obviously quest is not broken. Stivy said I should try again with different coordinates and is sure still waiting for me to try again on the other side. Honestly I do not know what I did wrong here. It could indeed be the wrong place, or maybe I steped on a mine. But here is what I would like to say to radu: ( kindly but also seriousness ) It is your RESPONSIBILITY to make sure, that the quest is robust enough, so it can not fail . Please make sure that it works or give the NPC _specific_ instructions on how to do it successfully ! Viele Grüße Solar
  9. What it means to be Human

    Thank you for this video hatwood I forward it:
  10. Cant Login since today morning [solution on second page]

    http://pasteboard.co/9n3iSt8qB.png Thank you learner
  11. Duel/Tournament of AFG

    Play your cards well ~
  12. Cologne

    I have a feeling this will make waves far outside Germany. Read the story: Germany after the sex attacks: fences are going up and the mood is ugly http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/09/germany-sex-attacks-cologne-immigration
  13. Category: Did you know ?

    Did you know that google will display over 2500 results for the words: rostogol stone ? More precise search with "rostogol stone" (strict) gives 600 results. The results are distinctly connected with EL. I found websites from russia and china, some results from pastebin, some blogs some forgotten guilds and mayor websites.
  14. It's not my idea, so i can post it Maybe some of you have played Diablo3. There is an opponent called shadow warrior which has same strenght and skils as your character. So how about a monster 'boggart' a shape shifter that will transform into the player (not summon) that it first makes contact with. It will have the same attributes, same perks, even same armor as the player, only 10 times the original health (that is with crown of life) . What is so interesting about this monster is that this monster will be avoided by the strongest fighters. First, you never want to fight yourself. Some players are so proud they can make extra high damage with special weapons and Fire arrows. It would be really fun if it turns against them Ok it wasn't my idea, i don't take the credit. And if you think it's a really stupid idea, .. was not me ^,^-
  15. Shadow Warrior from D3

    The boggart can not change once it has made contact with a fighter. And the pro fighter just LOVE their Halberd of Action. So why change your weapon right ? And I think radu will like this idea because it will a true rosto killer ^^. Maybe it could also a monster the Castellan could spawn..
  16. 27. Mai 2015

  17. EL Network Protocol Documentation

    http://www.thefullwiki.org/Eternal_Lands http://wiki.alexcollins.org/articles/Eternal_Lands_Network_Protocol
  18. Will there be a new symbol for Heal Allies Spell, and is there eyecandy ? Scenario: you are on a map that was modified and you can not log in anymore because server doesnt know your position, which map should we go to for the update ?
  19. cont2map11_cave1 (WVF - Titanium cave) The titanium ore is free floating or in the walls. The new map editor supports rotation of objects, please use it. [106,136] same cave, 1 iron ore in the wall. You are in Kusamura Jungle [16,20] I can't reach the fruit baskets. (apr. 50 unharvestable items) You are in Palon Vertas [300,216] You see a fountain. But no water inside. You are in Palon Vertas [192,153] Fountain needs cleaning. Too many chlorella. You are in Palon Vertas [270, 24] Can't reach the flowers. Too far for harvesting. You are in Palon Vertas [358,162] Danelion in a Tree. You are in Palon Vertas [360,286] Unwalkable tiles. You are in Palon Vertas [307,224] Flowers are too far away for harvesting. You are in Palon Vertas [304,152] unwalkable tiles PV South Cave :[261,285] gold ore in the ground. [323,285] Obsidian free floating. [298,314] coal disappearing in wall. You are in Arius - Arius Mines [237,242] I can stand in mid-air. You are in Arius - Arius Mines [275,244] More flying carpets. You are in Idaloran [595,262] This place would make a very nice pvp arena. You are in Nordcarn [170,156] no walkable tiles [The marketplace] map4_xxxx: You get stuck while harvesting - not saying which map [101,60] when you click on the door you walk around the house before entering. You are in White Stone cave [24,9] Unwalkable tiles. (No place to sit) You are in White Stone City Sewers [363,242] walking error. Just try to climb up You are in White Stone City Sewers [360,232] walking error. Just try to climb down! BTW: The dung portal should have it's own map (in full scale). It is placed in a very large map of which 95% is empty space. Mapwalking is not possible. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxXRh4b-eRf-SXd2VjZlZFUtUW8/view?usp=sharing You are in Isles of the Forgotten [141,106] Falling 3 meter deep into the snow.
  20. I ran into a problem recently. Maybe someone will read this and know the answer to the problem. Windows 7 is by default not supporting any USB 3.0 hardware. This means that driver from the manufacture need to be installed. Ok done that. When I connect an external harddrive 2,5" over USB 3.0 I experience sudden disconnects. The disconnect can happen randomly and even in the middle of a data transmisson. Then suddenly the path does not exist anymore. It's like the HD has been unplugged. Further steps I did were: 1) Bios update (risky) 2) Checked my energy settings - no energy safeing The problem remains. Some people say that the HD has not enough power and no HD without external power connection should be used at all. Other people say that the problem is in incompatiblity with XHCI standard (0.96 and 1.00) Offical statement: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/usb3/sb/CS-033962.htm However I have an AMD chipset And that is exactly my problem. It works flawlessly with USB 2.0 ! The HD is fully functional (I checked SMART values). Does that mean USB 3.0 can not deliver enough power but USB 2.0 can ?? So What is going on ?
  21. USB 3.0 and Windows 7 Technical Problem

