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Material points not increasing

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Hi, I've been playing the game on and off for years. And recently when I came back after a couple of years, I increased my character's will be one point which should have increased the material points but the material points stayed the same. Could this be because I left for so long?




Nevermind. I got a good answer on #jc 1. 2 attributes points are required to affect material points.

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No, it is because you don't really know how attributes and cross-attributes work.


The cross-attributes determine your stats. They are calculated by adding the controlling attributes and dividing the sum by two.

As this is integer division, a possible half point is discarded.


In the case of material points, that translates to:


Material points are calculated from the "Matter" cross attribute. That cross attribute is determined by the attributes "Physique" and "Will".

For your character, those are at 11 and 8, resp. That gives you a cross-attribute value of (11+8)/2=9.5,  rounding down gives 9.

Before you added that one point in will, you had "Matter" at (11+7)/2 = 9.

That one point added to "Will" didn't increase the "Matter" cross-attribute, so your material points weren't increased.


The next time you add a pickpoint to either "Will" or "Physique", your "Matter" cross-attribute will increase, so your material points will increase.


In general, it is considered good practice to keep attributes at an even number.

Due to the way cross-attributes affect your stats, keeping attributes at a multiple of 4 is even better (there are some more integer divisions involved)

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