    OKey, i returned the harddrive and got one from a different manufacture. It's working without problems now ! Same hardware configuration. The computer is a laptop with 4 usb connectors, two on each side. Only one connector is blue. I use a bluetooth stick and external soundcard normally. The power adapter for the laptop delivers 90Watt. I can only speculate what the problem was. But this kind of problem is not rare. You will find many people who have the same problem. And there seems to be no real solution in all the help-forums I read. But hey.. there will be USB 3.1! They are not backward compatible and the connectors come in a different shape. They are in competition with Thunderbold (Apple). You will start seeing them in 2015 soon. (10 Gigabit/s) Picture is from: http://www.golem.de/news/typ-c-den-neuen-usb-stecker-mit-dem-klick-und-usb-3-1-ausprobiert-1409-109146.html
  22. Camera with Right Mouse Button

    I have been looking for a solution for this a long time ! This is why I have to post it in hope you also find it usefull. The Problem: When I move in maps i frequently use the camera. May it be for fighting in invasion or hunting for pears and clicking everything harvestable. It needs a lot of camera ajustments. Now the problem with that is that the middle mouse button requires relatively strong force with your finger to push down. It doesnt take long and your hand tires and you need to stop playing. The other problem is that there is no setting in EL that let's you take care of changing the mouse control. The idea: Is to change the camera control on the Right Mouse Button and therefore switching functionality with the middle mouse button. Problem: Windows 7 used to have a way to do this: with a program called "IntelliPoint". This Program is now outdated and was replaced with the "Mouse and Keyboard Center". It looks different and at the same time suffers functionality loss. The best you can do is switch mouse for left and right handers. That's not what I want. Now i found a program that gives you control back over your mouse ! X-Mouse Button Control http://www.ghacks.net/2012/12/27/remap-your-mouse-buttons-on-windows/ http://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/XMouseButtonControl.htm There is a version in 32 and 64 bit and even a portable program. It works for me and I'm back to playing EL the way it's supposed to be
  23. awesome Germans !

    Wie wäre es mal mit einem RL meeting diesen Sommer 2014 in einer deutschen Stadt ?? Ich würde dann auch mein Magic-Mirror-Cape mitbringen (Ein bischen cosplay muss sein) Edit_ Ich warte auf Reaktionen von eurer Seite.